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Alexis Fandom

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children of forces

alexis johnson | child of death, physcopomp | bisexual | portrayed by maia mitchell 

kyle johnson | child of death, mind flayer | heterosexual | portrayed by dylan o'brien

soren johnson | child of death, grim reaper | pansexual | portrayed by grant gustin

sophia rosewater | child of life, reviver | bisexual | portrayed by lily collins

venus morelli | child of war, pasifismist | bisexual | portrayed by kaya scodelario

children of elements

fayabel o'mist | child of the forest, half-fae | homosexual | portrayed by hailee steinfield

sage carter | child of the sea, siren | bisexual | portrayed by chloe grace mortez

aster louiston | child of the sun, firestarter | heterosexual | portrayed by cole sprouse

zander jamese | child of the sky, angel | asexual | portrayed by lucky blue smith

children of power

lilith jones | child of the king, mortal | bisexual | portrayed by emma roberts

liam jones | child of the kind, mortal | bisexual | portrayed by logan lerman

dani ashfel | child of the empress, mortal | homosexual | portrayed by (TBD)

children of love

helen troy | child of desire, demigod | pansexual | portrayed by liz gillies

anthony requite | child of longing, demigod | demisexual | portrayed by troye sivan

children of mystery

martha kyle | child of shadows, shadow-traveler | homosexual | portrayed by (TBD)

damien wayle | child of the darkness, dark knight | heterosexual | portrayed by ryan potter

children of mortality

lanni kristen | child of the mayor, mortal | bisexual | portrayed by pyper america smith