Humanity’s greatest folly has always been its lack of foresight.
We left home with greatest of intentions; seek out a new home to replace the one we lost. We were tired of living in metal cages floating through space, tired of drinking the same reused water, tired of breathing the same reused air. The ARCs were filled with the dreams of the future and the hope of humanity. If they didn’t succeed, the human race was destined for extinction.
Welcome to Prometheus. We didn’t plan on this journey. Actually, it all kind of happened by mistake of untested technology and uncharted space. Now we’re in a galaxy that has never even been recorded, trying to make the best of our situation and survive in a world we know nothing about. If the people back home never find us, they will die out, and we’ll be the only humans left in the universe. What will our legend be? What will our mark on existence be? Can we survive the unknown and make it our new home? Join us, and lets find out.
What are we?
Prometheus Stands is a brand new original story role-playing forum. We bring together the greatest aspects of science fiction, community, and creativity. With an entire galaxy to build, and endless room to grow, the possibilities are unlimited. Create your own characters, alien species, unexplored planets and wildlife. Help shape the galaxy and write its future.
What will you find?
The room to be as you imaginative as you desire to create your own stories, as well as be a part of the grand story unfolding throughout the galaxy. Come join other active and engaging writers who love scifi and want to have fun

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