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Hey guys :)

I've been wanting to put something for a while but haven't really had the time. I just have a couple of issues ;

1) sometimes I need to have short breaks. This is because of a medical condition called Cluster Headaches. No, it is not a headache, it is not a migraine. It's a neurological disorder I have. I don't have the attacks all the time, hence the name 'cluster'. When my attacks happen, I have to have medical oxygen until I see my headache nurse, which then gives me an injection in the base of my skull. If I suddenly go offline it's because of this. I don't get a warning, and no, painkillers do not work. If you want to know more, then ask. Don't be pissy at me for something you don't understand.

2) I'm not going to be a person that sticks by rules , I think it is petty and pathetic. Some people can't do long , extremely detailed replies. I think people need to stop being so shallow and ignorant to the fact that not every body is as literate and that they want to roleplay for fun. I have dyslexic friends who love roleplaying but some of you wont give them the time of day. Get your head out of your arses.

3) yes, I'm a lesbian, a married one at that. Don't give me hate. Don't expect me to suddenly follow your religion path. Love is love, get over it. I respect you, so respect me. Besides, women are hot.

4) i love making friends, so talk to me :)
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Right. I know is very random of me post of this, but here is a blog just wanting to apologize for any impatient posts or comments that I have sent any of you lately or just right in the public so everybody can see it. 

The reason is that I am apologizing is because, I feel really bad pushing people. I mean, I know we all are busy and have lives that sometimes we can't roleplay as much as we want to than other. I mean, hey, I live university halls then in summer it will be tough for me to get in this website until I get my results and hopefully continue to be university until I finish if keep passing my exams and all goes swell.

I know this isn't an excuse, but, I just wanted to say why I am like this. I just sometimes feel like there's so much in my life with my mind occupied with thoughts of my family member passed away, then got a best friend whose own family member is diagnosed with the same disease mine had. Another best friend of mine now has a sick obsession that I can't stand and finally there's a boy that seems interested on me but then isn't. There is of course lastly but not least, got calls of my mother wondering how am I doing and how is life lousy for being ripped out off her heart from not having her husband next to her. How do I deal with this?! Most of the time I try to go here to forget all after during some studies or self-revision I done or proporsition of courseworks that I have done. Because after all, everytime I butt in somebody's else problem they tell me I don't understand or just to fuck off and even grow some balls. When I don't know why in the hell I do. I try to be nice to everyone in my life but I always get hurt...don't mean to get negative but just sometimes life drowns and the people leave me mad! This is why here, I feel better, safer and calmer. Not getting drunk stupid so I get laid with many strangers or get sex addict. You tend to do because that's all what you can get best in life when you feel this crappy. 

And now I can't help but say, but what's with selective? I mean ok, I have replied to most of you when most of I can. But I got people who don't reply me for two or three and even longer than that. But there are on for hours, and I don't I get a reply. I can't help but actually be like, what is it in hell bells of me different from other people to be pushed away. If you don't like roleplaying me then simple, SPEAK! Don't just let me hanging there, if you have a problem of our roleplay TELL! I am not going to get mad at you, yeah now I am fuming cos is like, I can see you online, you seem to talk to people but why not me? What have I done to you for not get answers? Is just so fucking annoying sometimes, I am not the one to swear but it does get in a moment when all is just too much. I try to be nice only to be kicked in the dirt... I understand a few you have like, time distance and illneses but God just let me know please!! I don't want anybody to have any misunderstandings, that's all. I don't want to be angry with anybody.

That's all.

Thanks for reading this.


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Friendship Rules
Do not add me, just to ignore me. It's really stupid to have friends on a friends list that you don't even respond to!
2.If the RP that we are currently doing becomes dull to you, don't just decide not to share any interactions with me, that is childish, on so many levels. Say something to me, do not just block me and leave me waiting for a response forever.
3.Referring back to the first rule, when you're talking, know that a one word conversation, isn't a conversation at all!
4. Be nice, treat people with the respect you would like them to give to you! That is essential to a good friendship.
5. Know that if I tell you I love you, it's just on a friendly basis, until I tell you it's anything more.
6. NO DRAMA! I cannot stress this enough. I am so tired of drama, I could scream. If you become the source and leading cause of any said drama, I will block you. I will let you know you will be blocked, and then, it will happen.

Roleplay Rules
My biggest pet peeve, when I'm RPing with someone, is when I send a long starter, and all I get back is a sentence. That's not going to cut it.
2. DO NOT steal my characters. I worked hard to create them. They are mine and they always have been. Both are unique and I can tell you the EXACT year it was, that these characters were created from MY mind.
3. DO NOT control my characters, in any shape, way, or form.
4. DO NOT godmod. I cannot stand it. I honestly don't think anyone can.
5. NO TXT TLK. If yer gunna tlk lyk dys, then save it for OOC talk, if you must and absolutely have to talk like that.

The Most Important Rule Of Any RP/OOC Chat:
Have fun! And as for OOC talk, be yourself, because an original is always worth more than a copy!

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sumpeh, disini ga ada orang Indonesia ape?? gua tau gua rasis #gak , tapi bukan berarti gua kudu kumpul di sini sama semua orang yang berbahasa english-_-

please, gua ga bisa baca bahasa inggris seharian. gua merasa terasing, terkucilkan dan tidak berdaya/? 

ini yang buat roleplayer social sape sih/? kirain waktu itu yang buat orang indo. oke gua dibilanginnya orang indo. tapi ngapa bahasa inggrisan semua disini?? lo tau perasaan gua brayy, ;-; #abaikan

yang baca dan ngerasa orang indo plis call me, kita pdkt #GAK

he sumpahh, komen o rekk, aku terasing -_-

iki gak onok versi hape ne a yoo?? mosok iyo aku ate on ndek laptop terus???

wes talah. -_- 

wocoen rekk, lek gak kita putus/?

For some people that use english everyday, even in here

heyy~~ 'ssup bro/? #wtf 

okay, so what i'm about to tell you is, where the hell is everybody that use indonesian language?

i see english-doing everywhere. i'm having headache now/? -__,- 

oke bay.

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Hello beautiful people! I dear hope you are reading this, because some of you, actually know me some ways more than others. Others meanwhile only have met me as the random, creater and hopefully your fun loving companion in crime to be creative!


Here is the deal, alright. My life…has gone the past two years a whirlwind. Why? Ok, I am not saying this out of pity, but, one of my parents had passed away this October. Not only just a parent, but a closest and best-friend to be soulmate parent, not on the love sight, but in the friend sight; when you know you are finally understood, right?! OK, the reason I mention him is because he has not only been my recovery of depression, but my beacon, my reason in life…and now he passed away, is very stormy especially that I will going back to the jungle, were my brother and mother are.

I say all of this for you to realise, I am not like them, I never fit in them except when I try to be funny or try to listen, but I am always told You are too young to understand…I am freaking 23 years old! Who may not gone through hell, but be an empath and past crying baby but I get you! Feel for you…so I need peace! And the two of them (my mother and brother) to back the hell off! This is where I escape through here…

Sadly I won’t be able to stand longer especially now there is 3 weeks? Don’t know how many weeks…But Easter holidays going on, so, I won’t be able to go as often to this delightful website as I will be seen as I’ve an addiction over roleplay again were they might consider to send me a mental hospital and had lecture me to death; to drive me nuts…I don’t do well when those things happen, so out of my own sanity; I am warning you lot, I won’t be here much or ever…if I am, I will reply to be a few and selective; I am very sorry that I will have to :/ I know isn’t fair…but is the best than cancelling my account just as I did on bebo numerous of times… anyway after that I will go back to uni and have some time to roleplay with you guys and study so will be time to time thing…then I don’t know what will happen after finishing my first year on uni as I am not be on for a while until September or god knows…


I just hope you guys don’t block me :/ cos I grown fond of you n_n some of you by rp others through talking ooc or just both…so please, don’t leave me :’( don’t delete me…I will miss you, I will be missing you even when I won’t be online or often as much…so please, I beg you, bare with me ** life just sucks without you lot! So I just hope you get where I feel and need you to be patient and not confront me why I am being mean and ignore…ok? Please, I would appreciate your patience and a little love…as sometimes I feel like I got none… :( <3


P.S: I am sorry for the little rants </3


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Seriously getting sick and tired of the attitude of some people on here. If you don't wish to rp with some one then DON'T FUCKING AGREE TOO!!! DO NOT HAVE THEM WASTE THEIR TIME SENDING YOU A STARTER, ONLY FOR YOU TO BE RUDE AND ARROGANT AND TAKE FOREVER TO REPLY and claim that you were busy and only replying to your other half then turn around and remove that person who wasted their time in sending said starter???? Or deleting your fuckin account altogether like SERIOUSLY????

WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE??? There is a fine line between being polite and being arrogant, and telling some one you don't wish to rp with them is actually alot better than TOTLLY FUCING IGNORING THEM, WHEN Y O U  were the one who wanted to roleplay in the first place!!

That's fine, you keep replying to your other half, treassure them cause at the end of the day, you keep treating the rest of the roleplayers LIKE FUCKING SHIT your other half is gonna be the only one you'll have. And you'll be welcome to each other too, cause you're both as bad as each other!!!!

And making accounts for some one, getting a whole bunch of roleplays going and then being on them for two weeks and then completely abandoning them, you may think it's a cool thing to do but let me tell ya, it's not. It's the most rude and arrogant thing a person could ever do on a roleplay site. And word does get around, people get fed up with it and they'll know not to trust you, and you'll only have yourself to blame.

How do you think those people feel? When you decide you can't be arsed to roleplay their other half for them any more, when you just decide to take off and be on your other account with the person who is just as bad as you and ignore the account you set up for other people, or when you ignore their starters that you asked them to send to begin with? HOW DO YOU THINK THAT MAKES THEM FEEL??????? Or are you so caught up in thinking that you're the greatest thing since sliced bread that you couldn't give a rats ass about anyone elses feelings??

