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TempestShinx Anime
TempestShinx Dec 25 '17
Howdy you beautiful people. I suck at this kind of thing, because i'm a complete dork. I have been roleplaying for like six or so years. My grammar is kind of all over the place because im too stubborn to look up the words. I always like to make oc's due to the fact i can make them however I want to. I roleplay mostly anime related thing (Naruto, bleach, etc) or fantasy.  My rp style is more on the lines of paragraphs if i can write it like that.

Me personally, I'm 19, a first year college student, who has really bad ADHD. I dont rp smut (because that is weird to me, not trying to kinkshame), but generally appear to be happy (even though im like dead on the inside). I am a dog person, and I want to make friends. (Also if you have any animes let me know XD). 

So yeah, sorry for the sporadic rambles.

Primus Creator
Primus Dec 25 '17
Well hello there, TempestShinx and welcome to Roleplay Social. What a great introduction and I don't think your a dork, but then again I can be considered a dork as well.

Your grammar seems on par to me, I haven't seen any real mistakes or issues so far, so no complaints here. haha! If your grammar is bad, then mine is just as bad, I would say.

I prefer to make original characters myself for pretty much the same reasons and it is good to see people around who like similar things. 

I have adhd as well, was diagnosed with it since I was 5 and have had trouble throughout my life because of it (it is good to see that some people can still succeed, despite this.)  Not to say that it probably doesn't have a severe impact on your life, I am sure it does. If you have any questions or need anything, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help or just be a friendly person to talk to. 

I also love anime, ofcourse xD

The glitcher General
The glitcher Dec 27 '17
Hey u both I have been role playing for a small amount of time and I use it to help calm/soothe my adhd and ocd so yea I use this and it helps bc I can do my own thing so I’m here and I’ll do a lot of different rp’s ps I’m a dork I have some bad grammar and I am varry open to nice p
The glitcher General
The glitcher Dec 27 '17