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LdyWhim Fantasy
LdyWhim Jan 8
Greetings all.  Hmm, never been good with introductions...soo.  Hmm, I have been roaming the rp pathways and of late I have been left 'wanting'.  I currently am in several pbp D&D games at another site.  But they are slow and do not provide the instant gratification of freeform, via chat etc. I rp via thekeep, via chat and have been for years.  I have gone up to 4 solid years in a rp scenario with a single individual.  Yes, I do play for keeps. ;)  I prefer 'storylines' though the occasional 'passing through' bit is enjoyable.  I would love to get my blind priestess back into a solid 1-1 rp.  Though she and her anything but normal temple can are good for 'passerbyes' too.  I generally follow D&D for 'boundaries' when or if they are required, why? Simply because I am most familiar with it.  Though it is rarely needed if good rp is in play.