There is absolutley NO HARM in telling people that you don't think the roleplay will work out, and am sure am not just speaking for myself here with this whole thing either, i know a few people who think the same as me, and it's beyond the joke the way some people treat others. We're all here for the one thing after all and that's to roleplay, so for the love of all things that is good and amazing in this horrid world, PLEASE do not treat people like they are the dirt on the bottom of your shoe. There is enough crap in the world already people come here to escape, not be treated the same way they do in real life. Be nice. You might actually find that people will be okay with some one not wanting to roleplay with them, like i said before, it would go down alot better than just being ignored. Try it, you might actually surprise yourself.
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Hi everyone,

As this site is on the brink of closing down I'd just like to tell you all, this site has been my life for the past 6 months or so and I've met a lot of amazing role players and just lots of all round good people. As I'm sure a few of you will know and can probably relate to, I have suffered for the last few months with depression and I can tell you, the friendships I have built up solely on this site have meant the world to me. 

It is for that reason, I would love to invite you all to download KIK Messenger (if you don't already have it...) and add my username which is jayman1892

All KIK is, is a free instant messaging app that allows very quick contact with people that you add as a contact. You just need your own username and that's it - unless you wish to include a picture also. Sorry for rambling but once again my username is jayman1892 (NOT 1982....)

Thanks so much to all of you :)

Jamie (or Jay as you may know me)

Wheelerguy Nov 30 '14 · Comments: 5
A few days ago, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. According to the psychiatrist who diagnosed me, I've had clinical depression for several years. I can't say that I'm surprised because honestly, I'm not. I've had a deep emotional pain for so long that it's became a part of me. Looking back on my life, it's understandable... I've withstood so many traumatic events that my life could be a Shakespeare play. It's come to the point were I put my life at risk almost daily so that the overwhelming emotional pain can be replaced with physical pain for just a little while. None of my friends understand, it leaves me helpless and in despair. My entire family says it's just a phase, they say I'll get over it soon... that just makes it worse. My only escape at this point is writing with loud music on to block out the real world and create my own paradise featuring myself and kind, understanding people. Maybe one day the pain will fade, maybe one day someone will understand, maybe one day I'll be free from the chains and shackles that hold me down. But for now, I wait... I wait for the day I don't want to end everything, the day I can finally smile genuinely, I wait for the day I can enjoy life again.
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Appearing on the Graham Norton Show again was lovely, it's nice to see Graham once more. Cheryl took her time out in appearing on the show and perform her new single 'Crazy Stupid Love', she'll also be discussing about her return on the X Factor, her fourth solo album in the works, how her relationship with Simon Cowell is, and her first ever perfume. She will be joining with the charming and handsome British actor Tom Hiddleston and few other celebrities, she's really looking forward about this tonight's show. 

Cheryl left her hotel for the evening led by her assistant; Lily England, one of her bodyguards and her driver, she sat comfortably in a black shiny 4-by-4 vehicle with black-tinted windows in the passenger sides to stop the press from looking through. Cheryl wore her 'Crazy Stupid Love' outfit with a stylish black-hooded jacket over the top to keep the bare skin hidden for a while until she performs on stage, the car drove through the busy London city. 

Cheryl has a small petite frame but she does have amazing abs in her stomach and has a tiny waist, her long wavy blonde-highlighted hair sat below her shoulders, she will be performing with Tinie Tempah who features in the single and music video, he will just be arriving a bit later. The car approached the BBC Studios just at the back-door to The Graham Norton Show to avoid the press, she was led out of the car into the building and towards the dressing room she'll be sharing with the guests who are also on the show. 

Cheryl was very excited about tonight, most importantly in performing live, and meeting the handsome Tom Hiddleston for the first time in person, she entered the dressing room and went towards the chair with her name 'Cheryl' written at the back of it, she sat down and her make-up artist and hair stylist to do Cheryl's finishing touches. In a short while, Cheryl will go down towards the bar area which leads into the studio and just have a drink before walking on, she needs something to calm her nerves and excitement.

Administrator Doppelganger will shortly be taking admin leave from Roleplay Social, while she prepares and begins to take her college classes. During this period of time she noted that she will not be able to get on the site on a regular basis, so she has decided to temporarily step down from her position in order to further concentrate on her studies. As site creator, I respect this decision and her position as Administrator will always be here for her, when or if she returns to us. 

If you a member of the site and had positive interactions with her, why not use this time to thank her for her constant help and work on the site. You can also use this blog post to say your farewells and wish her luck in her studies. 

Her Page

Day 1

Coltessa killed by Lyra
Lyn killed by Pickles
Bludika killed by Dapps
Alex killed by Blade
Rain killed by Blade
Yamz killed by Stephanie
Pickles killed by Loki
Inquisitor killed by Tamz
Blade killed by Loki
Tamz killed by Carnage

Day 2

Luffy killed by Sheriff
Stephanie killed by Becca
Becca killed by Lyra
Loki killed by Lyra

Day 3

Maleficent killed by Sweetest Embrace
Pipi killed by Sheriff
Haruhi killed by Carnage

Day 4

Carnage killed by dysentery
Sweetest Embrace killed by environmental disaster
Lyra killed by Vlad

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Dapps killed by Vlad
Vlad killed by MOM Monster

Day 9

MOM Monster killed by Sheriff

Sheriff is the victor!
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When Yami meets Meghan he wants to know more about their past together in Egypt so they find answers together to find out where they would be heading together.And what they will face together 
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I seem to go through cycles. There are four stages each cycle. Today I went through Stage 4 so the cycle will be restarting soon.

Stage 1- Completely fine, happy with only a bit of negativity.
Stage 2- Feeling my heart starting to collapse, but continuing to smile.
Stage 3- Starts having flashbacks, and tearing up.
Stage 4- Bawling my eyes out and regretting ever living.

The cycles don't have a set amount of time but, they are very much recurring. I've had far too much happen to me within my short span of life, and it has obviously effected my mental state. If you take into consideration my childhood abuse, alcoholic family members, divorced parents, etc. It all seems to make sense. These events have shaped who I am, and they have helped me learn what not to do in life, and what the right decisions are in certain situations but, still haunt me. I suppose that I'm just the mentally insane girl with far too much emotional pain.

Jacqueline Oracle Apr 10 · Comments: 3
As I'm sure some of you have noticed, I haven't been able to come online and respond to any of my current RPs. This is because my laptop is currently down, and it's complicated and a rather lengthy process trying to respond to everyone over mobile.

I hope to have everything worked out soon, but in the meantime please have patience and I will get back to you ASAP.

I am, however, still available to discuss storylines, chat RP, etc. So please feel free to message me/leave comments any time.

Thank you all for your understanding!
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Song Of The Ocean Apr 30 · Comments: 3
I let myself be consumed by lust and wonder. I allowed my curious 11 year old mind to explore. I never questioned it. I never had a chance to. 4 years later, everything is the same. Trapped, in a never ending cycle. He's had me right where he wants me all this time. No matter the length of time that goes by, if he calls I always come. He controls me. He manipulates me. He stalks me. He sees me. I wanted attention, I craved it. He delivered it. He delivered the attention I so desperately wanted in the worst way possible. I fear for my life, yet I feel so safe. Polar opposites. My mind is warped. I see him each and every day. He watches me. He makes my decisions. No freedom. Trapped. No escape. The attention I so craved, the curiosity, I want to take it all back. I want to take back the innocence I once had. The 11 year old that smiled genuinely. Not this. This person I see in the mirror is not real. She is fake. Fake smiles, fake hair, fake face made up to hide the scars and the dark circles. Why? Why did I let this happen? Why can I not save myself? Someone please tell me why.
Jacqueline Oracle May 11 · Comments: 3

​The Lord Inquisitor 

▫ ▫ ▫

Lord Vladimir Maximus Augustus Octavius

Lord High Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus

▫ ▫ ▫

The Golden Age of Progression:

Vladimir, son of a Blood Angel, Dante Augustus Octavius who is fathered by the Primarch Sanguinius Serphium, the holy father of the Blood Angels Legion. Vladimir was birthed during the ending days of the Golden Age of Progression. His mother died during child birth and in order to preserve her soul the Blood Angel Dante captured her soul within a Soul Stone. This very same Soul Stone is still in possession of Vladimir and his mother often talks to him in the Ethereal. Vladimir is a Psyker (psychic) and a very powerful one indeed. During his time in training within the great mountainous halls of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica it was here that he was found to be a very rare Psyker; a Alpha-Plus. He was quickly recruited into the ranks of the Ordo Malleus at the age of 10 under the command of the great and powerful Lord Torquemada Cruz.

▫ ▫ ▫


The Study of the 7 Psychic Disciplines:

The 7 Psychic Disciplines are a Psykers know knowledge of the Warp. Normally a single Psyker may only know a single Discipline but Vladimir mastered all 7 and with this power he rose through the ranks of the Ordo Malleus very quickly. The 7 Psychic Disciplines are these:  Biomancy is a Psychic Discipline known to psykers who specialise in the use of manipulating biological energy and processes. Through this art, biomancers are capable of changing or influencing a change in the physical form of either themselves or their enemies. Practitioners are of Biomancy are known as Biomancers. Divination is a Psychic Discipline, its practitioners of Divination are known as Diviners or fortune tellers. Diviners are Psykers who seek to discern the hidden past of the galaxy and know the course of events yet to come. These abilities allow Diviners to look into the twisting strands of the Immaterium in search of answers they seek, sometimes even influencing the outcome of future events themselves. Pyromancy is a Psychic Discipline that allows the Psyker to create and manipulate fire. The practitioners Pyromancy are known as Pyromancers. Telekinesis is a Psychic Discipline. Psykers who utilize Telekinesis are known as Telekines and are able to manipulate the material world with the power of their minds, converting their mental energies into a physical force. These Psykers can lash at their foes with psychic energy, erect invisible force fields, and rend apart the fabric of reality itself. Telepathy is a Psychic Discipline. Psykers who practice Telepathy are known as Telepaths. Telepaths expertise lies with contacting and controlling the minds of others. With a single thought, a telepath can blast away his foes sanity, induce states of terror, or possess his victims body. Daemonology is the study as well as the Psychic Discipline which focuses on all things that dealt with the Warp and Chaos. Those users of this art are masters at manipulating the interactions between warp space and the mortal world. This allows them to accomplish amazing acts such as teleportation, but tends to be the most difficult of the disciplines to truly master, with many either perishing or being driven insane. Theosophamy is a Psychic Discipline which focuses on the manipulation of the Warp during its interaction with the material universe. Unlike Daemonology, it is based on the use of ritual and control rather than letting loose the full raw power of the warp. This is because the use of theosophamy is intended for the disruption or the closing of rips in the barrier between dimensions rather than opening such breaks.

