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We all know that our roleplay characters are important. If you don’t like your roleplay character or you find them difficult to write as, you probably won’t have any fun roleplaying! A lot of players cycle through characters quickly, trying to find something that works for them. Instead of starting over, try some of the following ideas with an existing character. You never know — they might just help you stick!

Establish Conflict

Your character sometimes needs something engaging — not only so you remain engaged, but so that the other players are more attracted to your character. Establishing a minor conflict in a roleplay character’s life is a great way to accomplish this.

A small conflict in the rp character’s past history is great, because it establishes a problem in your character’s life immediately, quickly engages other roleplayers, groups, and best of all, allows you to grow away from this initial conflict very quickly. It also doesn’t have the lasting impact of a major traumatic event early in life.

That’s an important point about the scale of conflict within your character’s life. Major conflicts may lead to traumatized characters — e.g., characters with an unsolvable (or nearly so) conflicts. This is especially true if your character fixates on their past. It might be super fun at first, but it will probably get boring pretty fast.

Suggested Conflicts

Instead of having their homeland being ‘destroyed’ (a traumatic event, indeed), perhaps your character was kicked out of their group of friends with little or no explanation. This conflict can become naturally less important as your character re-establishes themselves in a new group.

Instead of having their parents being killed, perhaps the parents simply died of natural causes (old age, etc.). Dead parents are still no fun, but it’s less traumatic for parents to have died off naturally than a violent killing, don’t you think? The same can go for a character’s past significant other or mate — instead of that significant other or mate being killed, perhaps there was an amicable divorce.

Posted : 01/07/2018 7:33 pm
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