Vladimir Bach

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    Hello there and welcome to my profile, thank you so much for visiting me. I apologize if I am not around to greet you. You can leave me a comment, and I will try my my best to reply when I can.
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    Fluffy Anime
    Fluffy Vladdy you one bad Mister Man ^-^
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    Vladimir Bach Creator
    Vladimir Bach Just another day in a world without money. How do I keep this site running. I don't really know anymore. Hoping for a miracle that will never come is just killing me slowly on the inside. I struggle daily to figure it out, but idk what more I can do. All my dreams in my life, everything I have ever wanted to do in my life, I've never amounted to anything and I am just the biggest failure that exists. I struggled everyday to get through my hard life, with all the problems that life threw at me. Yet no matter how hard I try, it is never enough, I never get a break. I was born into this nightmare, into the hands of a father that beat me before I could see, a mother that abandoned me before I could drive, and a world that constantly finds ways to make my life worse whenever I think I finally have a moment of clarity or control. What kind of world is this? But a sick game of torment.
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    Zen Fantasy
    Zen Thank You master. "anything i can do for you?" She grins*
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    Delilah General
    Delilah tyu2 xd
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    Zen Fantasy
    Zen xoxo
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    • Fluffy Anime
      Fluffy Vladdy you one bad Mister Man ^-^
    • Vladimir Bach Creator
      Epic Battle Fantasy 3Battle over 70 types of monsters, collect over 80 types of equipment and use over 80 different skills and spells! It’s a really big file, so give it some time to load. INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: I hear saved games don’t work on Chrome anymore. Here’s instructions on how to fix this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bGAz462cHSpKR5DRo9gg-_F-HzZoskf8ehYKSU9KXUI/preview?pli=1&sle=true Or better yet, just use Firefox. WASD or Arrows to move, Space to interact. Mouse for everything else. Sound and Quality settings in the right-click menu.

      Feb 20
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    • Zen Fantasy
      Zen Thank You master. "anything i can do or you want?"
    • Lord Beckett General
      Lord Beckett and Vladimir Bach are now friends
      Feb 18
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    • Vladimir Bach Creator
      Vladimir Bach » Zen <3 xoxoxo
    • Zen Fantasy
      Zen <3 master
    • Zen Fantasy
      Zen xoxo
    • Vladimir Bach Creator
      Vladimir Bach » lonelygirl <3 leaving some back ~ take care
    • Delilah General
      Delilah leaving some luv <3
    • Vladimir Bach Creator
      Vladimir Bach created new group
      Planet Vega
      Planet Vega
      Unlike the planet Earth, Vega's gravity is so dense and so strong if a person or creäture born on earth were to try venturing upon the surface, the gr...
      Total users: 5
      Vladimir Bach
      Mike(Uses Dark Magic)
      Omega Wolf
      Feb 17
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