▫ ▫ ▫

The Divine Blood Line of Sanguinius Serphium:

Vladimir descends from a great and almighty being known as Sanguinius Serephium. When the great God-Emperor created Sanguinius, he created the first perfect angel. All who should descend from him will be great and powerful. So, Vladimir inherited such great power. Like all Blood Angels, Dante passed on his gifts of immense strength, immense speed, immense endurance and the powerful abilities of being a Perpetual. Perpetuals are beings who are genetically modified to be effectively immortal, either through reincarnation or rapid cellular regeneration. Perpetuals are capable of surviving dismemberment, suffocation, and even decapitation, eventually regenerating each time. The only known way of killing a perpetual is with a mysterious artifact known as the Fulgurite.

Below Lies Detailed Information About Vladimir:

Basic Statistics 

Full Name: Vladimir Maximus Augustus Octavius.
Reason or meaning of name: Power, Pride, Strength, Nobility, Divine.
Nickname: Lord Inquisitor, High Inquisitor, Bloody Baron.
Reason: Titles come with his position in the Inquisition and through his acts of interrogation and getting things done.
Age: 800 years physical - 2,000 years old spiritually. 
Date of Birth: 45M42 (45th year of the 42nd millennium) 
Zodiac: Taurus.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual  
Nationality: Germanic
Species: Vampyre, Psyker
Hometown: ​Blood Angels Fortress Monastery of the Baal realm.  
Current Residence: On board the super battle-barge Crimson Solace.
Occupation: Lord High Inquisitor of the Emperor's Holy Inquisition.
For how long?: 790 years.
Like his/her job?: Loves his job.
Salary: Near limitless resources. 

Element: The 7 Psychic Disciplines 
Usable?: All of them.
Animal: Glovodan Eagle which has been augmented to act as his eyes and ears on the battlefield.
Hand-to-Hand capability: Master in the martial arts.
Weapons?: His powerful connection with the Warp, twin psychic fueled katanas, and psychic fueled bolt pistols.
Special attributes: His special attributes are which he obtained from his father; to be a Perpetual
Strength: His strengths are in knowledge, controlling the battlefield and master over the 7 Psychic Disciplines. 
Speed: Not only does he possess immense speed but he also possess immense mental power. He can think on his feet with no problem and without distraction.
Planning: ​Vladimir plans his strategies out as if he were playing chess. He treats almost anything as a game and will plan months or even years ahead of time.


Birth order: Single child of Dante.
Siblings (describe relationship): Zero siblings.
Spouse (describe relationship): Single but has his eyes on a certain someone.
Children (describe relationship): None at the moment.
Are all children with the same partner?:--
Is relationship with children important to character?: -- 
Parents (describe relationship): Vladimir is close to his mother and has a distant relationship with his Blood Angel father.
Grandparents (describe relationship): Vladimir only knows the stories of his grandfather Sanguinius. 
Grandchildren (describe relationship): --
Significant Others (describe relationship): Closes ties with Lanata.
Extended family: -- 
Children of siblings: -- 
Relationship skills: Is an intense lover and is usually able to seduce any woman without using his psychic powers.
What is your character's family life like: Broken, distant, longing, and despair.   
Is character divorced?: No. Never married.
If divorced, how many times?: --
Has character ever cheated on significant other?: -- 
How does character relate to others?: Not so well.
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: Giving the order of Exterminatus at age 15. Exterminatus is the death sentence of an entire world that cannot be saved. 
Why?: Because he was able to press a single button and watch as a world with a billion souls be cleansed in holy fire.


Favorite foods: Blood and souls. 
Favorite colors: Blood red, onyx black, alabaster white.
Least favorite color: Blue and Purple. 
Music: Opera. 
Literature: The holy doctrines and spiritual codex's of the Imperium.  
Favorite clothing: Loose trench coats and leather.
Jewelry: Mostly digi-weapons in the form of rings. Gold ring of fire, onyx ring of plasma and white ring of las.
Fruit: --
Season: Fall. 
Pets: Glovodan Eagle. 
Room and why: Secret -- Not Telling -- 
What vehicle do they drive: None but only commands various motives of transportation.
Favorite sport(s): Hunting.
Favorite Sayings: "May the Emperor have mercy upon your soul for I will not." - "Only in death does your duty end."
Possessions this character values most: The Soul Stone of which the soul of his dead mother forever resides.

Physical Characteristics 

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 350 lbs.
Character's body build: Well built, very muscular, robust and impressive. 
Eye Color: A glowing maroon color.
Hair Color:
Alabaster White
Type of hair: Sometimes curly and long.
Hairstyle: Keeps it long and flowing.
Glasses or contact lenses?: --
Complexion and skin tone: Marble like complexion, pale or deathly.
Shape of Face: Perfect chiseled looks.
Distinguishing features: His lips and his eyes.
Scent: ​Smells similar to lavender. 
Voice: Mostly appealing but can change the distinction of his voice. 
How does he/she dress?: In High Gothic clothing. Various leather jackets, pants and boots.
Mannerisms: Eye-rolling, humming, licking lips and glancing at watch.
Health: Immortal/Dead
Hobbies: Hunting, interrogating, painting, sex, and reading.
Talents: Too many to list but for example: can manipulate his voice.
Extremely unskilled at: Containing his anger.
Musical Instruments: The piano.
Speech patterns: ​He possesses a very clear speech pattern. 
Disabilities: Cannot sense Nulls. 
Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Elegance, Nobility.
Walking: Military walk.
Greatest flaw: Fulgrite.
Best quality: The way he carries himself.

Preferred Clothing:

Top: A blood red leather cloak/skirt. It is emblazoned with a skull, and consists of thick plates that covers all of his upper body.  
Bottoms: Adamantium clad boots with molded faces of terror made into the knee caps. They are strapped around thick leather boots with armored leather pants.
Shoes: Black leather booths.
Accessories: Various large books of holy texts attached to his belts, digi-rings, a golden chain hold the holy I representing the Inquisition and his House.
Formal wear: --
Sleeping wear: Sleeps nude.
Swimming wear: --

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes 

Educational Background: Adeptus Astra Telepathica 
Intelligence Level: Extraordinary Genius. 
Languages: Eldar, Tau, High Gothic, Low Gothic, and Necron.
Manner of Writing: ​Calligraphy 
Any Mental Illnesses?: None.
Character's short-term goals in life: None. 
Character's long-term goals in life: Find love, eradicate all that is Chaos.
How does Character see himself/herself?: Powerful, divine, royalty, strong, wise.
How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others?: Arrogant, pushy, an asshole, dictator. 
How self-confident is the character?: Very.
What would most embarrass this character?: Failure. 
How does your character feel about love: Feels it is only a connection and not a feeling.
About crime: Hates it.
How does the character show affection/love?: Through action, verbally and showing off. 
How does the character show handle grief? Can the character cry?: Yes but only in secrecy. 
How does the character handle pain?: Is able to null it through mental power.
Is the character typically a leader or a follower?: ​Most defiantly a leader.
What kind of energy level does this person typically display?: High: Is usually surrounded by a bubble of psychic energy. 
Describe the character's sense of humor: ​Morbidly sick.
Nervous Tics: None.
Usual Body Posture: Military posture. 

Emotional Characteristics

Introvert or Extrovert?: Introvert.
How does the character deal with anger?: Lashes out.
With sadness?: Conceals.
With conflict?: Takes action.
With change?: Changes with it.
With loss?: Conceals.
What does the character want out of life?: Success and progression. 
What would the character like to change in his/her life?: Love.
What motivates this character?: The divine and holy power of the God-Emperor and knowing that the daemons of the Warp do not sleep. 
What frightens this character?: Nothing. Has adamant will.
Afraid of the Dark?: No. He welcomes it.
Death?: No. Only in death does his duty truly end.
What makes this character happy?:  Purging evil.
What saddens this character?: When his mother doesn't talk to him.
What angers this character?: Heresy, corruption, lies and treachery. 
What arouses this character?: Nude women, medium-large breasts, being touched seductively, and intelligence.
What annoys your character?: When someone does not do as they are told.
What makes this character feel guilty?: Nothing.
Is the character judgmental of others?: Yes, very. It is his job.
Is the character generous or stingy?: Generous.
Is the character generally polite or rude?: Polite.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Optimistic.
Introvert or Extrovert?: Introvert.
Daredevil or Cautious?: Daredevil.
Logical or Emotional?: Logical.
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: Methodical and neat. 
Working or relaxing?: Working.
Animals?: Only has one.
Most at ease when: Anytime.
Ill at ease when: When the enemy refuses to die.
How s/he feels about self: Very confident with himself.

Spiritual Characteristics

Does the character believe in God?: Yes. The God-Emperor of Mankind.
What are the character's spiritual beliefs?: Believes in the Imperial Faith.
Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life?: Yes, all the time.
If so, what role does it play?: He protects the souls of human kind.

Additional Notes on This Character: -- 

Theme Song: http://youtu.be/GpkkpD-XALU

Here is a list of my Female characters :)

Name ; Roxy Munez

Age ; 24

Occupation ; Bar staff / Ballet classes

Family ; Parents live in Seattle with little brother

Status; Single,  bisexual

Personality ; Outgoing, Confident, sense of humour, sarcastic, loving, caring, stubborn.

Image ; Mila Kunis.

Roxy grew up in Mexico up until the age of 10. Once granted permission to go to America, her family moved to Seattle and started up their own business. The Garcia family home consists of a nice house on a farm, growing their own wine and surrounded by cattle and horses. It was lovely growing up! Even if she doesn't look like the farm girl type.

Roxy then met a guy whom she fell in love with. The pair moved to NYC. However things didn't go to plan, he was aggressive, arrogant, and nasty. After months of abuse, Roxy got a job in a bar, her sweet persona changed to a little cocky, some men find it quite attractive. She works in a bar, and also spends a lot of time down at the ballet studio. 



Name ; Holly Swann

age ; 24

Occupation ; Nurse

Family ; Mother lives in California, Father deceased.

Status ; Single, Bisexual

Personality ; Quirky, sweet, gentle, soft hearted, romantic.

