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Shoujax Combat
Shoujax Dec 17 '17

~The arena was gargantuan! It was large enough to fit the Titans of lore; as if summons were available to those desperate enough. The stands of stone and the vendors crying out, the scent of blood in the air alongside the taste of steel; nothing here was new to the crowd of fans. A stage of stone was set before them: a platform of six feet seven inches tall, fifteen feet by fifteen feet wide. There were no true rules to this, a "ring out" did not exist here: either win or lose, live or die; nothing else mattered.~

//There was a stillness to the skies, a calm most familiar to those who've braved the seas or seen war and survived.The twilight from night to day was standard as ever, yet, undeniably majestic as it always is. Especially from the few of the gargantuan quarry that housed the Diamond Dogs and their most coveted companions. "Be with you, Oh~" It sang throughout realities and touched the aged ear of an ageless sage. Shoujax Naught, an enigma of alien proportions, had gathered unto him those tied close to his heart. However, there are many worlds out their in the universe. "But there's one thing you must remember: whether you want it to or not, once you have created bonds between yourself and other people, they will never disappear." Their smiles, their faces, their glistening glimmers from within the darkness called out to his heart. So, their doors emerged as a celedon clusterfuck of color and churning carnage: a celestial corridor. Through the vortex of convection currents there would travel and emerge an aged sage.//  

//Shoujax Naught, a graying man with exuberant youth, lead as a Shadow. His short, black hair was tipped with the gray of age and it roamed across his jawline in a thin, rugged beard. Alien silks from the A'ina blessed his battle vest and loose black pants of the same color. They were not only strong enough to with stand the impact of bullets, they were extremely light and flexible. When alien ligaments and muscles erupted into a sudden spring of actions, he summoned his signature weapon: Naught's Naginata.//

 //At each end of this polearm were separate sets of twin blades: one set white and the other black. This divine weapon was compromised of materials gathered throughout the multiverse: orichalcum, carbon nanotubing, refined cortosis and other mystical materials. The naginata was a construction of ancient magi-tech: a mixture of arcane arts infused into futuristic technologies. Gyroscopic guidance systems dwell in protective custody at the core of the weapon; these were what directed the movements in tandem with a psychic link to the three eyed-Naught. Turbines in the weapon generated Mana through movement, thus when he had summoned he instantly began to spin it around his body's core with intense speeds. He and it began to glow an intense light s they awaited an opponent.//

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Khal Drogo Fantasy
Khal Drogo Jan 3
Sorry for the long delay. ~ Getting to work on a reply now. 

Khal Drogo Fantasy
Khal Drogo Jan 3

The crowds excitement explodes as the Great Khal makes his entrance on the field. The sound of a dozen horses racing around the outside of the stadium, echoes across the arena as his carriage pulls him to the stage. Cheers from the crowd quickly follows suit as he leaps from the cart and leaves the carriage to continue its roundabout around the arena, and back out the way it came. 


As he jumped onto the stage he also started inspecting the other fighter, and what he was armed with. Khal Drogo wasn't keen on his opponent using a polearm type weapon, and he knew this fight wasn't gonna be an easy one. His opponent used a light weapon, manipulated it with rather great ease, and had some light weight looking armor, and drogo had no armor but the armor around his lower waist, and some minor cuff armor. The speed advantage might still be drogo's, but not by much. 

His weapon of choice of course was his arakh, it has a crescent moon-shaped, curved blade about two and a half feet long and a thick handle almost the same length, making it half-sword and half-scythe. Although unable to penetrate armor, the arakh gives the wielder tremendous maneuverability of wrists, so they don't necessarily need to penetrate the armor to kill, one swipe to the head is more than enough.

"May the best man, or Dothraki win."

Drogo's attention focused upon his opponent, waiting for him to make a move and waiting for the match to officially start. 

Shoujax Combat
Shoujax Jan 10

((No worries on the delay fam. We all have lives.))

-There was no banter from the Naught, as soon as the man finished his speech the thirty foot gap between them was bridged. Lithe strides, alien sinew and the blurred speed of thirty miles per hour. In just under a second he had reached his destination. Shoujax lead with his right foot, ensuring that he was approaching the target "sideways" so as to reveal less surface area for the opponent to strike. His blade, however, would be the first to make contact with the opponent. Its white blades were swept upward toward the target's left shoulder. A menial maneuver that exposed Shoujax' front side; or so it seemed. Shoujax' body was poised for retaliation. His soles readied for a sudden change in direction; his wrists, elbows and joints were already rotating to follow through with the next strike from his Naginata. Hit or miss, his inhuman mind was calculating various possibilities. Shoujax' mind was clear of all distractions. Only the vanquishing of this foe lingered, for this was "The Way of the Warrior."-
Khal Drogo Fantasy
Khal Drogo Jan 10
Sometimes even the greatest fighters make mistakes, and today was time to see if Drogo was going to make one of his own. Observing his opponent's actions made him reminiscence of past fights. Warriors always tended to rush in, without ever gaining the value of their target. In close range it was like asking for death to challenge him. 

Using the curved angle of his weapon and the speed of his opponent's momentum he used the arakh to pitch the opponent's weapon downwards, aiming to cause the opponent's weapon to face-plant into the dirt. He also moved to the side and aimed to kick the opponent in the leading leg, trying to break it in two. 

"Ezas eshna gech ahilee! Find another hole to dig!" (let me know if I was confused on anything)

Shoujax Combat
Shoujax Jan 12
-There were no mistakes in battle to a Naught. Just as energy could not be created or destroyed, intents were only redirected. The result would be the same. This Dothraki would be slain. Shou's Naginata dug into the stone terrain of the arena, and cut through it like paper. Unlike the opponent's weapon, the Naginata was made to slice through armor, dragon hide and various materials. So a simple redirection was all it took. He could take an arrow to the knee if it meant that the black blades would do a downward sweep at an angle from the other end of his weapon. The set of obsidian blades were coming down toward the opponent's right clavicle. With the opponent's intent to break Shou's leg, the Naught would trade for the better half of a torso. Grinding alien metals shaved off stone and sent it behind him as shrapnel. His free hand has balled in a fist to follow the strike towards the opponent in preparation for his body's alleged damage. The opponent's words were translated, yet unheeded. There was no need for human compassion or communication. If this foe wanted to speak, they would do it through their blades.-