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Primus Dec 16 '17
The site rules on Roleplay Social are subject to change without notice. In order to protect the members and staff of Roleplay Social, we have a few rules set in place to make the site a fun and friendly community. Those who do not obey the rules or are found trying to find ways around them will be suspended, or banned from the site. There will be no exceptions! 

1. Respect a Staff member

If a moderator or staff asks you to stop doing something, stop. If a post or topic gets deleted, please do not simply recreate the same or a similar one. If you disagree with a decision that was made, you are welcome and even encouraged to contact a mod or a staff person and discuss it civilly. Politeness will get you lots of places, and we're happy to hear your concerns. On the other hand, being rude to or abusing the mods won't get you anything -- except possibly in more trouble.

2. Keep it Clean

Please, no abusive language or profanity. No personal attacks. No messages intended solely to upset people, spread false rumors or otherwise drag down the atmosphere of the community. Nothing R-rated. Please refrain from posting links to inappropriate material out on the general forums. These forums are used by people of all ages. Keep personal stuff in private messages and mature content between individuals or private groups, thank you.

The One Most Important Rule

Roleplaying is an interactive experience where users try to create complex stories along with other members of the community. While we try to leave the roleplaying on this site as free as possible, the following rule is important to ensure that all characters on the site are treated with respect, and if necessary, it will be enforced by moderators and admins.

No character is allowed to force any major life changes on another character without their express permission received either publicly or through private messages.

This means that you cannot kill another character, maim them, cause them permanent bodily harm, steal from them, alter their body or personality permanently, or affect any change that lasts longer than a few days without their express consent.

You are also not allowed to sexually assault another character in any chat, forum, or private message without prior consent from that character’s player.

If you wish to follow a story that requires another character to be permanently altered, you should contact them ahead of time via private messaging in order to work out the details of the story and make certain that you have their permission.

If during the course of a story you do cause something to happen to another character without their permission, you should do your best to work with them on a means of resolving the issue, in as friendly and respectful a manner as possible.

Please, do contact a moderator or admin if you find any of these rules being broken. It is extremely important we make sure our members feel safe here, on Roleplay Social. We hope that you, as well, follow these simple rules during your time here. Enjoy the site.

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Primus Creator
Primus Dec 17 '17

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Thank you ~
mayly Anime
mayly Dec 17 '17
WanderingSpirit General
WanderingSpirit Dec 17 '17
Read & agreed to the rules.
Khaos???? Anime
Khaos???? Dec 17 '17
Detective Mercy Fantasy
Detective Mercy Dec 18 '17
I have read and agree to the rules thank you
Harley Quinn Staff
Harley Quinn Dec 23 '17
I have read and agree to the rules. Thanks
Primus Creator
Primus Dec 24 '17
Thank you all for agreeing 
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TempestShinx Dec 25 '17
Rodger that 
Mystic Traveler General
I have read and agree to the rules.
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Kurutta Jan 10
I have read and agreed to these rules
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Gaby Jan 14
Read & Agreed
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Zero Jan 14
Read & A


Phoenix Eclipse Winter General
read and agreed
Mia Welsh General
Mia Welsh 22 hours ago
Read & Agreed
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Nicknack 14 hours ago
Will do! Read the rules and totally agree.
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