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Velvet Fantasy
Velvet Dec 18 '17
I go by Velvet. I've been roleplaying for a few years now, but usually in my little friend group. I've been joining a few sites in hopes of branching out! If you want to roleplay or be friends, please don't hesitate to message me! I look forward to seeing what happens here.
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Detective Mercy Fantasy
Detective Mercy Dec 19 '17
Greetings there, Velvet. Welcome to the site! I am Detective Mercy, but you may call me Mercy.. if you prefer. It is good to meet you and welcome you here. 
Velvet Fantasy
Velvet Dec 19 '17
Thank you very much, Detective Mercy! I'm very glad to be here. 
RandomRpingWeirdo Fantasy
RandomRpingWeirdo Dec 19 '17
Velvet Fantasy
Velvet Dec 19 '17
Hello there! How are you?