Primus's groups

The Mystic Forest
Welcome to the Mystic Forest where magical creatures and fantastic wonders are waiting around every corner. Feel free to enter, but you may find that you can no longer find your way back out again.
5 members
Ye Old Tavern
Welcome to the Ye Old Tavern where you can drink till you are blue in the face, eat fine meals, and chat with the locals.
30 members
Planet Sadala
The original home of the saiyans, Sadala is a beautiful planet, full of various life, but also full of conflict and on the verge of internal destruction.
1 members
The Castle Paramour
The Dark Castle Paramour, hides its' many secrets within the forests of the steep mountains of the Gwaine area. The local inhabitants of Gwaine village rarely visit the keep, unless the owners happen to host a grand event, inviting them to venture inside. The eerie decor, name, and landscaping tends...
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