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As I'm sure you've all noticed, Valek Aziabaelis has undergone many different changes lately.

We've heard of Church and Connor being married (And now pregnant.)

Emerald is happily engaged to Skylar Djinn

Satanique is dating Cade Djinn

Kastor and Skylar had become engaged, blessings to them.

Kyssandria is returning to the family, welcome back Lady Diavolo.

Zeke and Sam have married and welcomed their son Brantley Ezekiel Winchester Valek Aziabaelis, Grazi!

Temple and Grayson have some news as well, their engagement. Let's hope Church isn't hungry!

Even the Reign family is changing.

Diesel is happily dating little Faith Raeligiouz

Our little Seraphine Valek and the twin Troy Reign are now engaged!

Baby brother Luke is even married to Sofia Lourdes Montague-Reign, good luck kids!

Even little Faith Djinn seems to have found someone in Grave Sharbel. (How cute!)

Church and Jade's baby sister as also awakened, welcome home Belladonna.

Azraelle and Sasha Djinn have married, eloped, yes we know both clans will be upset but happy at the same time! Welcome to the family Lady Djinn-Aziabaelis, may your love continue as your days.

Even Thorne's mate has returned! Lord Dracul himself! (God help us all.... :) ) Welcome back Lord Dracul!

Thorne's twins have finally awakened; Omen will always pester his barely younger sister Onyx, so get ready folks. 

(I know I'm missing some but I'll add as soon as possible! Remind me what or who I am missing!!)

We're growing and happily so. Keep it up my blessed family!

Lovies! - Spade

Administrator Doppelganger will shortly be taking admin leave from Roleplay Social, while she prepares and begins to take her college classes. During this period of time she noted that she will not be able to get on the site on a regular basis, so she has decided to temporarily step down from her position in order to further concentrate on her studies. As site creator, I respect this decision and her position as Administrator will always be here for her, when or if she returns to us. 

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Her Page

This is the blog story of Cheryl Cole getting the part of Loki's lover in Thor 2 The Dark World. And in which Cheryl and Tom fall in love during their production and begin funny buddies with Chris Hemsworth.
Ƭнσмαѕ HιɗɗƖєѕтση Oct 10 · Comments: 9 · Tags: cherylcole012
I cut off a man’s nose once.
I don’t recall exactly when it was: 1719 or thereabouts. Nor where. But it happened during a raid on a Spanish brig. We wanted her supplies, of course. I pride myself on keeping the Jackdaw well stocked. But there was something else on board too. Something we didn’t have but needed. Someone, to be precise. A ship’s cook.
Our own ship’s cook and his mate were both dead. The cook’s mate had been caught pissing in the ballast, which I didn’t allow and so punished him the traditional way, by making him drink a mug of the crew’s piss. I must admit, I’ve never had it happen before where the mug of punishment piss actually killed the man, but that’s what happened with the cook’s mate. He drank the mug of piss, went to sleep that night and never got up. Cook was all right by himself for a time, but he did like a nip of rum, and after a nip of rum was apt to take the night air on the poop-deck. I’d hear him clomping about on the roof of my cabin, dancing a jig.
Until one night I heard him clomping about on the roof of my cabin and dancing a jig—followed by a scream and a splash.
The bell rang and the crew rushed to the deck, where we dropped anchor and lit lanterns and torches, but of Cook there was no sign.
They had lads working with them, of course, but they were just boys; none of them knew how to do anything more culinary-minded than stir the pot or peel some spuds, and we’d been living on raw grub ever since. Not a man among us knew how to do so much as boil a pot of water.
Now, not long back we’d taken a man-o’-war. A tasty little excursion from which we’d bagged ourselves a brand-spanking-new broadside battery and a holdful of artillery: cutlasses, pikes, muskets, pistols, powder and shot. From one of the captured crew, who then became one of my crew, I’d learnt that the Dons had a particular supply ship on which served an especially adept cook. Word was that he’d cooked at court but offended the queen and been banished. I didn’t believe a word of that but it didn’t stop me repeating it, telling the crew we’d have him preparing our meals before the week was out. Sure enough we made it our business to hunt down this particular brig, and when we found it, lost no time in attacking it.
Our new broadside battery came in handy. We drew up alongside and peppered the brig with shot till she broke, the canvas in tatters and the helm splintered in the water.
She was already listing as my crew lashed and boarded her, scuttling over her sides like rats, the air heavy with the stink of powder, the sound of muskets popping and cutlasses already beginning to rattle. I was in among them as always, cutlass in one hand and my hidden blade engaged, the cutlass for melee work, the blades for close finishing. Two of them came at me and I made short work of the first, driving my cutlass into the top of his head and slicing his tricorn in half as the blade cleaved his head almost in two. He went to his knees with the blade of my sword between his eyes but the problem was I’d driven it too deep, and when I tried to wrench it free his writhing body came with it. Then the second man was upon me, terror in his eyes, not used to fighting, obviously, and with a flick of the blade I sliced off his nose, which had the desired effect of sending him back with blood spraying from the bloody hole where his beak had been, while I used two hands to finally wrench my cutlass out of the skull of the first attacker and continue the good fight. It was soon over, with as few of their crew dead as possible, me having given out special instructions that on no account was the cook to be harmed—Whatever happens, I’d said, we have to take the cook alive.
As their brig disappeared beneath the water and we sailed away, leaving a fog of powder-smoke and a sea of splintered hull and bobbing bits of broken ship behind us, we gathered their crew on the main deck to flush out the cook, hardly a man among us not salivating, his belly not rumbling, the well-fed look of their crew not lost on us. Not at all.
It was Caroline who taught me how to appreciate good food. Caroline my one true love. In the all-too-brief time we’d spent together she refined my palate, and I liked to think that she’d have approved of my policy towards the repast, and how I’d passed on a love of the finer things to the crew, knowing as I did, partly due to what she’d shown me, that a well-fed man is a happy man, and a happy man is a man less prone to questioning the authority of the ship, which is why in all those years at sea I never had one sniff of mutiny. Not one.
“Here I am,” he said, stepping forward.
Except it sounded more like, “Beer I bam,” owing to his bandaged face, where some fool had cut off his nose
Appearing on the Graham Norton Show again was lovely, it's nice to see Graham once more. Cheryl took her time out in appearing on the show and perform her new single 'Crazy Stupid Love', she'll also be discussing about her return on the X Factor, her fourth solo album in the works, how her relationship with Simon Cowell is, and her first ever perfume. She will be joining with the charming and handsome British actor Tom Hiddleston and few other celebrities, she's really looking forward about this tonight's show. 

