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Shian Tsubasa Dec 28 '17
General Profile Info: (Not real but ir's my rp profile for now)
• Name: Shian Tsubasa
• Nickname(s) (if any): Cyan Shadow
• Age:16-34
• Gender: You know me by now
• Star Sign:

Cultural Info:
• Birth Date: 1/30/XX
• Birthplace: Japan
• Habitat/Home/Address/Hometown: City,  268 Bayer Union Apt. 042 West Derrickton, CT 43460-4519
• Occupation (how do they feel about their job?): Security guard of a bank and a vigilante of justice
• Education: dropped out of high school but learned on her own about life and things that came her way
• Economic Status (now and in the past): Now: Wealthy and then pretty middle class
• Environment (how has it affected them now and in the past): Now: it has gotten more violent due to lack of any authority around here as the nearest police station is literally the edge of the city, though it has gotten more technology advanced than most cities as in the past more peaceful then and less people trying to kill one another
• Religious Beliefs (how important is it to them?): believes in a higher power
• Political Attitude: let’s say a liberal with common sense

• General Appearance: uh….I guess fit, tall, and with cyan hair and eyes
• Body Type (endomorphic, ectomorph or mesomorph): Ectomorph
• Height:  6’6”
• Weight: do you really need to know?
• Hair (color and style):  Light Blue or Cyan (not sure), long that reaches past her ankles and a couple bangs that covers the left side of her face
• Eye Color: Blue-green
• Skin Color: Pale
• Clothing Preference: (picture)
• Accessories/Weapons (if any): A transforming Niuweidao sword which she dual wields while it thus turn to an Ultimax 100 MK5 which can shoot on average about 600 rpm but if she want to stretch it she can make it go to a good 780 rpm (Fictional number) and holds well either a 100 round drum or a 30 round magazine clip of the M16 and if push comes to shove can use fire which is Cyan and Wind
• Powers (if any): wields the powers of Wind and Cyan flames to how she sees fit as well as a couple several hidden magic and spells she has no idea she can do and usually come out randomly

Magic and Powers:
• Does this character know magic (spells, etc.)?: She knows them but she doesn’t know how to harness it
• Does this character possess any kind of superpower?: She also possesses regeneration, fast healing (on others and herself), speed, to control fire and use it as a  strengthening booster, able to use wind to fly around,
• What are the limitations of this magic or power?: she can’t perform so much or she’ll gas out
• What are the weaknesses of this magic or power?: well that’s unknown because it’s random
• Does the magic or power reflect the character's personality in any way?: Not really
• Does this character use the magic or power responsibly?: She tries to but that’s still hard to manage when your powers come out of nowhere
• Are there any problems the character has that are caused by having the magic or power?: Yes

Physical Character:
• Heredity (any inherited characteristics?): She has inherited her mother’s hair and eyes while she seems to have gathered her father’s paleness but her ass kicking side is from her mom as well as the flames the random part  is her father’s
• Movement (how do they move compared to other characters?): Usually sluggish or alert
• Posture: A bit hunched over due to lack of sleep and overall tiredness
• Mannerisms: No set mannerisms just does what she thinks is best
• Voice (what does their voice sound like? What is most striking about their voice?): she has a  somewhat softer voice than normal people but it has a light northeastern accent of the united states  and has acquired a several different accents as well as when she is using her fire her voice changes to something else deeper and more dark
• Verbal Expressions (favorite slang, expressions, idioms, swear words that are used by the character): She pretty much stutters a lot and tends to use Ya, Yo, Ello and such like that as well as lots of colorful language to express what she wants to let out
• Habits: She has a habit to stay up for too long for any healthy reasons
• Physical Disabilities (if any): Only thing I think she has is insomnia and eating disorder
• Allergies: allergic to dogs
• Sexuality (how does the character express and feel about their sexuality?): Lesbian (this time no femboys)

