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Do u remember what day is tomorrow?
So, if yes i wanna say something.

Before u guys wish to me tomorrow, I really wanna a girl. Someone who look alike my ex. She is rp-ing as Yura. If I can, I wanna Yura as my girl.
If there's no Yura for me, I don't care who are u rp-ing. I just don't want to feel alone tomorrow even it's not my real day. LOL.
I'll take care of u till my last breath. But I'm not romantic as well. I'm not romantic like other guy. But I'm limited edition. lmao. kno.
I will try to be romantic with you.

Will you be my girl? -kneel down while holding a ring-

リュウ マンリー Apr 19 · Comments: 13 · Tags: wanted relationship
I ever joined this site yesterday. Well, lemme talk a little about myself.

I'm a Freelancer. So, it's my business to rp-ing as anyone that I like. Bash me if u want to. Anyway, you can call me Ryu. Or my other nickname, Panda. Wanna be my gf? Well, I'm not that easy person who can fall in love easily. I'm also not romantic like other guy but at least I'm manly. I'm a bit cold but not playful. Wanna be my gay partner? Sorry bro. I'm not gay. But I'm still okay with bromance. LOL. Let's be my friend. I won't bite you. Maybe at the first time you talk to me, it's a little cold but will be fine soon. Thanks anyway to be my friend :))

How do I search for people tho?. Just asking. ._.
Jinri Choi Apr 19 · Comments: 1 · Tags: question search friends

((~DISCLAIMER~ Any character with a * symbol beside the relationship status is a multi-ship character!! They will have one specific person named as their significant other, but they will be available for relationships with others, as all their roleplays take place in non-related timelines!! Basically, any character I create for another person is officially and entirely 'claimed', but most of the ones I create myself (or at least the ones who get high 'demand') are multi-ship!))


Full Name: Alfred Marcus Denville.

Age: Twenty-six years old, and it seems that's how I'll stay!

Occupation: Doctor/Story-teller.

Relationship Status: In a relationship.

Partner: Ruby Swift.

Children: One on the way.

Family: My father is Marcus Denville (where I got my middle name!), and my mother is Lucinda Denville. I have an older sister named Susanna (Suzie), and a younger sister named Beatrice (Bella). Suzie has a seven year old daughter, named Lily. My family mean the world to me, and they always come first.

Appearance: Black hair (quite stylish), bright blue eyes, a handsome face, a smile that can light up a room. Alfie usually likes to wear dark jeans and a smart shirt, but being a Doctor he has to dress a lot more formally, usually.

Personality: Kind-hearted, cheerful/optimistic, intelligent, friendly, loyal, quite brave, sometimes quite excitable, creative, imaginative, and very confident.

Other Information: Ever since a young age, Alfie has been a natural-born storyteller! Telling stories to his friends and family was one of his greatest hobbies when growing up. Of course, his father objected to this, and insisted that Alfie learned a 'real' profession. So, Alfie became a doctor. Still, he did not let this stop him living his dream. In his spare time (as little as it is), Alfie tells stories to the poorly children in the hospital, and even some of the ill adults, trying to bring some happiness into the scary and saddening times they are facing during their stay in hospital.

After years of being alone, Alfie finally met a wonderful lady by the name of Ruby Swift. She started as his patient, but her astoundingly quick healing powers meant that she became well again soon after meeting. Alfie, despite his professional boundaries, found himself falling for her, so asked her out on a date. After a wonderful time together, a real relationship started, and Alfie and Ruby have been living happily ever since. A small disaster came on the night of Ruby's gallery opening, when Alfie was shot by a stranger in shadows. Ruby healed him, and made Alfie a healer too, making him promise never to tell anyone.

Not long ago, Ruby found that she was pregnant, and now the happy couple and their respective families are eagerly awaiting the new arrival.

IMAGE: Ewan McGregor.



Full Name: Anya Marie Hawke

Age: Never ask a woman her age, y'rude sod! (Twenty-three years old)

Occupation: Pirate, Captain of The Avenger.

Relationship Status*: Single, and I have been for a long time.