Cheryl left her hotel for the evening led by her assistant; Lily England, one of her bodyguards and her driver, she sat comfortably in a black shiny 4-by-4 vehicle with black-tinted windows in the passenger sides to stop the press from looking through. Cheryl wore her 'Crazy Stupid Love' outfit with a stylish black-hooded jacket over the top to keep the bare skin hidden for a while until she performs on stage, the car drove through the busy London city. 

Cheryl has a small petite frame but she does have amazing abs in her stomach and has a tiny waist, her long wavy blonde-highlighted hair sat below her shoulders, she will be performing with Tinie Tempah who features in the single and music video, he will just be arriving a bit later. The car approached the BBC Studios just at the back-door to The Graham Norton Show to avoid the press, she was led out of the car into the building and towards the dressing room she'll be sharing with the guests who are also on the show. 

Cheryl was very excited about tonight, most importantly in performing live, and meeting the handsome Tom Hiddleston for the first time in person, she entered the dressing room and went towards the chair with her name 'Cheryl' written at the back of it, she sat down and her make-up artist and hair stylist to do Cheryl's finishing touches. In a short while, Cheryl will go down towards the bar area which leads into the studio and just have a drink before walking on, she needs something to calm her nerves and excitement.

﹣Cʜᴇʀʏʟ Oct 5 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8 · Tags: romance, tom hiddleston, cheryl cole, new friendships, celebrity

:strolled through the club, seating himself next to his old pal, the Jackal, in the tall curved booth along the back wall. "Do you still have it?":

Blud Crux Jun 23 · Comments: 8 · Tags: jackalofdeceit
Friendship Rules
Do not add me, just to ignore me. It's really stupid to have friends on a friends list that you don't even respond to!
2.If the RP that we are currently doing becomes dull to you, don't just decide not to share any interactions with me, that is childish, on so many levels. Say something to me, do not just block me and leave me waiting for a response forever.
3.Referring back to the first rule, when you're talking, know that a one word conversation, isn't a conversation at all!
4. Be nice, treat people with the respect you would like them to give to you! That is essential to a good friendship.
5. Know that if I tell you I love you, it's just on a friendly basis, until I tell you it's anything more.
6. NO DRAMA! I cannot stress this enough. I am so tired of drama, I could scream. If you become the source and leading cause of any said drama, I will block you. I will let you know you will be blocked, and then, it will happen.

