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Do u remember what day is tomorrow?
So, if yes i wanna say something.

Before u guys wish to me tomorrow, I really wanna a girl. Someone who look alike my ex. She is rp-ing as Yura. If I can, I wanna Yura as my girl.
If there's no Yura for me, I don't care who are u rp-ing. I just don't want to feel alone tomorrow even it's not my real day. LOL.
I'll take care of u till my last breath. But I'm not romantic as well. I'm not romantic like other guy. But I'm limited edition. lmao. kno.
I will try to be romantic with you.

Will you be my girl? -kneel down while holding a ring-

リュウ マンリー 10 hours ago · Comments: 13 · Tags: wanted relationship
I ever joined this site yesterday. Well, lemme talk a little about myself.

I'm a Freelancer. So, it's my business to rp-ing as anyone that I like. Bash me if u want to. Anyway, you can call me Ryu. Or my other nickname, Panda. Wanna be my gf? Well, I'm not that easy person who can fall in love easily. I'm also not romantic like other guy but at least I'm manly. I'm a bit cold but not playful. Wanna be my gay partner? Sorry bro. I'm not gay. But I'm still okay with bromance. LOL. Let's be my friend. I won't bite you. Maybe at the first time you talk to me, it's a little cold but will be fine soon. Thanks anyway to be my friend :))

How do I search for people tho?. Just asking. ._.
Jinri Choi 12 hours ago · Comments: 1 · Tags: question search friends