Partner: ...

Children: ...

Family: My father was a pirate Captain, and my mother was a whore on-land. I don't like to think of either of them.

Appearance: Long red hair, bright green eyes, a beautiful face, surprisingly nice teeth for a pirate! Wears tight-fitting brown trousers, a white shirt, and a long black coat (which used to belong to her father). A perfectly formed figure, with a few scars hidden beneath her clothing.

Personality: Fiery, feisty, brave, intelligent, sometimes slightly reckless, cheeky, secretly rather sensitive, fiercely loyal, sometimes quite sarcastic, mostly very cheerful.

Other Information: Raised by her mother in a whorehouse until the age of eleven, Anya finally escaped, not wanting to belong to the owner of the whorehouse. She stowed away, disguised as a boy, on a pirate ship, The Sea Demon. On this ship, she became great friends with a young man named James Flint, and actually found herself slowly falling in love with him. She worked her way up from Swabbie to Cabin Boy, and then finally became a fully-fledged member of the crew. When she turned sixteen years old, Anya's ship was attacked, by a ship named Ocean Predator. Captain Starkey was killed by the other ship's captain, who soon revealed himself to be Captain William Hawke, Anya's father. During the raid on The Sea Demon, it was discovered that Anya was actually female, and Captain Hawke seemed to be rather partial to the opposite sex, as he dragged her to the cabin, cut her clothes off, and tried to rape her. Anya, however, reacted quickly, stabbing him in the stomach, and revealing her true identity. After a brief struggle, Anya came out of the cabin, wearing her father's coat, and dragging the dead man's body. The crew of Ocean Predator surrendered, and Anya instated her dear James Flint as the captain of The Sea Demon. Anya took her father's ship, re-naming it The Avenger, having earned the ferocious loyalty of these cold-blooded men around her.

(Anya does not like to talk about the rest of the story. She rarely reveals it to anyone.)

IMAGE: Miss Fortune (from League of Legends)



Full Name: Arthur Damien Chandra Ravensdale.

Age: Eternally twenty.

Occupation: Prince of the Demon Realm, Cacus Alastor.

Relationship Status*: Taken.

Partner: Lola Danzincourt.

Children: ...

Family: My father was King Fenrir, my mother is Queen Lillith. I have no brothers and sisters, I suppose my parents did not feel like having any others.

Appearance: Tall, slim-waisted, a handsome face. His hair is black, his eyes blue (but they can sometimes turn grey, depending on his mood). He always dresses smartly, due to his heritage, and looks the true gentleman.

Personality: Suave, charming, a gentleman as long as he feels someone deserves it, intelligent, quite cheeky, rather sarcastic at times, brave (occasionally thought of as reckless), secretly quite romantic, driven and determined.

Other Information: Arthur grew up, wanting for nothing. He was a Prince with everything he could ever wish for. That is, until he was eighteen years old. Shortly before his nineteenth birthday, his father died, and Arthur found himself suddenly rather 'alone' in the world. His mother began to make elaborate attempts to marry her son off, to fulfill the 'rules' in order to let him become King. Sadly, none of the selected women are to Arthur's taste, so a year and a half later, he is still not married, and still not King.

IMAGE: Matt Bomer



Full Name: Athena Aquavita

Age: Eternally nineteen.

Occupation: Musician at the King's court.

Relationship Status: Single.

Partner: ...

Children: ...

Family: My mother, Selena, was a Princess, the daughter of the King, and she fell in love with the court conductor, my father, Cosmo. They were married, and were one day destined to become King and Queen of the city of Wai Moana, our city. I was born shortly after, and we were a happy family. Sadly, my mother was soon killed. Hit by a merchant ship. My father died not long afterwards, of a broken heart. So, I suppose I am an orphan.

Appearance: Long, flowing blonde hair, a pair of bright blue eyes, a very pretty face. She has a long blue fish tail that starts at the waist. She is indeed a very pretty creature.

Personality: Sweet, naive, curious, cheerful, musically talented, genuinely friendly and affectionate to everyone, a hopeless romantic, and she is always ready for an adventure.