Roleplay Rules
My biggest pet peeve, when I'm RPing with someone, is when I send a long starter, and all I get back is a sentence. That's not going to cut it.
2. DO NOT steal my characters. I worked hard to create them. They are mine and they always have been. Both are unique and I can tell you the EXACT year it was, that these characters were created from MY mind.
3. DO NOT control my characters, in any shape, way, or form.
4. DO NOT godmod. I cannot stand it. I honestly don't think anyone can.
5. NO TXT TLK. If yer gunna tlk lyk dys, then save it for OOC talk, if you must and absolutely have to talk like that.

The Most Important Rule Of Any RP/OOC Chat:
Have fun! And as for OOC talk, be yourself, because an original is always worth more than a copy!

Neva Oct 14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7 · Tags: #rules #seriously #listen #rp rules
This would be fine... Right? At this point Kato honestly had no idea, it sure as hell wasn't his idea though. Thanks to not spending time around others, the few times he had been with Deon, Kai easily picked up the different scent and immediately wanted to know what was going on. Yet upon hearing that his brother had befriended someone Kai had wanted to know everything and meet Deon immediately. Not that there was anything to know. They were, what were they exactly? That still puzzled Kato a little too much and he chose not to think about it. Instead he'd agreed to a meeting, mainly because he couldn't say no to something his brother was determined on.

Which had led to both the twins walking towards the arcade, Kato holding onto the others hand and his whole demeanour completely relaxed. It wasn't like there was much that could go wrong in an arcade..

"I told Deon to be here in five minutes, but he's not that good with finding places so he might be late.."

Yet Kato didn't sound remotely worried about that, even after seeing how freaked and panicked the demon could get when exposed to lots of new people. Hell he wouldn't have been surprised to find him running in, tail flailing behind him and a worried expression on his face. Though that wouldn't be the best way for Kai to meet his... Acquaintance? Friend? Experimental partner? Kato was a little clueless where that was concerned. Deon had jumped him a few times and it had been... Interesting? Had he found it interesting? Some of it hadn't been half bad, the others demonic instincts somehow knowing what to do and getting pouty when Kato didn't react with eagerness or give a reaction like most would.

This would be alright. As long as Deon didn't do anything like try and maul the brunette in front of his brother. That wouldn't go down too well.

White jeans adorned the younger twins legs, a grey t-shirt and light blue hoodie left unzipped on top. Dark red gemstones glistened from the rather large amount of piercings in both his ears, slightly obscured by dark hair. Yet someone compared to his brother or even when the other blonde arrived he would blend in more.

For some reason he doubted both blondes would ever fit in with the crowd.

He didn't bother to tell Kai to behave himself however. The hybrid could be a complete bitch when he wanted to and that was fine. Kato would never try to change his twin, not for anyone or anything, but he did hope they would at least get on.

"I'll beat your blonde ass on the racing game, you're shit at them."

His brother would know the comment had been said lightly, teasingly and no insult had been meant behind it. And if anyone else decided to echo Kato’s words they would find themselves the brunettes fist in their face before they had gotten the whole sentence out. The younger male could say whatever he wished, mainly because he meant nothing of it, but if anyone else thought they could, jokingly or seriously it would not go down as well. No one could insult Kai without insulting Kato in some way and he would not stand by whilst someone did that.

Pausing once reaching the entrance to the arcade, the brunette kept his hand held within his brothers and glanced astound at the games; claw machines, shooting games, air hockey tables, ah two motorbikes for a racing game. Some of the prizes in the claw machine looked desirable; namely the giant stuffed bear's that were half of the size of both males.

Paying for the games wouldn't be hard, and with all the change the younger had in his jeans pocket they could go on as many games as they wished. They were lucky enough to have been brought up with money, one of their fathers working hard to pay his own way and the other having enough inheritance to buy his sons whatever they wished.

"Deon will be here soon.. Possibly."

And if he didn't turn up? Kai wouldn't let it drop, even when he didn't know that the other blonde had kissed his brother several times. For there to be someone that Kato was remotely interested in besides Kai was unheard of and the older twin had certainly been shocked to hear it. Had he heard that a little more than that had happened.. Well the brunette wasn't sure how he'd respond. Sure Kai had a new male within his sights every other week and Kato never questioned it, but the younger twin was not like that. Up until recently he hadn't ventured out with anyone other than Kai and had only seen Deon on the occasions his brother was busy with his own demon. Had he unintentionally been trying to keep it a secret? Or did he just place the one blonde higher up on his priorities to spend time with?
Make Believe That I Impress Jul 24 · Comments: 7

**Personal Note/Disclaimer**

Church is of the Elite family Diavolo, they are carriers of Legion. Linked completely by this possession, Church and her Diavolo sisters can do many different things that other Aziabaelis or Valek are incapable of doing. This is NOT my family, I do NOT hold Diavolo's rights nor do I claim to. That privilege goes strictly to my sister Trina. She will be around soon. The Trinity will be reunited Soon.



