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Introduce yourself in here and find other members of the community. Share what genres you roleplay, what you are looking for, and what kind of partners you want.
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Tomi · Feb 20
In Hi There
A place for members to share their poetry and poems.
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Delilah · Feb 18
In Dark Poem
The Site Rules for all to follow and abide by while browsing and using Roleplay Social.
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Aphmau · 8 hours ago
In Site Rules
Help Topics
Helpful topics on how to do things on the site or where to get help on the site
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Vladimir Bach · Feb 5
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Roleplay Requests
Have requests for roleplays? Any and all roleplay requests can go in here. :3
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Tomi · Feb 20
In Looking for a new RP partner
Jump in and Roleplay
Did your requests get accepted or do you just wish to jump in and roleplay? Well you can roleplay any and all roleplays in the forum roleplay section.
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Chianul · Yesterday, 10:04PM
Anime Roleplays
For any and all Anime based roleplays. If you like anime roleplays and are looking to roleplay in anime based roleplays, these are the forums for you.
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Fantasy Roleplays
For any and all fantasy based roleplays. If you like fantasy roleplays than these are the forums for you.
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Alexis · Jan 28
In ( hellish days )
Realistic Roleplays
For any and all realistic based roleplays. If you like roleplays based on realistic events in history or realistic people, then these are the forums for you.
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Supernatural Roleplays
For any and all Supernatural based roleplays. Are you looking for supernatural roleplayers and like to roleplay supernatural based roleplays?
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Random Roleplay Forums
For any and all roleplays that don't fit into any of the other categories provided. If you want to create a roleplay and are looking for a place to do it, then these are the forums for you!
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Solo Forums
Members can create stories and roleplays with themselves in here for others to read or for their own enjoyment. It is a place of endless wonder~
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You can store all your characters in here and keep them safe in the character storage.
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GoblinKing · Feb 4
In Josen Sycorax
Code Storage
This is for profile codes and group codes. You can share them in here for others to use or for your own storage
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Vladimir Bach · Jan 18
In Custom Background Theme with Image in header