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Name: Arrainia 

Nick name: Rain or Rainia

gender: Female

Age: unknown

Sexual orientation: prefers males

Breed: Silver fire fox demon

Appearance: A small boned girl with dazzling silver hair and vivid blue eyes. In her human form she retains the ears and tail of a fox. In her demon form she is a large silver fox with wings made of silvery blue fire that also flairs out from her paws. Around her neck is a black cufflink, that appears as a velvet chocker in her human form.

Personality: Rainia is very shy and sweet natured. She is a demon breed for slavery and as such was trained at birth to be loyal, obedient, and to never question the orders of her master. she was trained in combat for the pure purpose of defending her masters from harm and is little more than a pretty guard dog of sorts, though as a fox demon she is also known for being mischievous and a bit of a cunning prankster on occasion.

Backstory: Rainia comes from a world of slaves and masters where demons of her ilk and kind are born and breed into servitude. she knows no other way of life and has never met her parents or any other relation. In her world, demons are meant to be fighters and defenders, laborers and  workers. They only ever serve one master at a time and will until that master dies. It is a blood contract of the highest order and can never be disobeyed as a demon can not live long without their masters blood to sustain them and so live their lives the only way they can.