Other Information: Athena plays pretty much any instrument she can get her hands on, but is a particularly talented singer. She is a wonderful person to be around, and once you befriend her, she is a friend for life! Despite the fact that human carelessness killed her mother, and led to her father's death, Athena is interested and curious about them, and would do anything she could to learn something new about them. She is also a great campaigner for shark rights, and she loves all creatures of the sea.



Full Name: Cillian Patrick Doyle.

Age: Twenty-three years old.

Occupation: Broadway performer.

Relationship Status*: In a relationship.

Partner: Lucy Dawson.

Children: ...

Family: My father is Eoin Doyle, and my mother is Celia Doyle. I have two sisters, Elsa and Samantha, and one brother, Anthony. We're a pretty close family, but sadly I've had to move away from them. Still, I come and see them whenever I get the chance.

Appearance: Tall, strong, black hair, bright blue eyes, a handsome face, and a charming smile. He wears jeans and a shirt mostly, but when in public he likes to try and look more decent, more 'formal', so usually tends to don a waistcoat, and a pair of smart trousers.

Personality: Talented, intelligent, friendly, confident, cheeky, hopeless romantic, sometimes slightly arrogant, cheerful, fun-loving, and a natural born performer.

Other Information: Cillian was born in Ireland, and lived there until the age of fourteen, until his father got a job in America, as a video games designer, to the family had to up-route, and they found themselves living in Maryland, USA. During high school, Cillian developed as a performer, and his teachers spotted his talent, so his mother and father did all they could to give him a head start in his life as a performer. When he graduated high school, and spent two years in a drama college, Cillian made his way to New York, and began the long and difficult task of becoming a Broadway sensation. After numerous chorus parts and supporting roles, Cillian finally made it! He secured the role of Bert in Mary Poppins, and since then his career has sky-rocketed! He has never been happier.

IMAGE: Colin Morgan.



Full Name: Dragos Ignatio Leonte

Age: Eternally twenty-six years old.

Occupation: I do not have one.

Relationship Status: Single, eternally seeking my one true love.

Partner: ...

Children: ...

Family: My father was a vampire, by the name of Kyro Leonte, and my mother was a local maiden named Mina, whom he forced his attentions upon. Not long after, I was born. I try not to think of my parents. It brings back painful memories.

Appearance: Tall, slim-waisted, with black hair, and a pair of bright green eyes. Flawless, pale skin, and a handsome face. His black lips hide a pair of sharp, pointed fangs.

Personality: Hopelessly romantic, sensitive, affectionate, loyal, intelligent, charismatic, often quite shy, mistrusting, nervous of humans.

Other Information: Dragos, after turning into a vampire, aged twenty-six, due to his father's blood, lived in his family's manor, trying to stay out of sight of the locals. Sadly, after centuries of being chased with burning stakes and pitchforks, he was finally run out of Romania (his homeland), and has been on the run ever since. He tries to distance himself from humans at all costs, knowing that they will be suspicious of him, and might even turn on him. He had never killed or fed from a human being, as he still feels that he is one of them, and would never do such a thing to his own kind.



Full Name: Emilian Anton Parasca.

Age: Eternally thirty-one years old.

Occupation: I sometimes work the night shift as a security guard at an airport.

Relationship Status: Single.

Partner: ...

Children: ...

Family: The only family I have left is my cousin Vali. I don't particularly care about the others.

Appearance: Tall, slim-waisted, black hair, a pair of jet-black (often emotionless) eyes. When he is not working, Emilian dresses formally, in the clothes from his own time, including an ankle-length black coat to protect from the cold of the nights.

Personality: Cold, calculating, horribly intelligent, a bit of a bully, devious, has a secret softer side that not many get through, sometimes not as brave as he could be.

Other Information: Emilian was turned by a vampire named Anton, hence his middle name, and the week later, Anton turned his childhood 'friend' Vali, who agreed to become a 'cousin' of Emilian's, due to them sharing the same sire. Since that point, Emilian has followed Vali wherever he went, annoying him in any way he can. Childish, sure, but it was how Emilian spent his mortal life, so decided that he should continue this relationship even after their so-called 'death'.

