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You can store all your characters in here and keep them safe in the character storage.
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Rainy · Dec 4
In Rainia Advance character bio
Code Storage
This is for profile codes and group codes. You can share them in here for others to use or for your own storage
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Queen of Dragons · Nov 30
In White, Grey, Gold Theme
General Topics Replies Last Reply
Introduce yourself in here and find other members of the community. Share what genres you roleplay, what you are looking for, and what kind of partners you want.
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Macey · Yesterday, 06:37PM
In Macey here
General Chat
Just chat with the community
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Vladimir Bach · Dec 7
In How to change avatar
Request Tag Change
If you wish to have your profile tag changed, you can post a topic in here or reply to one that was already created and is active.
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Roleplay Topics Replies Last Reply
Have requests for roleplays? Any and all roleplay requests can go in here. :3
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Forum Roleplays
Did your requests get accepted or do you just wish to jump in and roleplay? Well you can roleplay any and all roleplays in the forum roleplay section.
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Shizuka · Dec 10
In The Two Kingdoms
Romance Roleplays
The Romance Roleplay forums are for any and all romance roleplays. Enjoy!
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Television Roleplays
For any roleplays based of television shows or characters.
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Absent Notices
If you plan to be absent for a long time, and wish to make your friends or others on the site know, then you can post in here.
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Return Notices
Have you just returned to the site? Make an announcement in here for your friends and the site.
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Important Notices
Important updates about the site and changes will be placed in here from time to time.
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