(More family to be added when I feel like it, between Aziabaelis, Valek, Ciotti, Elensia, Raeligiouz, Djinn, and Atrum there are a ton of kin. Also note: Aziabaelis SN tags for AoL are: Adragons__, Valek's are either ___Valek, ____ascension or fontof___, Raeligiouz is thefaiien ___, Elensia is ___Elensia, Ciotti is ___sins or devout___, Djinn is ___deeds, Reign SN tags are red dirt___, Diavolo tags are sheols___)


Aziabaelis Kin: ("Parents" were the Devil. Plain and Simple. They are a combination of many different creatures.)


Empress Rosa Belladonna Aziabaelis (AIM: adragonsheresy) (Taken by Saint Raeligiouz)

Raeligiouz Kin: ("Parents" were Gods; they were created by God. Both the Good of the Arch Angels and lower Angels and worst of some Demons and dragon went into their making. Only 5 were made by the Gods, the 5th is a sister.)


Emperor Saint Plague Raeligiouz -(Brother) - Eldest (AIM: the faiien raven) (Taken by Rosa Aziabaelis)

(Husband to Rosa, as the story unfolds it will be written as to why he's not been awake for centuries; has not met any of his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren or the like but keeps a close eye on them all.

Dropped from Heaven from their legion of dragons. He is not a fallen angel but a damned angel. His dragon form is black, but his scales are hidden by black/silver feathers. To be with Rosa, who was created by Satan himself, he dropped to the mortal Earth... yet she took his heart and ate it. Now he remains bonded to her, but still loves her with all his heart and heavenly soul and she loves with with all the Hellish plagues within her heart.-- Spade)

Lord Kastor Cerberus Raeligiouz - (Brother) - Middle (AIM: the faiien rebel) (Engaged to Skylar Nyte Sacrilege Valek )

Skylar Nyte Sacrilege Valek - Engaged to Kastor Raeligiouz (AIM: font of discord)

The brothers below have made a return appearance. If my brother wishes to take on a few more characters, he gets first pick. Period. - Spade

Lord Spike Luke Raeligiouz - (Brother) - Youngest, to Ryder (AIM: the faiien sin) (Vanished)

Lord Ryder Declan Raeligiouz (Brother) - Youngest (AIM: the faiien iight) (Status: Bonded to Isis Pagan-Rose-Raeligiouz)

Isis Pagan-Rose-Raeligiouz (AIM: Unknown) (Status: Bonded to Ryder Raeligiouz)

(Pic soon darklings!)

Lady Faith Gabrielle Raeligiouz - Sister - First born sister (AIM: Unknown at this time) (Dating/Engaged to Diesel Reign) 



Lady Thorne (Mother of Omen and Onyx – Twins, Sister to Rosa) (AIM: Unknown) (Status: Dating/Engaged Lord Vlad Dracul)

Uncle: Lord/Baron/Prince Vlad III Dracul - (AIM: Unknown) (Status: Dating/Engaged Lady Thorne)



Lord/Baron Azraelle Styx Bane Aziabaelis (Father of Satanique and Lillibelle, Brother to Rosa) (AIM: adragonsraven)

(Married to Sasha Djinn)

Lady/Baroness Sasha Djinn-Aziabaelis (AIM:sweetendeeds) (Married to Azraelle)

Siblings (Daughters of Rosa):

Queen Church Aurora Diavolo Valek Aziabaelis-Atrum – Grand Ancient (AIM: adragonscall, sheolssanctity, dragonsatrum, outlawascension) (Married/Bound to Connor Atrum)

King Connor Atrum -  (AIM: hidden) (Married/Bound to Church.)