IMAGE: Johnny Depp ad Barnabus (Dark Shadows)



Full Name: Layla Alice Jenkins.

Age: Twenty-four years old.

Occupation: Ex-private in the army. Don't ask!

Relationship Status: Single.

Partner: ...

Children: One son named James. Once again, don't ask!

Family: Abandoned me when I was born. They wanted nothing to do with me, so I want nothing to do with them!

Appearance: Very slim (due to years of minimal feeding), shoulder-length red hair, bright blue eyes. She wears torn military 'civie' clothes, the only clothes she had left after her time in the army.

Personality: Secretive, untrusting, strong, brave, loyal, intelligent, quite scared mostly but she has to maintain a brave face, privately believes in happy endings, and is certain that hers will find her soon enough.

Other Information: Layla lived in an orphanage until she was fourteen, at which point she left to join the army, lying about her age to join. She became a beloved team member, and she felt for the first time as though she was in a family unit. Due to 'reasons' she often refuses to discuss, Layla had to leave the army, and found herself kidnapped. She was locked in a cellar, forced to clean, subject to severe beatings, and eventually her captors began to sexually abuse her as well. Not long after, she conceived her son, whom she named James, and she kept him safe in that cellar for four years, always taking his beatings on his behalf, to save her son the pain of all of his potential fathers (there are seven candidates) causing him harm. Eventually, Layla managed to escape, and she and James have been on the run ever since.



Full Name: Lucas Chace Harrison.

Age: Twenty-four years old.

Occupation: CEO/Owner of his own law firm.

Relationship Status: Single (CLAIMED!!!!).

Partner: Echo Washington.

Children: ...

Family: My father was Samuel Harrison, the owner of the firm before me. Sadly, he died, but he left me his multi-million dollar organisation, so every cloud and all that! My mother is Gabriella Harrison. I don't have any brothers or sisters.

Appearance: Tall, slim-waisted, toned and muscular, with bright blue eyes (almost hypnotic), and stylish dark blond hair. He usually dresses smartly, in a tuxedo or a suit of some sort. A very handsome young fellow.

Personality: Slightly smug, highly intelligent, very charming, friendly and charismatic, slightly dominating, protective and loyal to his family and friends, quite a romantic lover.

Other Information: Lucas is every inch a 'rich boy'. He owns shares in several businesses, as well as owning one himself. After his father's death, Lucas was really raking it in! He plays rugby in his spare time, and rides his horse any chance he gets. Despite his rather arrogant (sometimes snobbish) behaviour, he has a heart of gold under all of this, and would never see a friend of his in trouble. He takes good care of his mother, and would do anything for those who loves, or at least cares for. Sadly, even beneath this heart of gold, Lucas has a desire to be in control, in every aspect of his life.....especially in the bedroom.

His best friend is Echo, a beautiful model who feeds his ego with compliments, at the same time as looking very good on his arm. There have been rumours in the press that both are in love with the other, but neither wants to admit it, so remain separate. But then, who are we to judge? How can one truly be sure what is true, and what is a hideous lie?

IMAGE: Chace Crawford.



Full Name: Quinlan Robert Tiley.

Age: Twenty-six years old.

Occupation: Photographer.

Relationship Status: In a relationship.

Partner: Elya Fergus.

Children: ...

Family: My mother is Mary Tiley, my father is Isaac Tiley, and I am their only child. They have been very good to me my whole life.

Appearance: Dark blond hair, eyes of a dull blue colour, and a handsome face. Quite muscular in build, and usually seen to be smiling. He wears modest clothing, never showing any unnecessary flesh.

Personality: Intelligent, loyal, well-behaved, kind-hearted, modest, sometimes rather shy, a Catholic and he believes with all his heart.

Other Information: Raised in Ireland, as part of a strictly Catholic family, Quinn is only just beginning to branch out and find his own feet in this world. Not long into his career as a photographer, Quinn got the job of taking photographs for an album and publicity shoot for a beautiful lady named Elya Fergus. He quickly fell in love with her, and they began a relationship. Elya has been showing Quinn a world he never knew existed. His eyes are opened, and he is excited to learn whatever Elya is going to teach him. He is young, he is free, and he is completely in love.