Psychological Character:
• General IQ/Intelligence (average, above average or below average): Meh Above average
• Abilities (covers language, skills and talents): She can cook, can sing, can fight like no one’s business, perform task with ease
• Psychological Disabilities (if any): Workaholic, Insomniac, Slight Personality Disorder, eating problem (not eating at all)
• Obsessions/Compulsions (do they smoke? Are they addicted to something?): Working
• Ambivert, introvert or extrovert?: Introvert
• Disposition/Temperament (easygoing, optimistic, pessimistic or rebellious): Easygoing
• Virtues (good personality traits): She’s a great worker, determined and focused, protective of certain things and does show a bit of compassion time to time
• Vices (undesirable personality traits): Hates she works too much, a bit selfish, always tired
• Any other qualities (awareness, imagination, judgement, poise, sensitivity, sophistication, taste): Her awareness on a situation depends on how much she cares about it so 50/50,  her imagination is actually a bit too wild but it’s better than her normal life, her judgement might be slight impaired due to her sleeping less but she treats everyone fairly, Not very poise she has been most of her life and is somewhat tired of it
• Values (morals, ethics, habitual response to life): Her Morals is somewhat not too bad really (well idk how you define good ones either) and her ethics would be the same as her habitual response to life well as like as things could be better than they are now too much is happening for there to be any sort of peace to evolve
• Dominant Character Traits: Alert, Determined, Protective and is always ready

• History (biography):
• Major events in the character's past/life (things they have not forgotten): Many things but depends on the rp
• Are any events in this character's past "haunting" this character?: Being where she is from and living I say not very much except her dad was murdered without her mom or her knowing and was presented to them as some food that they never thought they were eating him (yea I’m not going into detail)
• Does this character have any personal secrets about their past?:  A several secrets such as a couple things with her pets that would make you raise an eyebrow and also her small sister when she was about 15 (she was a lot different then)
• Are there things this character doesn't know about their past?: who killed their dad wasn’t a neighbor it was her mom’s ex-girlfriend who wanted her back badly and used that method to scare her

Goals and Ambitions:
• Ambition (what does this character ultimately want to achieve by the end of the story?): she wants to live in a balanced world because she’s been in a way too corrupted world and that was hell and world of no chaos at all and that’s plain boring 
• Motive (why do they want this and how to they plan to get it?): she has been on both sides of the extremes and isn’t sure how or where to even start
• How long have they wanted this?: For as long as nearly 2/3rds of her life
• Other desires (lifelong dreams, greed, addiction, etc.): She does want to be married to anyone she thinks is worthy and prefers a girl overall so even her own mom would do well
• How do they react to success and failure?: Success she tends to treat herself to something nice or relaxes, if she fails she’ll probably get angry or sad but will try it again
• Does the character feel as if they're "chosen" or "destined" to do something?: She feels when the time comes it will shine

Character vs Themselves:
• What does the character like most about themselves?: She likes that she’s able to work this hard and keep things safe
• What do they like least/hate about themselves?: Hates that she’s focused on her job and not her health
• How does the character feel about themselves?: Feels like she was put on this earth just because no rhyme or reason
• What aspects of their personality do they not accept?: The workaholic and sluggish attitude
• Does the character hide or block any of their emotions in conversation?: She tries to hide it
• What are the character's most common emotions?:Tired
• Is the character a winner or loser in life?: 50/50
• Does this character have any personal secrets about themselves?:

Likes and Dislikes:
• Liked Things: Likes to sleep (though she can’t), good food, seeing things set right, women and girls, and sometimes animals, many other things such as games,anime and tv series
• Liked People/Characters: She likes her sisters, mother and dad, Likes any character in mugen she seen aside Achrombie (cause holy fuck no) and Dark Donald among some others, Many anime characters
• Disliked Things: Not much of a reader, hates working late, criminals, and crime lords 
• Disliked People/Characters: men and boys
• Favorite Things: Liked things as reference
• Fandom (any imaginary franchise/series they're into?): Mugen, Sleeping Demons and something else
• Fears/Phobias: Has no fears recorded
• Interests/Hobbies/Pastimes: refer likes and dislikes to get the idea but yea she plays mugen a lot

• Family/Relatives: Shia Tsubasa (mother), Kobun (Father) ??? (sister coming soon), ??? (Twin sister also coming soon)
• Relationships with relatives (how do they feel about specific relatives?): actually pretty well especially with her twin which seems to be more intimate than just close but the family doesn’t judge well except her uncle and a couple others
• Family Background/History:
• Friends: depends on the rp but so far her sister, aisuro, and a couple others
• Lovers: (depends on rp)
• Enemies: (depends on rp)
• Co-workers, Employers, Employees (what are their attitudes and relations towards them?): She has a couple of them and such and she shows them general respect but that’s about it
• Pets/Animals: Has a pet cat which her name is Penny which she has Velvet fur (if that exist)
• Is this character married?: Nope
• If not married, do they have any intention of getting married?: Yes she does plan on it
• Does this character have children?:  (depends on rp)
• Did this character get divorced?: Uh…(depends on rp)
• If married without children, does this character intend to have children?: yes