Lady Jade Lillith Diavolo Valek Aziabaelis - Reborn Aziabaelis. - Grand Ancient (AIM: malefic vaiek/adragonsmalice) (Taken by Jakyll)

Lady/Princess/Baroness Kyssandria Celestine Valek Aziabaelis Diavolo - Embraced Grand Ancient (AIM: sheolsallure) (Status:Unknown)

Lady/Princess/Baroness Temple - Grand Ancient (AIM: adragonsrebel) (Engaged to Grayson Sangre)

Grayson Artemis Sangre - (AIM: intrinsic sangre) 

(Deeply in love with and engaged to Temple Aziabaelis)

Lord/Baron/Prince Ezekiel Brimstone Aziabaelis – Grand Ancient (AIM: adragonsgrin) (Married to Samantha Winchester-Valek Aziabaelis)

Samantha Winchester- Valek Aziabaelis (AIM: Unknown) (Married to Zeke Aziabaelis)

Young Prince Brantley Ezekiel Winchester Valek Aziabaelis (AIM: Unknown) (Status: BABY!)

Son of Sammie and Zeke

Lady/Baroness/Princess Belladonna Michaela Valek Aziabaelis - Twin to Zeke - Single - Ancient (AIM: adragonsrevolt)

Princess Emerald Bellalith Aziabaelis – Ancient (AIM: Adragonsterror) (Taken by Skylar Djinn)

Lord Skylar Cain Ciotti Valek Djinn - Engaged to Emerald Aziabaelis (AIM: infernaldeeds )

Princess Amethyst - Ancient (AIM: adragonshorror)

Church and Jade's own Devilish Creation: 

Princess Sapphire Nefaria Valek Elensia Ciotti Aziabaelis (AIM: adragonseternal) 

(A combination of all the good, evil and neutral within the families linked to Valek and Aziabaelis.)


Children (Children of Church):

Prince Alister - Ancient (AIM: adragonsfervor)

(Yeah, that's Church's son, beware ladies.)

Princess Lillith – Ancient (AIM: adragonsesprit/sheols ascension) (Taken by Oliver Swift)

(Mama's little "Angel")

Oliver Swift - Mate/Husband to Lillith (AIM: svvifttorment)

Princess Jazmyn Nyte Aziabaelis Valek (AIM: FontofLunacy) (Status: Insanity Loves All... ...llA sevoL ytinasnI :sutatS)

Princess/Baroness Crymson Skye Lucinity Valek Aziabaelis (AIM: Unknown) (Status: Alone)

Youngest born/hatched daughter of Church, walked away from her family when she was very young, Church has not spoken to this daughter in near a millennia.

(**Exactly like her mother in every way, except Crym rarely speaks.**)

Grandchildren (Of Church):

Tallons (Lillith’s son) – Whelp (AIM: adragonscore) (TOO YOUNG)


Cousins (Of the Quints):

Lady Satanique Rumor Aziabaelis – Ancient - Azraelle's Daughter (AIM: adragonsrumor) (Engaged to Cade Djinn)

Lord Cade Saint La'Syn Djinn - Engaged to Satanique (AIM: regaldeeds)

Lady Lillibelle Valentyne Aziabaelis – Ancient - Azraelle's Daughter (AIM: adragonsbeauty) (Single)

Lord/Prince/Baron Omen Rogue Valek Aziabaelis – Ancient - Son of Thorne (AIM:Adragonsomen) (Status: Unknown)

(Indeed, Thorne's eldest is a heartbreaker, exactly like his mother.)

Lady Onyx – Ancient - Daughter of Thorne - (AIM: adragonsember) (Someone special has caught her eye...)



Princess Isis “Izzy” Valek - Jade's Daugher (AIM: entitled valek) (Dating/Engaged Skylar Cain Djinn II)

Skylar Cain Djinn II - (AIM: Unknown) - (Dating/Engaged Izzy)



Lucius Valek (AIM: forbiddenlife) (Status Unknown)

*** Other Characters I Play ***

Malique Calisto Elensia (AIM: vexed elensia) (Single)

Delilah Temperance Ciotti (AIM: extrinsicsins) (Single, broken hearted)

Faith Angelica Djinn (AIM: solemn deeds) (Dating Grave Sharbel)

Grave Sharbel - (AIM: LogicalRebellion) - (Dating Faith Djinn)

Princess/Lady Valentina Onyxia Keilana Valek (Gustavo's twin sister) (AIM: adragonsvalek) (Single)

Prince/Lord Gustavo Saber Aziabaelis Valek (Val's twin brother) - (AIM: font of toxicity) (Engaged to Sadie Jo Reign)

Sadie Jo Reign (Engaged to Gus) (AIM:reddirtprincess)

Princess/Lady Savannah Noelle Valek (AIM: adragonssavvy or font of rivalry ) (Vycheslav Nazariah Moreau stole her heart)

Vycheslav Nazariah Moreau (AIM: Unknown) (Dating Savvy)

Tempest Rain Montague (AIM: craftofpeace) (Single)

Sakura Von'Dea Shadows (AIM: return of dusk) (Single)

(**Page will be up soon!**)

(Another character, or two, will be listed once the details are finalized. STAY TUNED!)

