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CantLove_WithoutHate General
Hi! My name is Dylan, and I'd love to make friends/ roleplay! I enjoy most roleplays, but I'm not really good at action and adventure. But I try!
I mostly do romance, and can roleplay as both male and females. I'm also okay with doing BoyxBoy and GirlxGirl.

Thanks for reading. :3
Primus Creator
Primus Dec 14 '17
Hello there Dylan and Welcome to Roleplay Social! Thank you for joining us and becoming a fellow member and roleplayer. Even if you say you're not good at action and adventure, it is good to hear that you try. ^.^ You might find you like something you didn't think you did before, and if you think your skills are not the best in some areas, don't be shy. We are here to help if you want us to, I say we, but at the moment that is me, but when I get more staff that will be, we.