Image ; Kate Hudson

Holly grew up in California with her parents. Her father passed away due to heart failure when she was 15. Once a bad girl, she soon changed into the soft hearted, caring person she is today. After this, Holly knew what she wanted to do, help others, and what better way to do this than be in a hospital as a nurse. Holly went to Maryland University getting her degrees in medicine, and now works in the local hospital. She is the kind of person that would put a smile on anyones face. Holly longs for love, but hasn't had any luck as of yet.



Name ; Bella De Angelis

Age ; 23

Occupation ; Fbi

Family ; Unknown

Status ; Single, bisexual

Personality ; Stubborn, quirky, geeky, caring, work motivated.

Image ; Zooey Deschanel


Bella, full name Isobella, grew up not having a real home, she was passed from family to family due to foster care. Even though she wouldn't change her childhood, she never really understood what the big hype was. Eventually moving to Washington DC, she used most of her emotion and started studying and training for the FBI. Bella lives alone and only focus' on work, it's all she has. No friends, only colleagues. No family. No love life. She needs rescuing from the life of self pity!


Name ; Lola Anderson

Age ; 18

Occupation ; student

Family ; parents

Status ; Single, bisexual

Personality ; cocky, arrogant, selfish, ignorant, bitchy

Image ; Victoria Justice

Lola lives with her parents and little sister. To her mothers discretion, Lola's father abused her, sexually, physically and mentally. Only until recently he stopped. Some would say this is the reason for her attitude and way she is around men. Lola is constantly in trouble with school, and always with her family, they rarely speak to her. But she would rather it be that way. Lola is very damaged, nobody knows the deepness of her emotion. Will someone come into her life she trusts completely and opens up too?


Name ; Zoe Darling

Age; 28

Occupation ; Con artist / assassin 

Status; Single, Bisexual

Personality ; cocky, flirty, sexual, powerful, feisty, funny, sarcastic

Image; Angelina Jolie

Zoe had a brilliant upbringing with her parents and 5 siblings. The constant attention from men and women made her head and ego explode, this lead her to be extremely flirty and sexual. Men are like her prey, even though she enjoys relations with women too. Her work is a little daring, the amount of scars on her amazing body, and the sound of gunshots will never leave her ears. Zoe lives alone, her only companions are weapons and her vehicle. She is set by a local business to kill or threaten unwanted people on this earth, and she is very good at it.

image ; 


Name ; Riley Copeland

Age ; 23

Occupation ; Musician

Family ; parents

Status, Single, lesbian.

Personality ; feisty, hot headed, attitude, caring, protective

Image ; mary-kate olsen

story - Riley grew up in North Dakota, her parents were always at work leaving her be with her grandfather, who taught her everything there is to know about music. He taught her how to sing, although natural, and also how to play the guitar and piano. Saddened when her grandfather passed away last year, her mind was to follow her dreams in music. For 3 years she has been trying to find someone who will give her a chance and sell records, but no such luck as yet. She lives in a small apartment in New York, doing gigs around the city. 



Name - Alice Moore

Age - 35/40

Occupation - Lawyer

Family - none

Status ; single

PErsonality - funny, sweet, feisty, outgoing, romantic, confident

image - Julianne Moore.

Story ; The fiesty red head Alice works as a lawyer for the biggest Lawyer firm in San Francisco. She is very good at her job and very consistent. Alice had heart surgery 4 years ago when her heart randomly stopped beating. The doctors told her she died for 43 minutes. But managed to bring her back to life. They didn't know if her life would be shortened, but Alice lives every day as though it was her last and doesn't waste any time doing something irrelevant. 


Name ; Brooklyn Di Angelo

Age ;22/28

Occupation ; Dental Nurse

Family ; all live in Spain, hence her accent

Status ; Single

Personality ; feisty, hot headed, short tempered, never loved, attitude, caring, funny

Image ; Penelope Cruz

Story ; Brooklyn grew up in Spain, her strong accent rubs off on those interested in her which to most is attractive. She works as a dental nurse alongside a dentist, but oddly hates the place and wants to get out. Her boss is too flirtatious with her,but Brooklyn is trapped, she can't lose her job. Taking the abuse from the boss, she enjoys being at home with a bottle of wine, to which she will drink a full one in one night. Brooklyn doesn't have many friends as she hasn't lived in the states very long, but her English is spot on. 


Name ; Dana Scully

Age ; 35

Occupation ; FBI/ Medical Doctor/ Forensics

Family ; yes, parents and brother

Status ; Single

Personality ; focussed, work related, fun, bubbly, stubborn

Image ; Gillian Anderson


Name ; Alex Vause

Age ; 25 - 30

Occupation ; Criminal, ( drug smuggler)

Family ; deceased

Status ; Single, Lesbian

Personality ; Flirty, alluring, witty, confident, tough

Location ; Prison

Image ; Laura Prepon

Alex Vause is a former inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary. Alex is a former drug smuggler for an unspecified international drug cartel. She is snarky and street smart. While she does associate with other inmates, she also keeps to herself emotionally, although she isn't afraid to fight back if provoked. Vause is a tall, athletically built woman. She wears her hair down and dyed black, usually wearing dark eyeliner and her eye brows plucked within an inch of their lives. She wears glasses with thick black frames. She is a fan of tattoos and displays quite a few proudly.



Name ; Piper Chapman

Age ; 25-30

Occupation ; self employed/ prisoner

Family ; Mother,Father and little brother.

Status; Single, bisexual

Personality ; sweet, funny, smart, sarcastic, can be moody

Location ; Can either roleplay her in prison or out :)

Image ; Taylor Shilling

Piper was born on June 7, 1981. She grew up on the east coast in an upper middle-class family and is a self-proclaimed WASP. She is the middle child, with an older and younger brother. Her older brother has been referenced as "the perfect son" , Her younger brother, Cal, was generally regarded as the "black sheep" of the family - before her incarceration.

She graduated from college, but spent some years after graduation travelling and seeking to find herself.

Looking for a job after graduating from college Piper, she meets edgy Alex Vause at a bar. Though she has never dated a woman before, they quickly begin a relationship. In love and thirsting for adventure, Piper is unbothered by the fact that her girlfriend is an international drug smuggler. They travel the world together in high style, and on one occasion Piper agrees to traffick a suitcase full of $50,000 in drug money to Belgium and immediately regrets it. Despite her discomfort in committing criminal acts herself, she is content to quit her job as a waitress just to travel with Alex living off the enticing incentives of the global drug trade.

Eventually, Alex is desperate, and begs Piper to traffick again. Piper refuses, and they break up for good. 


More coming soon, 

Will Roleplay any character you desire. 

If you wanna know more, ask :)

'Skittles May 1 '14 · Comments: 2
I'm very pleased to announce that my laptop has been fixed.

I've been away for longer than I had intended, but I am ready to pick up from where I left off. Or start over, as the case may be.

I would greatly appreciate it if any users I was plotting/roleplaying with could message me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your patience. It's been a long wait.

Loki Laufeyson Apr 17 · Comments: 2
The Deireadh;

Deireadh is the appropriate name given to DJ's race by Croi once they had their first offspring, though it was never revealed to the race itself. This name in itself shows what Croi showed that very race to be - The End. The end of the strife and bloodshed of that planet, or so he believed they would be. However the tainted beings that would be the ones to enter the bodies into a perfect triad of hybridism had another thing to say about a peaceful end for everyone.

All Deireadh have 3 powers;

1: The first is given to them by their Angel and Demon fusion within them. This power is always elemental or elemental based. In most cases it's the easiest to master, and often their most used power. It however, is only a form of elemental manipulation at best.

2: The second is given to them by their father, it's passed down through family on the fathers’ side, and thus every one of their siblings will also have this power. This power is 'never' elemental, and usually has to do with the body, though not always.

3: The last power is their personal power. Every father gets to name their child the appropriate name they want them to have, however every mother gives them a true name. Even when the fathers, and sometimes mothers, don't think they do. This true name holds the power they are closest to and their true form. Even though the power can be used at any time, it's rarely found and thus rarely used. However, they are born with an instinctual mastery over this power so should they ever learn to use it they will have perfect control over it.

The race did not always produce hybrid children however, and thus they will end up with pure humans, but never pure angel or pure demon. These children will either have no powers or only have their family line and true name powers but will never be able to properly control them. A loop hole was eventually found though; should the child kill their own father they will inherit the fathers’ angel and demon. When this got out it lead to an incident that claimed hundreds of lives at one point and became a crime that warranted instant execution. It's also what first showed how power hungry the race truly was, but the human off springs would soon become the cause of the peaceful ending the kingdom obtained.

All Deireadh have unique attributes;

There are a few unique things about all Deireadh. Every Deireadh has their own unique blood, their own personal technique, and their own personal type of “ripple”, much like that of a special sense.

Deiredh Blood:

DJ's Deireadh blood is unique, as he holds 3 different types of blood within him. Depending on the form will depend on which blood is dominant, and when it changes. DJ however, is capable of changing which blood is dominant in his veins if given two to three minutes to concentrate on changing it.

{` The types of blood will be explained in a separate section. `}

Deireadh Technique:

All Deireadh have their unique technique; this technique however can only be found once one passes the breaking point. This technique has many different variations to them but once one masters it they can use it at just about any time. DJ however is capable of using two of them, one for himself and one for the five fragments of Croi that make up his being.

` DJ's unique Deireadh Techniques;

` Jihad”- By utilizing the electricity that his Demon and Angel fusion can cause DJ is capable of forming and shooting out three to ten bolts of lightning containing 75-850 amperage, depending how much juice he puts into the technique.

` “Ark Bullet”- By utilizing the air he is so found of DJ is capable of compacting, compressing, and then condensing enough air within his body to form up to three orbs of air. These can hit with the same force as train, and can explode with force anywhere from 1 ton of psi to 1 kiloton of psi.

{` It is to be noted that Deireadh Techniques take up very little energy to use in their basic forms, practically zero. However it takes time to add more energy to the technique, so one must build up the energy over time to increase the power of the move. `}

Deireadh Ripple:

All Deireadh get a unique Ripple. This ripple gives them a special type of sense that is based off a mixture of their own senses and their powers. One can predict what a Deireadh would have as their Sense by taking into consideration what the Deireadh has.

