The roleplayers and writers on Roleplay Social are waiting for you to join and mingle with them over on the roleplay social me network~ If you like to make friends, chat, roleplay, customize your profile and so much more then you are already missing out! What are you waiting for?

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I think it’s important that I stress that being in the roleplay community is not about being popular. It’s not about having a thousand followers. It’s not about being able to please everyone. It’s not about having every single person like you. It’s not about being the best roleplayer of [insert character genre/show here]. Roleplay […]

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I find some of the most important things to know in roleplay are as follows. What are your opinions on these? How much do you like to read for an average response? 1 Line? 1 Sentence? 1 Paragraph? 2 Paragraphs? I’m not to picky on how much people reply with. I prefer it not to […]

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Writing a great roleplaying post can seem harder than it really is. Forum roleplaying may seem difficult on the surface and some aspects really are! There are certain things you can do as a roleplayer to craft a really great roleplay post and almost every time! Give Action Note your character’s quirks, movements, body language, […]

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In the roleplaying world, literate roleplaying is far from uncommon. So many people claim that they’re a literate roleplayer, but sometimes they don’t even understand what it is in the first place. This is just my opinion on what literate roleplaying is, as well as a few tips on how to improve your roleplaying as […]

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Hello everyone it is Vlad here! I am just sharing an old post I wrote for someone that was looking for tips; in hopes it may help others as well. Have you ever truly explored either of these subjects? In order to write a good story, or create a fictional world based on whatever interests […]

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Don’t respond to every bit of speech. Don’t be afraid to give non-verbal responses, nods, stares, shakes of the heads, funny looks, waves of the hand, thumbs up, smiles, grins, shrugs, crossing of the arms, and so forth. This simplifies the thread and can help prevent awkward speech patterns between the roleplaying characters. Don’t overthink. […]

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