IMAGE: Allen Leech



Full Name: Raina Eloen Falavir

Age: One hundred and fourteen years old, which in elf years is still very young.

Occupation: Thief, pickpocket, anything that helps me survive!

Relationship Status: Single, much easier that way.

Partner: ...

Children: ...

Family: I'm an orphan. I have no family, nor do I need one.

Appearance: Tall, slim, subtly strong, long blonde hair with braids, one pink eye and one green eye. She is very pretty, but she often hides her face with a hood. She wears a brown skirt, green shirt, knee-high boots, a long cloak with a hood, and carries a bag of holding. And, of course, being an elf, she had long, pointed ears.

Personality: Sharp, feisty, intelligent, witty, a pair of hands that are almost as quick as her brain, sometimes quite snide and sarcastic, a little 'rough' at times, brave, strong, determined, not one to take failure lightly.

Other Information: Abandoned as a baby, being passed from orphanage to orphanage, Raina has learned to rely only on herself. She does not need anyone, she never has! She does not trust other people, she does not particularly like them either. It is much simpler to be alone, after all.



Full Name: Salem Tybolt Devereaux.

Age: Eternally twenty-two.

Occupation: I don't really have one.

Relationship Status*: Widowed.

Partner: Susanna Devereaux (deceased).

Children: ...

Family: My father, Christian Devereaux, is the only family member I really remember. My mother, Violet, died when I was very young. I barely remember her, or anyone else. All I have are pictures to remind me.

Appearance: Tall, slim, jet black hair, big brown eyes, pale and flawless skin, very handsome indeed. He dresses formally, usually in black trousers, a red shirt, and a black waistcoat, with a black jacket over the top, and his lucky top hat.

Personality: Cheerful, outgoing, excitable, sometimes quite childish, interested in everything, intrigued by everything, very friendly, affectionate, loyal, and very much enjoys talking to anyone who arrives.

Other Information: Salem has a terrible memory! He barely remembers his childhood, his family, anything! All he knows is his best friend, Tirzah, who basically looks after him and helps him through life. He is an excitable and loving young man with a dark and twisted history. Tirzah believes that his memory shut itself down in self defence, to protect him from memories that would break his heart every single time he thought of them. Still, being blissfully unaware of them, he is a very optimistic and affectionate person, despite his unpopularity in his home village.

IMAGE: Brendon Urie



Full Name: Shemal Mauvais.

Age: I have been in a human body for twenty-six years, but I have no true age.

Occupation: An ex-Demon from Hell.

Relationship Status: In a relationship.

Partner: Marianna Stone.

Children: ...

Family: None whatsoever!

Appearance: Tall, toned, handsome, with scruffy (stylish) white hair, and bright blue eyes. If his eyes change to red, run and hide, for his inner Demon is coming out to play!

Personality: Fiery, cheeky, 'jumpy', loyal, affectionate (to a certain few people), brave, strong-willed, intelligent, sometimes quite fierce, sometimes rather blood-thirsty.

Other Information: After being ejected from Hell for performing the most 'mortal' of sins, falling in love, Shemal has been stuck, wandering the earth, with no way of getting back! Up until recently, he has had no greater wish than to earn his place back in Hell, which has caused him to do as many evil and cruel things as he possibly could. That is, until he met Marianna. Having saved her from slavery, Shemal now dedicates his life to protecting and loving her. He would do anything to help her live a normal life, and his heart truly does belong to her.



Full Name: Shiloh Matthew Fogerty.

Age: Eternally twenty-two.

Occupation: Angel.

Relationship Status: Single.

Partner: ...

Children: ...

Family: My only family is my brother Talos. He is all I need, or 'was'. He gave his life to save mine, and I have not seen him since my own death. Still, he will always be all I need.