` DJ's unique Ripple Sense;


DJ's ripple is the ripple of sight. With his control over the air and his sensory powers with electricity DJ is able to already tell the positions of beings quite easily. However, he cannot see underground and can only get an idea of positions and things similar. With this ripple everything is enhanced, he grows a sense of sight that is not only 360, but 3 dimensional. Able to look from any angle, and multiple angles at once, he does not see with eyes but by telling where they are in existence, making it impossible to hide from him; even with invisibility, or powers that cloak the presence. Unless the being becomes non-existent DJ is capable of seeing them.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««

Basic Attribute Summery;

Though DJ has low power in the majority of his physical attacks he does have a left arm that has no true part of his being in it; thus has to use his electrical manipulation to move it. Thanks to this he does not have a “physical limiter” in it which allows it to summon all the power and strength from the muscles, as well as does not feel pain from it. On the down side there are no reflexes possible from his left arm; it has to be manipulated. At the cost of power DJ is very dexterous. This means he's extremely fast, quick, flexible, agile, and evasive. Using his mind when he fights more than his strength he focuses primarily on defensive tactics to wear out his opponent than follow up on them once they’re worn out with overwhelming barrages of fast attacks that are timed and combined well to leave very little room for countering.

Though his hand-to-hand fighting style is designed for instant switching between defense and offense he's more of a berserk fighter. Once he goes offensive he has a bad habit of going hyper-offensive that at times causes him to misjudge or even fail to judge at all. Utilizing close-range and long-range attacks when he uses weapons, and at times even more than just that. This is how he obtained the title “Berserking Ranger”.

Of course, being that he focuses on not being hit his pain tolerance is quite low. This on top of his sense of “feel” being extremely acute, he is a very sorry target for pain. On the other hand, along with his power over air, his heightened sense of feel leaves him able to feel the changes in the air to predict attacks a lot faster to allow him evasive maneuvers faster. His ability to feel the changes in air are quite powerfule; from disbursement and density to molecular and energy change.

Along with his Ripple Crystals and special type of energy that he uses, he has a great advantage over those that rely on magic and powers to fight. Unfortunately his powers are bad for fighting physical oriented enemies and he has a shallow energy pool, thus enemies that are fast and nearly entirely physical oriented have a good advantage over him. It’s thanks to this that DJ is left a very tactical fighter that is better suited for those that rely on their powers. This being the reason he obtained the title “Anti-Mage”.

DJ had to use his own Mana-Core as a bargaining chip to remain alive as a child, so now he relies on Aeyrth, the energy of ones’ own existence and reality. These powers in themselves are double edged swords. It grants stronger powers, speedy regeneration over time that is increased if he does a lot in that time, or decreases if he doesn't, and can easily be stored within his being infinitely. However, if one is depleted of Aeyrth than they will cease to have ever existed, all the way to the point that their being will be forgotten and everything they’ve ever done will either cease to have happened or change to having been someone else’ doing. It’s also more flexibly molded to the users liking, though more difficult to do so, and can easily be over-used. On another up-side, if the enemy believes him to be impossible to fight DJ will become even stronger against that enemy; on rare occasions if the enemy believes they cannot harm DJ they will actually be unable to. On the downside, if the enemy does not even know of DJ's existence then he 'may' be unable to do anything at all until he makes himself known.

DJ's primary fighting style relies on bare-handed fighting, thus he typically does not use weapons. However, he is an expert marksman, making his archery and needles his prime weapons, and his hatred of guns leaving his revolver nearly never-used. His specialty weapon are chains, however he has never been seen using his own chains to fight on normal circumstances. His third and fourth weapons of choice are pole-arms and single-edge swords. He is only slightly better with ranged weapons than he is with pole-arms, making his pole-arm combat surprisingly dangerous, whereas his swordsmanship could use some practice. However, when using dual-swords, his “Guarding Blade” technique makes his dual-wielding abnormally useful when fighting multiple enemies.

DJ has “forms”, though they're mostly just the basic differences that one would find in any being with power. Yet he also has “phases” for these forms, which allow him to grow stronger while in certain forms. And modes, such as “Auto-Pilot”, and the “Two Walls” that he can use when in any form to help strengthen them even more.

{` These will be explained in a separate section. `}

DJ's eyes are another attribute to watch for. Within his eyes lies a red circle that often looks like a life-line ring in the middle of his irises. This circle is his own seal on his powers; though it also shows how likely he is to use lethal force. Should it be a squiggly life-line than he is only capable of using his first three powers but if ever it sharpens it to a perfect circle than all his powers are able to be used, and to dangerous levels. When it is close to the middle of his irises than he is in a relatively good mood and will not kill for any reason, but if it were to sharpen into a dot in the middle of his pupils than it is highly likely that he will kill if necessary. There is also the possibility of it becoming a horizontal line in the middle of his eyes this signifies that he has broken the first wall.

{` These will be explained in a separate section. `}

However, despite all this, DJ does not truly exist. He is a part of the void, that which denies all existence; devours, destroys, and erases it. He is much like a memory, a figment of one’s imagination. The more people who know of him, trust him, and believe in him, the stronger his existence is and thus the stronger he becomes. But if none shall believe in him even if they know of him, he will remain weaker. Also, it is because of this that DJ does not have an Aura or Energy signature at all and cannot be sensed by anything that does not apply to the 5 natural senses.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««


DJ owns only 3 weapons, all three are special in their own right. Not much is known about each, but what is known is here.

Arrows, Bullets and Needles;

All formed from Arias feathers and all are custom made at forming; special attributes and incantations will apply on creation.

The 4 incantations written on them are:

1: Tranquilizer - As the name states, it has an extremely powerful sleep spell on it, made to cause anything pierced for more than 2 seconds fall asleep.

2: PSY - A type of needle that is mistaken for being psychic. These needles form much faster than the others and can shoot off without him throwing them.

3: Juggernaut - A needle that once thrown cannot be stopped by any physical object. They are however more susceptible to anything mana or energy based.

4: Explosive - This needle can be activated at any given time allowing good bomb traps. Once activated it will explode with the same power as a small plastic bomb if hit by any solid matter.

{` A needle is capable of having 2 incantations on them at a time. However they may not be connecting numbers. 2+4 and 1+3 only. `}

The 2 types of attributes are:

1: Physical - This of course, is a purely physical attribute; metal, wood, and occasionally ceramic, or clay. The strongest metal that can be formed is steel.

2: Connected - This is like an energy containment physical object. Only made when being combined with one of DJ's powers, and used for special occasions such as when DJ needs to literally shoot or throw abilities to otherwise impossible to reach distances.

The Gun;

Fors” - A 7 base shot mythril revolver that DJ shoots bullets formed from Aria which allow him to reload while in the middle of firing. The cartridge of the gun itself holds a powerful, highly accurate fission beam that can be shot once every 2 hours.

The Ring;

Memento Mori” - A ring that was made for him by a young pixie. DJ obtained this for certain reasons that cannot be shared off of the home planet of that pixie. This ring can transform into a spear, tachi, chain, or long bow on command. It is also directly linked to his being, to his true self, which gives it added effects and silver lined white streams that flow from parts of it when DJ chooses to add it; when the white streams are visible gives each weapon its own special attribute.

Form Attributes:

Ring- While a ring the silver streams provide it with indestructibility.

Tachi- When it is a Tachi the blade portion gains the silver streams which grants it increased density and perfect penetration, allowing it to cut any form of matter, no matter how strong it is.

Bow- While it is a bow it does not have but gives the silver streams to the arrows that are to be shot; allowing DJ to create an instant duplicate of the arrow for rapid succession fire.

Spear- When in spear form the entire weapons gains the white streams, starting at the spear head and ending at the butt. The spear contains the ability to utilize the attributes of the ring, bow, or Tachi - but not at once.

Chain- Should one ever come to see DJ using it as a chain they will find that the silver streams can appear at any part. These streams give it regeneration, allowing DJ to break, alter, and abuse the chain and its links in any way he wants.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««


`A Necklace formed from focusing Aria into a single accessory.

`Shoe Braces - These are DJ's special metal braces that he wears on his shoes at all times. Using his electrical manipulation, or air control, DJ is capable of taking in substance that he's standing on, or air, and sends them through special pipe lines within the braces. This allows him to skate using loose dirt, water, or even the air. Skating in the sky is one of his favourite pass times.

`Full body limiter - Typically not removing it until he breaks the second wall, this limiter is a flexible metal with several joints along several parts. Unlike armour, it consists of a single brace up the spine, braces around the torso on the ribs and down the top and bottom of his arms clasping at his wrists and hips. This “Brace” causes there to be 10x the amount of resistance in basic movement and weakens his powers.

`Wireless headphones - these not only play music gathered from different places he visits, but also allows him to manipulate sound within them and amplifies his “Vibrations” power.

`DJ's Belt is also a very special accessory. The Belt is made of a strangely near-indestructible white leather-lke substance, obtained from 1K himself. The buckle is plate-style, consisting of a simple oval with the letters “DJ9K” showing. The area around the letters was cut down to show them. This belt has attributes that are unknown to those other than DJ and 1K.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««


Thumb ring - Used only to amplify his archery, it sits on his right thumb and eclipses the skin of the front segment to allow better bowstring control.(Honestly, just google “thumb ring” than look at pictures and you'll understand.)

Link Ring - A 2 part ring that sits on his left thumb, one loop used as a scope for archery, the other wrapped around his thumb as the band and used as an arrow rest.

Memento Mori - Normally a ring on his right ring finger; transforms into a weapon on command.

Wedding Band - A memento of his deceased wife that DJ keeps on him at all times. The substance the ring is made out of is questionable and uncertain, yet DJ always says the same thing when people notice its’ never fading luster and ask what kind of metal it is; “It's not metal that's shining it is hope.”

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««


`2 Black shoes

`Several Black Rib Tanks

`Several White Rib Tanks

`Several Black Dress pants

`Multiple White Dress Shirts

`Several White t-shirts

`Several Blue jeans

`Bandage Tape

{` All of which have special Anti-flammable and Electrical Absorbing properties `}

`A Conical Hat that has 8 Chain links on 8 parts of it that all remain hidden

{` More on this in a separate section `}

`DJ will often use clothing natural to places his travels take him. This clothing will not have the special properties of his other clothing.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««


Triple Transverse Ocarina - Used primarily for musical purposes, this ocarina does have other uses.

