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Kurutta Jan 10
Name: Kurutta Kodomo

Gender: Male

Age: Looks to be 18 but the age is unknown.

Class/Status: Assassin

Physical Description: Wears a black cloak with a hoodie supports the mask he wears to keep his entire head out of view, the mask that hides his face, and the hoodie that covers the head. The sockets in which he looks through are nothing but black to keep his enemies from finding any information on him. The mask has two small horns on the top and two eye sockets, no mouth. The artwork on the mask would make it look as though blood pours down the mask from the eye sockets but at the mouth the red comes together in the form of a band aid, it’s positioned horizontally. He has tattoos on both shoulders, shoulder pieces of medieval armor tattooed onto his skin, in his past he saw these tattoos to represent strong will and strength. Lastly, he has scars that stretch down his arms and scars on his cheeks given to him from learning discipline. His eyes (if seen) change into colors depicting his mood.

Quirks: He has no possession of any items that would seem “close” to him. His neck is sensitive to touch(ticklish), and he has a tweak in his neck/spasm at random times. He would twitch or his head would jerk left and right uncontrollably. When occasionally bored he would whistle an imitation of the songs the birds would sing. If pulled into another environment, different climate, allergies affect him badly unless he were out in the fresh air. He has Arachnophobia but would keep it to himself.

Morality: He is not fond of his family, he forces himself to care less as to what happens to them/pushes away loved ones specifically to be able to focus on his tasks. His willingness however, he’d only do what he would see is “worth it.” His reputation with people is not canning

Personality Strengths and/Weaknesses: Kurutta means “gone crazy.” Kodomo means “child.” These two together mean “bound child.” He is simple in his motives and rarely opens up to reveal the depth of his character. To those extreme selected few, he is fiercely loyal, compassionate, trustworthy, honest, authentic, and generous. To the strength in this, he shows promise to being a good friend and great companion. To those he doesn’t know, He is cantankerous, meaning bad-tempered, argumentative, and uncooperative. He is envious, and can easily be made jealous. He isolates himself from everyone and he is “untamed” and uncivilized. Like a pet, it takes time for him to get used to one another.

Skills: He is great at scavenging for supplies, he is a carpenter and can construct houses well in the wilderness. Efficient at gathering supplies such as wood, herbs, food, and other materials for other needed purposes.

Education: Kurutta has been over many years training in silence. Doing what he has been told to do without any remarks, questions or concerns. He has never seen speaking was worth his time at first, although all these years in not doing so he has become incapable of speaking (in other words he’s mute). Learning a language will be more difficult to him than any “normal” person. And all he knows is what he has been taught; Survive, fight, scavenge and live. He has had no teachings of any other kind than to survive.

Likes/Dislikes: Kurutta hates spiders, being judged in any way, being stared at with any ill expression, being left alone(but he contains feelings of loneliness to the best of his ability), and dislikes hearing his name brought into a conversation behind his back. He enjoys being outside hunting and enjoys sharpening his weapons. He loves going to a nearby waterfall and lake where the water glistens reflecting off sunlight in the daytime. If he were with anyone else it’d only be with people who are closest to him, and those people are those who have gained his trust.

Childhood/Backstory: He had started out at age five helping his father. Though as time had passed and in height he has grown to the age of 12 he was sent to Japan, his family had hoped to make their son “all he can be.” He was sent to a training camp underground, they had not informed the boy of what was to happen or what he had been signed away for. He was immediately put into training under the harshest conditions, put under the most dangerous tasks. He became a machine, a fighter in the shadows. This camp was designed for a selected few, the hope for the future, and poor Kurutta who got his title from the others he had trained with due to his combat skills and his mentally incompetent fighting style. They all had forgotten their true names, their purposes in life changed with 1 simple things: Survive. He and the others were sent out of Japan into random locations, that brings him to now, where he remains in the forests/tropics. There were never plans for them to see their parents ever again, for they had forgotten their parents anyways and were used as experiments. Didn’t want things to ruin their plans.

Profession: Kurutta does not have a paying job of any kind, for all he does is train and survive in the wilderness with what he has.

Relationships: There has been one person that gained his trust, Violet. she has brought him kindness, love, respect and care. She had tamed the tormented boy and he remains by her side to this day. As for his family, he still remains clueless of their existence and has never contacted them, he has never even questioned about his parents. Although, Violet, that is part of his life has been the biggest part in it for she keeps him sane and human and gives him happiness even when he doesn’t show it due to his want to “not break.” He can fight the pain of being lonely even when in a crowd of strangers but can’t endure it all. He’d be nothing without Violet.

Location: A little kid who was drafted to Japan to learn the arts of combat and survival now currently lives in the tropics anywhere. He moves from forest to forest on the Earth whenever he has to for reasons such as wildfire or if the forest would be torn down for construction.

Time Period: His mind has been stuck in the past, his childhood and his teachings forever manipulate his mind. He continued his life in the forests and has watched the forest he lives in become destroyed, then recreated by natural effects of life over and over again till the world itself felt as though it was finished. He now lives in the years 2,000’s, unsure what year specifically.

Fantastical Traits: He has the ability of shadowstep, Stealth, and summoning
Shadowstep- Illusionary magic, Kurutta slows his movement, now walking. He clones himself doing so in any pattern he chooses but must be in a constant rotation. The clones walk in a rotation following the pattern. This is constant until Kurutta attacks, is attacked, or runs out of energy.
Stealth- Kurutta can become faintly invisible, it is mostly up to him to hide but with the faint invisibility he can hide within the environment well.
Summoning- Another ability for illusion. He is capable of summoning monsters and people/phantoms to attack the enemy but the phantoms cannot make physical contact with the enemy for they are just decoys. They fade/disperse in black smoke to support Kurutta’s stealth when they attack, are attacked, or Kurutta loses energy. He cannot summon more than one at a time and is only limited to 3, they greatly reduce his energy.

Goals: His only goal is to live and protect Violet

WeaponThe gold is replaced with black and the handles are red
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