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LdyWhim Fantasy
Activity: Jan 10


Madolynn Fulbright - The 'not so typical' priestess Seeking mature paraposter. Brief Bio….to learn more one must inquire IC Madolynn is a third generation Fulbright from the once condemned Fulbright family of Eastgale. The Fulbright family brought the wrath of the benevolent goddess Mishakal down upon its family many moons ago. A once pious family of priest and priestess became self righteous and arrogant over time then became selective when performing their miracles. They became materialistic,only performing their healing magics for those who were able to pay. Even worse they would turn people away based on societal status or mere appearance, claiming it was Mishakal’s will. The kind and forgiving goddess warned the family, giving them the opportunity to repent and change. However, the family had become so arrogant that they turned from the goddess yet they continued to use her gifts in their own name. Finally the goddess reclaimed her blessings and no Fulbright was able to heal for many years. Soon the Fulbright family came to realize their heresy and began to beg the goddess for forgiveness. The loving Mishakal could not turn a deaf ear to their pleas. She forgave the Fulbright family however in an effort to ascertain that they would not again discriminate with the goddess’s gifts she asked that the family if they so truly wished to serve man with the goddess’s healing they must in turn sacrifice something in good faith …and the Fulbright family agreed. Their sacrifice for their healing magic was their sight. To this day any Fulbright who chooses the healer’s path must selflessly sacrifice his or her sight to bare the healing arts. Madolynn Fulbright chose the path of the Mishalkan Priestess when she was just nine years old, it was then that she willingly sacrificed her sight to the goddess. For many years she worked within the small Temple of Light just outside of Pax Tharkas. She served there with 5 other priestesses and one priest all dedicated to the goddess Mishakal. They provided healing and religious consult for the city and any travelers that passed through. However only a month passed her fifteenth year war seized the land and a hideous power came crashing through the city of Pax Tharkas. Fortunately Madolynn Fulbright was to make one more selfless sacrifice….one that would save the citizens of Pax Tharkas from an ill fate worse than death. To know more of Madolynn one only has to ask the temple is no longer stationary…a higher power moves the temple daily so that it is rarely in the same area for more than a day.