Peppermint bag - This is an endless supply of peppermints that have a chemical enhancement to improve mental and emotional stability that hold some risk of over dosing but with only minimal drawback.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««


1: Air control:

` This is the ability to control vectors, elements and molecular structure along with the ability to feel and affect the airs patterns and so much more. His complete control over the air is questionable, but one should know that it is ‘control’ and the able to control the air so well that he can overpower any other form of control or manipulation being used on the air instantly and without struggle. There is no being that can overpower his control of the air, no matter what they do to try. This goes for anything turned into air, the energy in the air, and all other things that apply to the actual matter and meta-matter that is air. There are only some beings that can match him, and that simply makes both unable to use their power.

2: Electrical Manipulation:

` This grants him the ability to control all electricity within his body, ability to absorb and manipulate electricity near him, and immunity to all heat weaker or equal to minor electrical arc heat release (approximately 2,200 Celsius, or approximately 4,000 Fahrenheit) and can withstand the heat of lightning (28,000 Celsius, or 50,000 Fahrenheit) for up to 60 seconds. He is also capable of fusing electricity within his body with his own energy for extra abilities, mainly Electromagnetic Manipulation, at the cost of increased energy usage. Since this is DJ's hybrid power it does not actually require him to use energy to manipulate or absorb direct electricity. The only time it requires him to add energy to it is when he goes into more advanced skills or fuses it with his energy.

3: Com-Rel:

` The power to compress and release anything within his domain. He is able to fine-tune his compression for compacting, condensing, and all things similar. He also able to fine-tune the releasing to be in specific directions and in specific quantity and focus.

` One’s domain is considered that which they can control, being air, electricity, void, and vibration in DJ's case, as well as approximately 3 meters around them, any non-living thing they're touching or connected to, and anything else that their own being generates or causes.

4: Void Harness:

`This grants the ability to create small areas of void, where nothing is, cannot be, and will cease to exist if within that area. Often seen as a crack in space, it cannot last long, but can be harnessed by DJ for extra uses. He is also able to crack open holes in the fabric of existence that lead directly into the void.

` This can also be considered the power of non/anti-existence and sometimes mistaken for “Nothingness”, however is far more potent and powerful than the power of Nothingness. This is the power to 'erase' and 'remove' something from existence, to the point that the erased substance is removed from memory and history entirely.

5: Vibration Manipulation:

` This gives DJ control over any vibrations currently happening. This includes the ability to increase, decrease, or alter if within his domain. This power does have several limitations however; DJ only has complete control over vibrations within a certain area of him, unless however he has set up a “stage” which requires him to infuse a large area with his own energy making it very power consuming. DJ also must either physically connect to the vibration or be the one that created it. However, once outside of DJ's control these vibrations can still expand, increase, and continue to travel; they are simply no longer under his control, thus he cannot stop them.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««


Aria is a small phoenix dove that was given to DJ as an egg as thanks for saving a small native village. It wasn't known that inside the egg was such a rare and special being but fate had it planned for him to obtain her. A phoenix dove, much like a dragon bird, is a mythological hybrid made from a White Phoenix and Quikinna’qu breeding. Why it was called “dove” is unknown, for it is a mixture between a Phoenix and a Raven, however due to the white and black of the two mixing she grew a silver hue. This silver hue is why some believe it’s called “dove” but it’s still unconfirmed.

` These phoenix's are of a healing primary and thus their very presence can cause one’s own healing to increase significantly. With a spiritual body Aria's energy and being exist either within another being or as a necklace, and very rarely will she ever form into her physical being. However she only grants increased natural regeneration to whomever she is connected with, thus as a necklace one must be wearing her and the healing will be weaker. As a physical being she grants no healing without using her energy on them directly.

Aria's Powers;


The phoenix is known best for its self-reincarnation and healing tears. Shed allows the user to return back to full physical health - but only the body, not stamina, energy, or strength.

Second Wind:

This heals the users spirit, returning stamina, energy (physical and spiritual), and strength. However, this leaves all bodily injuries.

{` The physical body is not capable of receiving these in turn, and must rest from the energy used for at least 36 hours before using again. Thus, even though Aria can use her abilities 3 times a day, one cannot use her more than one time for at least a day and a half. `}[Should time work differently in an RP we will work out something new]

{` Aria can also be focused and formed into a small necklace. Once in this form DJ is capable of letting others wear her so that they may use her powers. Often only being done so that DJ can make sure people he cares about will be okay. `}

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««

Ripple Crystals;

These are special anti-energy objects that look much like a flat crystal. When hit by an energy source they will absorb it and spread it to others ripple crystals touching it in what appears like a ripple through water - hence where they got their name. These crystals take time for form, and depending on how much time one takes to form them they can depict the amount of energy a single crystal can absorb. This will show by how thick they are. However, one can take a single thick Crystal and spread it out forming a wall of multiple crystals for a larger area of absorption though making each one weaker, thus making it so that the energy must ripple out to the outside crystals in order to not shatter instantly.

There are 2 types of Ripple Crystal;

1: Hexagon:

The base form of the ripple crystal. Appearing to be amber coloured, about half a foot long usually though it varies, half as wide as it is long, and varies in thickness to how strong the RC itself is. Can block and absorb external energy and mana, but no physical thing other than DJ can touch them. They do have a limit of absorption and blocking however and will shatter once that limit is exceeded.

2: Octagon:

The second form, which can absorb and reflect external energy and mana, but no physical thing other than DJ can touch them. These are half a foot long and wide with a golden colour. They never exceed 2cm thick; however they gain about 5x more absorption power than Hexagons do. This is because Octagon Crystals are formed from Hexagon Crystals by refining and increasing the amount of time and energy put into them.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««

Wanderer Additions;

The conical Hat:

DJ’s conical hat is not only one of his trademarks but is also a very important tool and treasure of his. The conical hat is what many consider to be one of the few pieces of his signature look and a very important aspect of his character. This hat also has 8 chain links that are connected to it, each one in a specific spot on the hat and each one containing its own technique/ability. This aspect is unique to all Wanderers as all Wanderers have both a key and a chain as their mark. The chain will grant these techniques, the key will be explained in a part of of one the techniques.

1: Link 1, Northern Link, Link of the future; the link at the front of the hat, directly in front of his face.

` Infinite Paths”

This Wanderers technique is used to manipulate one’s own future to a minute degree. While it does not let them change their future partway through, it does permit them to project all the possibilities their future can have; all of the “Paths” they could travel. This Technique however does help to remind Wanderers that they themselves are the only ones who can decide their future and what path they take.

{` This technique does not work on normal circumstances and is only fully visible to the enemy if they have some way to peer into the future, read minds, or anything close to those. It's partially visible as if there were spirits around, small distortions in the air, to all other beings.`}

2: Link 2; North-East Link, Link of Continuity; the link in the corner of the right hand and the front of the hat.

` Wanderer's Spirit”

This Technique allows a Wanderer to, for lack of a better term, continue forward. Wanderers will after so long have nowhere new to wander to on a single planet, and in time will need a way to find other places, find new paths. This Technique grants them that power. This gives them the ability to remove their primary existence from the world or area they’re in, which while making it so they become nothing but a memory to those who knew of them, it grants them the ability to travel through the Void itself without being erased entirely. Using the Void as a median they can then travel to new Dimensions, new worlds, and through the Meta-verse.

{` This Technique is usually only used at the end of an RP or when the Wanderer plans to leave it, however there may be times that having a weak existence is valuable to the user and can be used for such instances. `}

3: Link 3; Eastern Link, Link of Matter; the link at the far right of the hat, usually on his right shoulder.

` “Split”

This is an “Arena” style technique. It’s used to copy a certain area that the Wanderer is in and then “shift” that area outside of the world’s boundaries and into a “Mirror World”. Everything remains the same, but it permits the fights to destroy as much of their surroundings as they wish without affecting the world. Once the Split is let down the world will be back to normal with no damage.

4: Link 4, North-West Link, Link of Negation; the link in the corner of the left hand and the front of the hat.

` “Standardize”

Wanderer's all have the ability to set up a small Negation Field within a specific radius. This field will cancel out all forms of natural, super natural, and ethereal power. Other than “Split”, powers will not be possible within this negation field. Also, this field will slowly decrease a beings physical attributes until they become equivalent to that of the common human. This includes hardened skin, stamina, mental capabilities, and all all other physical attributes - even fore meta-physical beings.

{` This technique must be set up prior to use. Using four chain links in specific spots they form the area. These chain links can be used at anytime and within seconds, but only after being set up and synchronized. Should one those chain links be moved however the synchronization will be canceled instantly and the field rendered useless. However, only Wanderer's and those that hold a Wanderer's key may move the chain-links without trouble. `}

5: Link 5, Western Link, Link of Transport; the link at the far left of the hat, usually on his left shoulder.

` Beck and call”

Every Wanderer has a number of Keys they can hand to other people, these keys allow whoever is holding it to “summon” the Wanderer to them, in reality the key simply sends a cry out to the Wanderer whom owns the key. This skill allows a Wanderer to bypass Time, Space, and Dimensional Boundaries to transport their selves to that key.

{` In a normal RP Beck and Call cannot be used unless the action of handing the key out has been made in a way that public eyes could see it. However; all Wanderers hold a key for DJ, and thus he is capable of reaching each of them indefinitely, with or without barriers in the way, even if it has not been made public in an RP that he has given them a key.

DJ is capable of handing out 9 keys, but is only capable of teleporting to one of them within the same time frame and cannot cross his own time line. `}

6: Link 6, South-West Link, Link of Aether; the link in the corner of the left hand and the back of the hat.

` Shared Storage”

This technique grants a single thing; the ability to store and obtain. Wanderers are capable of storing their possession and their energy in to pull it out and use it later. It’s a technique however that they are all connected to equally, allowing Wanderers to store items and energy for other Wanderers to pull out and use.

{` When using Shared Storage a Wanderer may use the items and Energy of other Wanderers. There are a few rules to this however; it must be made in a public post that a Wanderer is storing energy in the bank for energy to be pulled out. Items that are 'suppose' to be owned by a Wanderer but are not on them are 'automatically' inside the Storage unless it was posted in the RP that they left it somewhere. However, unless the Wanderer is in the RP other Wanderers may not use the possessions owned by them. Thus, one may not pull out random items from Wanderers that are not in the RP. `}

7: Link 7, Southern Link, Link of Connections;the link on the back of the hat, directly lined with his spine.