Appearance: Stylish black hair, bright blue eyes, a handsome face. When he reveals them, Shiloh has large white wings that shoot out of his shoulder blades. He wears the colour black mostly, out of mourning for his brother.

Personality: Brave, loyal, affectionate, cheerful, kind-hearted, faithful, a great believer in fate and all that sort of thing, friendly, a bit of a softy, and rather sentimental.

Other Information: Born in the 1930s, and thus a child during the second world war, Shiloh knows how to look after himself. This did not stop him causing (and getting into) trouble, of course. In fact, it was this 'trouble' that cost his older brother Talos his life. Living with the guilt of his brother's death, Shiloh has tried to come to terms with life alone. Sadly, the same gang who killed Talos soon returned, and put Shiloh's loneliness to an end. Sadly, due to a life of 'sin', he was sentenced to Hell. Talos, in one last selfless act, gave up his own wings so that his brother would not suffer. So now, Shiloh has to watch his brother roaming earth, with no purpose, and no release, and know (once again) that he cannot help him! He tends to visit earth a lot, because he loves it there, and hopes that one day he will be reunited with his dear brother.

IMAGE: Richard Armitage.



Full Name: Talos Gavin Fogerty.

Age: Eternally nineteen.

Occupation: I work as a bartender in a local pub. It's only part-time, but it's something.

Relationship Status: Single.

Partner: ...

Children: ...

Family: My brother Shiloh is all I had, and I would do anything to see him again.

Appearance: Slim, average height, bright blue eyes, and stylish black hair. He wears dark jeans, a smart shirt, and a stylish jacket over the top. It always pays to look presentable, after all!

Personality: Sweet, kind-hearted, loyal (completely so), hopeless romantic, deeply lonely, tries to remain optimistic, friendly, charismatic, a good listener, and quite good with an acoustic guitar!

Other Information: Talos was born in the late 1920s, and lived through World War Two. Being an orphan, it was his job to protect his younger brother, Shiloh. Now, Shiloh always managed to attract trouble, so somehow managed to find himself in trouble with a gang! Talos, of course, defended his brother to the death....Which became sadly less of a metaphor than one would hope. Talos went straight to Heaven for his self-sacrifice, where he continued to watch over Shiloh. Sadly, his brother too was murdered, a few years later, and was doomed to an eternity in Hell! Talos would not let that happen, so dragged Shiloh to Heaven anyway. His wings were torn out, his halo removed, and he was cast out of Heaven, as punishment for breaking it's laws. Luckily, they agreed to let Shiloh stay.

So now, Talos lives on earth, unable to die, so unable to truly live, drifting from place to place, living on part-time jobs, doing whatever it takes to get by, and yet not letting himself get attached to anyone. What would be the point in falling in love if you eventually had to say goodbye?

IMAGE: Logan Lerman



Full Name: Vali Anton Parasca (Real surname: Zaituc).

Age: Eternally twenty-seven.

Occupation: I work in the nights, performing gigs in bars and clubs, and waiting tables at a restaurant.

Relationship Status: Single.

Partner: ...

Children: ...

Family: I hate the memory of them. They chose another person's child over me. My so-called 'cousin' Emilian.....

Appearance: Tall, slim, black hair, green-blue eyes. Pale skin, a very handsome face, and a smile that could melt even a heart of solid stone, despite the fact he rarely shows it. He wears smart, formal clothes, at all times. He should hate to think he was not keeping up appearances, after all.

Personality: Somewhat bitter, jealous, intelligent, slightly 'nerdy', a bit of a bookworm, has a secretly kind heart, a private romantic streak, fiercely loyal to those who earn it, a true gentleman at heart, brave, determined to prove his worth.

Other Information: After a childhood full of being compared to his 'best friend', Emilian, Vali was bitten by a vampire named Anton, shortly after Emilian had been bitten. The other man suggested they become unofficial 'cousins', so they would never be truly alone in the world, which Vali half-heartedly accepted. Ever since then, Vali has been unable to get rid of Emilian! The aggravating creature follows him around, and just will not take the hint that Vali wants nothing more to do with him.

IMAGE: Daniel Radcliffe.

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