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    Kitt Mason

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    The Keyblade Wielder & soon to be Master

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    Also the Guardian of Light.

    I am a






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    About Me

    Name: Kitt Mason
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Deep Blue
    Hometown: Twilight Town
    Age: 17
    Height: 5ft, (as he grows older) > 6’
    Voice actor(s) :
    Sarah Natochenny
    Veronica Taylor
    Haley Joel Osment
    Attire: Usually in his school blazer, Black with gold cufflinks and a coat of arms for the school he goes to, a sleeveless hoodie, grey with blue trim, a silver pocketchain, faded stylized pants and puffed kicks for shoes.
    Weapons: Keyblade. Kingdom Key
    Kitt Mason is 17 years old, going to be 18 in three months, he grew up in Twilight Town, a place where the sun never set, but was set at the right time to create a hazy and tear-jerking feel. Twilight Town is a quiet city in an endless sunset. It is divided into several distinct districts, commonly known as Market Street, Sunset Terrace, and Yen Sid’s Tower. A few to start with. (Though the Tower is not truly part of the town;) It is merely reached by a train from this world. A folktale, a legend, no one has truly gone…so they say. It was a calm day at Sunset Terrace. Kitt had ventured off before meeting his friends in Market Street. He watched the sky, the clouds, the world move…he felt it…it felt amazing. Something he always liked about the world…his town….He closes his eyes. He felt something…he didn’t know what it was he opened his eyes.
    This….silver…deformed….watery like, slippery figure…that held itself together somehow…covered in zippers whirled in the air in front of him and landed. It hissed at him with its bladed tongue. Kitt was scared. But he wasn’t gonna back down. He took a step back, the ‘Nobody’ shrieked and tried to attack Kitt! He used his arm as a shield and his hand raised. Then…it happened…The glitter of light formed in his hand, then weight was added. The ‘Keyblade’ formed in his hand. He didn’t know what it was…but he used it to attack this ‘Nobody’ he defeated it. Meanwhile, back at the Tower of Yin Sid, the old wizard sat in his chair and he pondered the disturbance, and watched Kitt from his world that was between others and Twilight town, through a crystal ball. Yin Sid…this old…tall man…in a blue robe with white and yellow stars patterned on it, along with his long grey beard. On his head was a tall blue pointed hat, with the same color and pattern as the robe. Yin Sid applauded Kitt on his doings and chuckled. He told Kitt, though a voice that was in the air,  to go to Central Station and take the Ghost Train. Kitt didn’t understand but wanted to investigate! He told his friends what happened. And he cried saying he didn’t wanna leave them..but they encouraged him to go. He nodded, he kissed this girl, Ollet, he had a crush on for years, vise versa, and jogged off to Central Station. The kiss empowered him, saying he’d come back….one day….maybe this was a one-day thing? Wrong. When he arrived at the platform, he took the train and took it to Yin Sid’s Tower, where he was explained what he had…the duty he was to carry, and the responsibly he had to endure. The Worlds he MUST save, and the evil trying to swallow them and drown the light in the darkness, he can return at any time to Twilight Town, but the duty is still apparent. Responsibility is all.

    Kitt Mason is a shy kid, but he’s up close and friendly. Around girls he can get flustered and a little nervous. His friends are his world. He only wants the best for them and wants them to be happy no matter the cost. He has a habit of putting himself before his friends but he’s proud of that. He can be a hothead at times and a little too cocky. He has a strong tie with the good side of things and with what he believes is right. He can be stubborn as all hell but he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Maybe a little too loud but only when the bad guys or his enemies are there. He is kind, caring, compassionate, cute, whiney, hardly static, positive…well, tries to be, and he is courageous, not cowardly, he is strong-willed, hearty, and he willing to go the distance.


    Attire: Brown hair, deep blue eyes. About roughly two inches below 6’. Usually in his school blazer, Black with gold cufflinks and a coat of arms for the school he goes to, a sleeveless hoodie, grey with blue trim, a silver pocketchain, faded stylized pants and puffed kicks for shoes.


    The Kingdom Key

    Hi Elixer X14

    Magica Elixer X12

    1400 Munny (currency)


    Seasalt Icecream x 1


    Mother and Father.

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    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    I’m looking for passionate writers and detailed roleplayers, who can be long lasting great friends.

    The one thing I am most passionate about:

    Writing, roleplaying, video games, video game creation, creation, cats.

    Looking for
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