` Wanderer's Soul”

This Technique allows a Wanderer to use any and all other Wanderers Signature Techniques or Powers. Though it only permits one from each Wanderer. The ability is chosen by the Wanderer whom gives it to be usable, and only allows the one using Wanderer’s Soul to use it at 1/2 the original Wanderers power and skill. It still gives them all a large variety should they need it. However, they can use a skill up to 2/3 its original power should the other Wanderer that owns the skill be near the one using Wanderer’s Soul.

8: Link 8, South-East Link, Link of Voice;the link in the corner of the right hand and the back of the hat.

` Familiar Comfort”

This Technique is one that allows Wanderers to speak through the mind between one another. No matter how far or what is between them, be it time, dimensions, space, or even reality, this technique will allow them to communicate with one another so long as they’re listening and have the “channel” open to communicate with the others.

{` Echoed Voice may be used at any time and will often make for instances where DJ seems to be talking to himself. However, should the technique ever be used for purposes of information gathering or strategic planning then the other Wanderer(s) that are being talked to must post in the RP even if it’s only for that conversation. `}

Split Mechanics;

Split works in a strange way; at first it makes a copy of the area then immediately mimics and throws up a reflection of that area. Within that reflection the sky will be colour inverted, the ground will be silver, and there will be no shadows from objects at all, however there will be from other living things.

There are also three levels of Split, 2 of which are naturally obtainable, the last are only obtainable by DJ9K, Shaylee, and Aiyanna.

Split -This is the base, it makes a small area that transports those that cross into its area into the split, and can be left at any time.

Shift -This is the second stage, where the user shifts the Split just out of sync with the rest of the world. This makes it so no one can enter or leave, but it cannot be used if there are more than 10 beings capable of creating a Split within it.

Separation - This, the final technique, is when one takes the Shift into the stage of removal. They completely separate the shift from the rest of existence and create a temporary pocket universe. This separates all those within the Shift from everything else, including external and natural energies.

Wanderer Soul Techniques;

DJ9K:StroboStep”- This is particular technique is one that can be considered impossible for the average people to understand. It comprises of the ability to reflect light at will by manipulating air and electrical energy; thus allowing the user to absorb the light for a small amount of time while moving. This makes the user invisible to the sense of sight, all forms of sight, for a brief moment before being seen again where they are when they stop. This causes the enemy to see them “teleporting” from spot to spot, however it allows the user to strike even when invisible.

Dae:Explosive Thrust”- This is a direct skill, rather than a power. One builds up heat, kinetic energy, force, and raw energy within a small area of their forearm, wrist and fist. Then with a punch they compact it all together and release it from the snap of the punch causing everything to shoot out from their fist is a massive explosion.

Raio:Supernova Bomb”- This ability is one where the user builds up energy until they have a large amount stored within them. They would then unleash it causing shockwaves, emitting radiation and a burst of flame hot enough to eradicate all in its path that could go out several miles. But the move is also deadly to the user so there are limits set to how much energy can be absorbed and unleashed.

Dfek:Critical Hit”- This skill allows the user to create a “critical blow” on impact with another object. This is a fully physical skill meaning one must make physical contact with whatever they using to hit this critical blow with in order for the skill take effect. This skill will increase any damage, wounds, effects, or trauma caused to be three times stronger than original.

Joe:Meteor Arm”- The ability to move all strength into a single motion for a single thrust. Making a single extremely powerful punch or allowing one to throw something at nearly the speed of sound with enough force behind it to crush open 12 inch titanium walls.

Shyne: Crack”- The ability to cause the enemy to see the death that the user has in mind for them. It’s a very difficult ability to use due it relying on the user having a very clear idea and highly detailed imagery in mind of how they’re going to pull off the kill. However, should one pull this off, the enemy will be stuck in a vision of them dying in the exact manor in which the user thought. Sometimes deep enough that the enemy will think it’s actually happening.

Aiya:Waves”- The power to take any initial force, increase the area it hits and triple the power. Sending it out multiple times in extremely short burst in what are like waves through space. Anything hit by that force isn’t immediately affected by it but instead passed though. While being passed through all matter is unable to move until every wave has finished going through it. The power of a wave will decrease as physical objects absorb the force; it simply lets the force continue moving forward regardless. All damage will be taken in waves after the last wave has passed through the matter.

Wok:Unnatural Bonds”- This allows the user to alter the shape and atomic bonds of objects near and around them. This also permits one to construct things that would otherwise not go together since they can distort the bonds to accept the two things together.

Jean:Transmutation”- This is the ability to create matter from other matter. One must have the type of substance needed for the item they wish to create, and they can only create using the amount they have. But should they have all the necessities they can create almost anything they wish.

Aiko:Back at'cha”- The ability to stop all momentum and force heading directly at the user and then reverse it back on the object in a more focused point. This will in turn cause the object that has been stopped to shoot backwards at twice the momentum after taking a forceful hit on a focused spot for three times the amount of force they had. This ability does have a timer before it can be used again.

Faia:Pyrokenesis”- This ability allows the user to create, manipulate, and use flames using their mind and body. This also permits them immunity the effect of flames.

Lea:Distortion Pulse”- This is the power to cause distortions in space that build up energy and eventually pulse out in a single forceful release. The ability can be used in any area that the user is able to touch with the tip of the fingers. This touched spot will not move. This means it's in whatever spot you touched, no matter what objects were there before or after. It will not move. However, when it releases it can release inside of other physical matter which can cause great internal damage if used properly. The release can be controlled by the snap of a finger - the longer it lasts without being released the stronger the blast will be. However there is a limit.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««


Human - In human form DJ holds a very common look. Standing at 5'10 with a bit smaller build than most but noticeable muscle without having to flex he has very lightly tanned skin, nearly pale, that is almost untainted by scars. He has extremely thick dark brown medium-short hair which is often either combed back or let into its natural wing-part, hazel green eyes that have a lust ring that can seem both an almost golden yellow or orange at times depending on the light he's around at the time with a dark tone to his face due to his long eyelashes and dark eyebrows that make the eyes seem even brighter. Yet, even for as dark as it is, his face always makes him look like he's in his late teens.

{` Human is both his favourite and most sought after self. Having the inability to naturally obtain it has left him dissatisfied, but makes it all the better when he does obtain it. Even though it's not a form he can keep naturally or leave naturally it's the one form that he tries to be in the most. This also has no phases. `}

{` DJ's blood in this form is that of a normal humans. Blood type A+ `}


Base - This is DJ's primary form. This form has the same height as in human with most of the same features. The main differences are his eyes are golden-green and have a red circle that seems like a life-line rather than the lust ring. His hair is a burgundy red and thinner and his skin is a manila colour.

{` Base is a form that represents balance and control for him. He has great control over all his powers, but none of them are at full strength. His abilities are far more tamed and can be used in several miscellaneous ways for his own enjoyment and convenience. `}

{` DJ holds all three blood types in this form. Human, Deireadh, and Pureal. Deireadh is the dominant blood type. `}


Deireadh - In this phase DJ's hair becomes iridescent; showing both red and purple on both dark and light hues depending on how the light hits it or what angle you look at it from. His fingers all become covered in a glossy black exoskeleton type substance. Practically as durable as adamantium and can cover anywhere from his fingernails up to his elbow. He grows three tails, though he often only shows the one that is slender and covered in a soft fur the same colour as his hair. The other two made of the same substance as the exoskeleton around his hands; both of which are capable of splitting into four thin parts. His ears grow to a point. Both his canines and both of the first pre-molars gain a sharp point and length and his hair will grow an additional three inches in length, along with spiky hair down the middle. His body grows in height to 6'2 and gains a darker tone to his skin. He becomes fused fully with both his Demon and Angel sides which cause his eyes to turn a bright purple and at times cause all of his powers to give off a purple hue as well.

{` Deireadh gives his physical attributes an amazing boost. Allowing for extreme speeds to be reached and handled easily. As well as giving a surprising boost to his main 3 powers. `}

{` In this form DJ has 2 forms of blood, Human and Deireadh, Deireadh being the dominant. His Deireadh blood is that of a hyper acidic venom. However, he is capable of reducing the acidity by mixing it with Pureal blood. `}


CRFI-DJ9K - A form that is so close to his truest self that only when his real name is called can he become stronger. His skin grows a deeper tan and he gains his Human form's traits, dark thick hair, and hazel green eyes with a lust ring. However his left arm has “C R F I” Written down it, with the C on his hand, R on his wrist, F on his mid forearm, and I near his elbow. And “D J 9 K” written on the right arm the same way, with the D on his hand and K near his elbow.

{` This form has one very unique thing about it that the others don't. Other than being significantly stronger compared to the others it's the only form that can form his energy into visible silver lined white streams that enhance everything he does in unique ways for special secondary effects and increased power. `}

{` In this form DJ has 2 forms of blood, Pureal and Deiread, Pureal being the dominant. Pureal blood is blue, it's very clean and has minor healing powers. It is derived from Aria having been fused to him for so long. `}

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««


Base Phase;

Keeper - This is one of the rarest phases to see. When he has to perform his job or has just finished, as well as when he firsts enters a world, are the only times he is ever uses this phase. Looking no different than he would as Base, he simply has a tattoo on the back of his neck in the form of the Unity circle, and a bronze necklace with 9 keys on it. However, in this state, his ability to control the void is so exceptionally powerful that even a few of the gate keepers keep wary of him.

Deireadh Phase;

Frozen Prince - This phase, though uncommon, is not entirely rare. DJ will gain an amazing boost to his 3 Deireadh powers and will have insane control of his body. His back will grow a spike from every spinal vertebrae and he will grow special wings. However, he will be capable of hiding any additional parts on his body, including the wings, spikes, tails, exoskeletons, fangs, and ears. But he not hide the hair change. All of his powers will gain a purple hue to them and he will be able to create electricity without much hardship.

CRFI-DJ9K 2nd Phase;

Nilch'i - Not of any religion or cultural system, I am not from the East or the West, the North nor the South, not out of the ocean or up from the ground, not natural or ethereal, not composed of elements at all. I do not exist, am not an entity in this world or the next, did not descend from any origin story. My place is nowhere but everywhere at once, a trace of the traceless. Neither body nor soul I belong to the beloved ones who call and know. Not first, last, outer, or inner, only that breath breathing human being.