Destiny BlackBane (AIM: darque horror) (Single)

**Please note I do not OWN This character, nor claim any rights to her. I am merely her player.**

(Another character of mine is in the works, when she is finished I Will post her here as well as my disclaimer. Give me time, I've lots of replies, profiles to keep updated and stories to write. Not to mention family things to handle. Love to all my friends and family! -- Spade)

*** The character below is played by a close friend but lands under MY copyright. ***

Valkyrie Nikita Kross (AIM: Unknown at this time) (Single)
(UNKNOWN story, fallen angel and mother of Satanique and Lillibelle, broke Azraelle's heart.)

(**NO This family holds NO relation to Velika Reign and such of that particular Reign family. When the Reign children were orphaned, their care-taker is quite a surprise. The surprise? There were three. Azraelle Aziabaelis, Saint Raeligiouz and the mother figure Church Aziabaelis. No one, other than the kids, knows this and they keep it a deep, dark secret. Raised by Heavenly and Hell dragons? Not a good look for fallen angel/werewolves.)

Diesel Mason Reign - (AIM: reddirtoutlaw) --- (Dating/Engaged to Lady Faith Raeligiouz)

Troy James Reign (twin to Diesel) - (AIM: Reddirtrivalry) (Engaged to Seraphine Valek)

Seraphine Ahna Valek - Engaged to Troy (AIM: font of seraphim)

Luke Derek Reign -  (AIM: reddirtrebei) (Status: Married to Sofia Lourdes Montague-Reign)

Sofia Lourdes Montague-Reign (AIM: Coming soon) (Married to Luke Reign)

The Reign Triplets

Sadie Jo Reign - Single (AIM: reddirtprincess) (Left) Eldest
(Pic coming soon)

Paisley Paige Reign - (AIM: reddirtbeauty)(Middle) 2nd born (Dating Ashton Severide) 

Ashton Severide - (AIM: Unknown) (Status: Dating Paisley)

(Pic coming soon)

Lacey Mae Reign (AIM: coming soon, maybe) - Single (Far Right)(Unknown/Vanished) Youngest

They are triplets and the babies of the Reign family.

Auxe Valek - Brother to Jade Valek (AIM: font of heretics) (Status: A$$hole)


Kin, who also fall beneath my copyrights and trademarks. Protected and Guarded fiercely by all my characters and their respective families.:




Djinn -- Does not belong to me, nor do I hold its copyright/trademark




BlackBane -- Does not belong to me, nor do I hold its copyright/trademark

Atrum -- Does not belong to me, nor do I hold its copyright/trademark


Raeligiouz * Info of this family below, this family belongs to Me. Their history, rules and personalities are MY ideas and creations. *

** Dropped from Heaven from their legion of dragons. He/they is/are not a fallen angel but a damned angel. His/Their dragon form is black, but his/their scales are hidden by black/silver feathers. Their/His wolf and werewolf form is quite the same, black with silver highlights in the fur, but the fur is extra soft. As for their human form, it is always stunning with thick, silky, silver tinted hair. Their eyes pierce into your soul (Much like the Aziabaelis) only, with Raeligiouz, they see the good, not the sins. Aziabaelis eyes can see the sins of the person and choose to ignore them, or burn them into oblivion painfully. Enjoy. More coming. **

All characters of the Aziabaelis bloodline, Reign and the Raeligiouz bloodline as well as Ciotti and Valek are fully copyrighted by me, Ace of Spades 1994-2014, Red Dirt Rogue 1994-2014, Red Dirt Outlaw 2014 and Crimson Diva 2014 -  Deal with it. 

(If ya'll want your pic listed below your character, PM me their photo, I Am serious. This also includes your characters significant others! - Church)

** If there is a character who does not have a mun *Player* contact me and we will discuss it, I am VERY picky as to who plays MY characters. Otherwise HANDS OFF. - Spade **

Aziabaelis Crest:

Valek Crest:

(Coming soon)

Raeligiouz Crest:

Ciotti Crest:

(Coming soon)

Elensia Crest:

(Coming soon)

Reign Crest: 

Diavolo Crest:


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