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Amethyst Fantasy
Amethyst Jan 11
Really, why are they? This should not be a pressuring task.

Anywho. My name is Amethyst and although I consider myself a seasoned roleplayer, I am brand freaking new to this site. Wow. I haven't had to introduce myself in at least two years... so, I'll just start off with the one thing that has remained prominent in my life: I'm a medieval fantasy roleplayer through and through. I am total fantasy trash.

Some of my truest of loves are videogames, books, and music, and I won't get into listing them because there are too many. I can't really be bothered to try and condense my music into a category, either... It goes from Blackmore's Night, to Dodie Clark, to Amber Run, to a sad compilation of musicals, Disney, and (specifically) the soundtrack to Quest for Camelot. So... do with that what you will. xD

And some random chat thing just popped up in the middle of me typing that. I have a lot to learn with this site... so instead of sitting here and trying to force-talk about myself, I'm going to do that. If you love medieval fantasy anything as much as I do or want to chat, let me know. 

See you around!