This is DJ's final phase of CRFI-DJ9K as well as his strongest Form and Phase. With silver eyes that hold no rings and his scars no longer hidden, this is obtained only when someone calls his real name. He will have the Unity Circle on his neck with the chain going through it, and for the first time his being steps into reality and becomes existent which allows his aura to be felt. This form however, as strong as it is, can only be held for a limited time, and once that time limit is up he will automatically revert. Whether he is forced to revert or reverts by himself, he will always suffer extended amounts of time unconscious and will always end up in his Human Form afterward. - The extent of his power is unfathomable, and unknown but so well controlled you’ll see absolutely no slip ups. It's likely it will be used in a specified manor on a specified target and thus hardly to its full potential.

{` Those who know DJ's true name are; Daemon, Daisuke, Shyne, Aiyanna, Faia, Shaylee, Eri. `}

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««


Auto-Pilot - This Mode is obtained by one of three ways, two of three being involuntary; the first being when he is severely pissed off, and the second being when he is locked in combat against a large number of enemies for too long and Chaos is resting. The other way is obtained by him intentionally shifting his mental state into auto-pilot and letting a rush of adrenaline fill his veins. The voluntary switch takes a fair amount of time to activate however and will likely only do it voluntarily when he is in human form. This however is the only “mode” DJ can obtain in Human Form and remain in Human form afterward – unlike the walls that take him into base.

{` In this mode DJ's eyes become severely dull. His face will lack any form of expression and he will often lack the ability to feel emotions. This is a form that he did not choose to gain, but was built within him from his childhood. Everything is viewed much slower to him and his reactions and reflexes are increased to near impossible levels. When in auto-pilot he lacks the ability to show mercy which makes him rather dangerous as opposed to his merciful ordinary self. He moves on instinct to survive and kill, war combat training, as well as basic reflex. This mode does however put a great mental burden on him leaving him with bad fatigue afterward. `}


Zone - This is DJ’s most powerful Mode, obtainable in any form except Human. However, it cannot be obtained if DJ is already in Auto-Pilot. This Mode is obtained through him clearing his mind and focusing everything on a single task or matter. It requires intense concentration and for him to consider a situation as extremely serious in order to be activated but in return he is able to perform everything to 300% its original capability. This particular Mode cannot be activated until DJ considers something as top priority.

{` In this mode DJ gets a white dot in the middle of his pupils that will also give off a stream of silver energy. His face will become either very calm or show great concentration and he will proceed from there to show enhanced physical attributes as well as highly enhanced power attributes. The streams of energy will give off stream-lines when he moves, which does decrease his ability to confuse enemies with speedy movements but in return gives him the ability to focus on every little detail without losing sight of the entire image before him, which makes his ability to read things enhance greatly. `}


Chaos - When surrounded by too much death or forced to fight for too long Chaos is able to overtake DJ's body. Once he has it is common for him to free-roam the battle field and cause mass death among those with weak spirits, overtaking their spirit, corrupting their soul, and absorbing the heart mind and body to consume their energy core. However, Chaos is unable to touch those with a strong spirit, but is still capable of corrupting their soul if they themselves touch Chaos. Chaos is the part of Croi that was his angel and demon fusion. His elemental power was “Shadow”, as to why he comes from DJ's shadow. In this phase DJ's body will seem to be like smoke and his shadow will begin to act like a thick liquid and slowly move up his body. Once his entire body is covered by the black substance Chaos will form from DJ's body in a black liquid and smoky form.

{` Chaos is not a mode that DJ can control in any way, unlike the other 2. This means that he can neither cause it to happen nor choose when it stops. Chaos often stops on his own time rather it’s beneficial or disadvantageous for him. When Chaos does give up control it leaves DJ in a weakened state where he cannot move and is often shivering. `}

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««


First Wall; Wall of Being - This wall is one that is broken by will power alone. Giving the sight of a large brick wall in the mind that crumbles when broken. When broken the red circle in DJ's eyes sharpen to center of his pupils and turn into horizontal lines that lengthens the entire eye. His physical attributes increase significantly, nearly removing any limits entirely. In aid to that, his ability to process information is doubled, making him able to keep up with high speed without any eye strain, and think of the moves ahead to much greater extent. However, whenever in this phase, DJ's body will undergo harsh physical trauma and mental overload, leaving him very exhausted and fatigued. After all, one’s body still has a limit for a reason.


Second Wall; Wall of Self - This is a wall broken by acceptance. In life everyone will experience and do many things. Everyone will make mistakes and obtain regrets. Everyone will find things about themselves that they despise. When one can accept those mistakes, forget their regrets, and accept themselves for how, what, and who they are they can move on and let go of everything holding them back. Giving the image of a mirror that reflects all the things that holds him back. It shatters when broken and releases a mass of power into DJ. When broken the red line in his eyes will vanish, as will all of his power seals. DJ's able to use his powers without any form of delay, and in ways that can't usually be done. All of his powers become stronger in a new way that adds a new unpredictability to him. Yet, once sealed back up, there's a core drawback that can leave him incapable of using powers at all for a time and on occasion unable to move.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» eə ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««

Other Internal Beings;

Reoite Taobh Croi - Croi holds powers the same as all Deireadh. The power given to him by his true name is that of “crystal” powers. Allowing him to form, manipulate, and control any and all crystals within a certain radius around him. The form, shape, size, movement, velocity, flow and density are all within his jurisdiction of control. His powers of Angel and Demon belong entirely to Chaos, who is the Angel and Demon fusion that he had within him - This is the elemental Shadow. When fused Croi is capable of forming physical matter from his own shadow and any others that his shadow touches. He is only able to use this should he and Chaos fuse. - Croi is also the one whom started DJ's family lines power to compact, compress, and condense. Thus he has this power as well.

{` Croi is capable of taking over DJ's body for extended periods of time, but only when they are both in agreement of it. However, Croi can also be split from DJ's body, allowing DJ to use Croi as an ally at the cost of most of DJ’s energy and half of his current energy. On the up side, they are both capable of using Aeyrth, so both of them can regenerate energy, however, Croi starts off with only half of DJ's energy. `}

{` Croi's blood is that of liquid crystal. The second his blood is removed from his body it hardens and forms a crystal that blocks out and cancels all forms of super-natural, natural, magical, and godly powers. - Croi's Deireadh Technique is the ability to create a cube of crystals, all things within that cube have the inability to harness energy of any kind for powers and abilities. This lasts for 5,000 seconds. `}


Norgue des Chatoica - Chaos is the second being within DJ's body, half of Croi and entirely itself. This being holds the elemental power of Shadow, which allows him to exist as a shadow, affect others shadows as if it was their physical body, and corrupt ones soul by overshadowing it. He will consume any living things he kills to consume their mana-core, which in turn makes him even stronger. And when he is unable to consume their mana-core he will leave a disease that causes decay on the person’s body that remains so long as they have a shadow, meaning they must remove themselves from the light to survive.

{` Chaos is capable of overtaking DJ's body against his will, but only when enough death and conflict surrounds him. Other than that if they both agree to it he is capable of releasing Chaos from his body for up to 2 hours. Once outside of DJ's body Chaos is no longer a smoky physical shadow but becomes a physical being, thus capable of being injured. However, he is also then able to fuse with Croi. `}

ↁℐ May 10 · Comments: 2
I apologize for not replying to roleplays - on Thursday (30th April) I was rushed to hospital with a swollen leg, which has been identified as a blood clot. I'm still in hospital but very hopeful of leaving soon when some underlying blood problems have been rectified. Again, I apologize for not being on here and I will reply to you all again ASAP. Thank you all for understanding!
Wheelerguy May 2 · Comments: 2
This weekend 2 - 4 May -

I wont be on this account much over the weekend until the evenings. I have got my last Dissertations/Assignments for this years uni module to do. So I will be focusing on that. So please bare with me with replies etc. I will be on, just not until the evenings :) so don't worry, I will reply, they will just be slow :).

Secondly -

From around the 6th May till the 4th June I will be revising for my exam. That's the last part of this module. And I will be revising non stop. I will come on in the evenings :). And if I have a break during the day, and have odd days off. I will come online. But apart from that, my time will be spent revising. So please do not push me for replies they will get done, but very slowly :)

Thirdly - I've been signed onto a Buisness Admin online course. To help me gain another qualification. Its a two week online course. Which I will be doing straight after I finish my exam. So, during this period I will only be online in the evenings. After this, you have my attention, whilst looking for a job :) hence the training course :).

Please don't rush me for replies :) got a couple of busy couple of months ahead :)

Please read and comment :)

SweetTwistedFairytales May 1 · Comments: 2
1. First of all, no bullying and Abusing in/out of character those who do will be deleted and blocked from my profile. 

2.If you wish to have  sex with my charas, please keep in mind that sex is something you do out of love. And don't fall in love with the girl behind the charas. 

3. If I don't reply to your rp or comment right away it either means that I'm editing, helping my mom with house chores, or I'm feeling lazy. We all have our lazy days people ! 

4. Please don't send me one word rps, that has happened to me before in the past and I find them really boring. 

5. I can do one-liners, semi-lit, and semi-para make sure that you keep them simple cuz I get confused sometimes. 

6. I'm a nice person so if your nice to me I'll be nice to you back. 

7. I will let you know if I put up more charas or added some more rules on the stream, that way everyone can see it. 

8. When I rp I like to have fun and be creative, so if you're not having fun or if you lack creativity let me know and I will think of something to spice things up.  

Yuki Izumi Oct 19 '14 · Comments: 2
Hi everyone,

As some of you will know I've been suffering with numerous health problems in the last year or so. One of the worst of these is my daily struggle with depression. To say the last 12 months have been bad is an understatement. 

It is because of this, I've recently started to come across as very ignorant and like I don't care about people on here. My daily struggles are absolutely no excuse for how I've come online and treated people. I realize online is a seperate entity and I have no right to take my crappy attitude out on anyone here.

You have all been amazing to me since I joined here and its given me a genuinely fun hobby to enjoy. I want to thank you all and tell you all how deeply, deeply sorry I am for anytime I've disrespected any of you and I sincerely hope that those of you who have seen my nasty side can forgive me and we can start again :)

I'm sorry to everyone, and thank you so much for taking the time to read this post - I'd love more friend requests and roleplays....I realize you can never have too many friends in this world :) 

Wheelerguy Feb 12 · Comments: 2
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