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Hello, one and all! I'm on the hunt for a couple of partners! If you find a pairing(s) that piques your interest, then please let me know via private message. Thanks, loves! :)


- All romantic pairings will be MxF. It's what I'm most comfortable with.

- Doubling! If you are a female behind the screen and are wanting me to play the male role (no matter if it's a canon or an oc) for you, you must do the same for me. It's only fair. Also, be willing to play multiple characters/NPCs.

- Please be a third person, multi-paragraph writer (semi-lit or advanced).

- The minimum of paragraphs is 2. I like an average of around 4+ decent sized paragraphs per reply.

- All characters must be at least 21+ (I like my female characters to be between 25-34 years old).

- All character play-bys must be realistic in appearance (I like to use celebrities/models). Also, I'm more than happy to use your desired female celebrity(s) for my character if you don't mind doing the same for me, using one of my favorite male celebrities for your character. Just let me know! :)

- Please be patient/laid-back! I suffer from severe depression and chronic migraines.

- Forum threads or PMs.

Settings/Themes/Characters I Enjoy:

- I adore romantic settings. I am a hopeless romantic after all, lol.

- I love action and adventure-type scenarios besides romance! So bring it on!!

- I normally like to play as independent/stubborn/bad-ass women and mysterious/protective men.

- I only play as ordinary humans, humans w/ special gifts, supernatural hybrids, non-sparkling vampires, werewolves, witches/wizards/warlocks, Greek Deities, Tolkien-inspired elves, and Vulcans.

Original Pairings:

(You x Me)

- Detective Inspector x Female Physician (Victorian Era)

- Vampire Hunter x Vampire Hunter (Victorian Era)

- Union/Confederate Soldier x Plantation Owner's/General's Daughter

- American/British WWII Soldier x Childhood Sweetheart

- Law Enforcement Officer/Former Navy Seal x Law Enforcement Officer

- Law Enforcement Officer x Reporter/Civilian (Small/Rural Town Disappearances and Survival)


- Secret Service x President's Daughter

- Husband x Wife (Haunted House/Hotel)

- Hiker x Hiker (Lost in the Wilderness/Supernatural Thriller)

Fandom Pairings:

(You x Me)

- Eomer x OC (Lord of the Rings)

- Scott Summers x OC/Jean Grey (X-Men: 2000/2002/Last Stand/DoFP)

- Leonard McCoy x OC (Star Trek: Reboots)

- Han Solo x OC/Leia Organa (Star Wars: The Original Trilogy)

- Kyp Durron x OC/Jaina Solo (Star Wars Legends)

- Elijah Mikaelson x OC (The Originals)

- Sebastian Berger x OC (Crossing Lines)

- Steve McGarrett x OC/Kono (Hawaii Five-O)

- Stan x OC (The Back Up Plan)

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