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The Wall

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May 29
May 28

Name: Killian Underwood.
Age: 24.
Sexuality: Straight.
Life Goals: To find a way of making peace between the humans and the Atrian’s.
Personality: Killian has been pushed and pulled in so many different directions he’s not sure who he is anymore. He wants to stop all the fighting, he’s caring and compassionate.
Looks: Killian is tall, broad, finely toned, he has long brown hair and pale blue eyes.
Image: Daniel Di Tomasso
Story: Killian was brought up with a family full of Red Hawks and out of them all he is the only one who wants peace. His mother got into an accident the night the Atrian’s landed, a kid ran out in front of her making her skid off the road -that kid was Roman- as soon as his father found out he blamed them and then joined in with the Red Hawks along with his younger brother who is actually attending school with the Atrian’s.
Killian hasn’t had a good life but he tries to stay true to himself as best as he can. Being surrounded with people who hate the Atrian’s isn’t easy especially now that his father knows he wants to help make peace. That conversation didn’t end well for Killian.
Other things to know: He loves taking his motorbike out and just getting away from all the hate but in a town full of narrow minded people it didn’t give him many places to escape to. His father stopped paying his tuition so Killian was forced to drop out of college. His family wasn’t lacking in money but because of his views he was cut off. He is on the job hunt, he just wants to finish college and get as far away from his family as he can.

May 28

Name: Levina Hemsley
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Parents: Mother: Janice - Human. Father: Nox - Atrian.
Life Goals: To get to know her family and see both humans and Atrian's living in peace.
Personality: Bubbly, giddy, stubborn, and brave.
Looks: Levina is tall, slim, she has blue/green eyes, beautifully tanned skin and long brown hair.
Image: Vika Levina
Story: Levina’s story isn’t an easy one to explain. It all goes back to her father Nox! Ten years ago the Atrian’s spaceship crash landed on earth and that was supposed to be the first time Atrian’s ever invaded earth but that’s a lie.
The Atrian’s home planet was in trouble so Nox had to go in search for a new home for his people. After arriving on earth seven years before the ship actually crash landed Nox had an affair with a human called Janice. Janice got pregnant and prayed that someday she would see the mysterious Atrian again.
When that day came she was anxiously waiting for him to come find her but because of how the human’s reacted to the Atrian’s that never happened. She had to sit by and watch as Nox tried to make peace with the humans for his family. Janice never did get to tell him she was with child. She raised her daughter by herself and of course told her the truth about who she was when she was old enough to understand that what she was had to be kept a secret.
Luckily for Levina she took after her mother in outer skin appearance, she was born with her tattoos but they were under her skin, they could clearly be seen if she got wet. For sixteen years her mother home schooled her daughter to ensure she would be safe but when she learned that Nox was her father and that her half brother Roman and half sister Sophia were starting school with the humans she wanted to join them. Janice tried talking her out of it but she was a very stubborn girl.
A week after the Atrian’s join the humans in school Levina arrives to try fit in with both humans and Atrian’s but she has to keep her secret. She knows it would be bad for everyone if people found out who and what she was.

May 28
Anyone know why all the comments are gone? :/ xox


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