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Vladimir Bach Hello there, Alienm0nsterpanDa and welcome to Roleplay Social. Thank you so much for joining us! I hope you find everything you are looking for here. If you have any questions or need any assistance feel free to contact me and I will do my best to assist you. Take care and enjoy the site. :p
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Alienmonsterpanda Violet Kasmine Rose.
Middle name pronounced, "Kasmeen")

Age ~ 15

Past~ Violet is very strange and has always taken a liking towards humans.. She has been watching over many and making sure they are safe, this caused her to be kicked out of her planet and placed on earth.. :3

Personality ~

*Is a crybaby ass when it comes to certain things.


*She doesn't like to use foul language but she's content with others saying it.

*She has a speak impediment

*She used to get bullied a lot for her speaking problem so she hates seeing people tease and bug others.. soooo yee RAGE!~~

*The planet she lived on is called "Herblor." (Got it from watching Markiplier.. ...... Dun judge meh!! )

Sexuality: Bisexual.. she takes interest in both since she's different from everyone and takes interest in everything around her! :3 (If that makes sense. )

Eye color: Dark green

Skin type in human form: Pale and easily bruised

Hair: long and black

Other: dimples.

Height: 5'1

~~~~~~~ (If anyone wants Rp then hit my up!!)
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