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Hey guys :)

I've been wanting to put something for a while but haven't really had the time. I just have a couple of issues ;

1) sometimes I need to have short breaks. This is because of a medical condition called Cluster Headaches. No, it is not a headache, it is not a migraine. It's a neurological disorder I have. I don't have the attacks all the time, hence the name 'cluster'. When my attacks happen, I have to have medical oxygen until I see my headache nurse, which then gives me an injection in the base of my skull. If I suddenly go offline it's because of this. I don't get a warning, and no, painkillers do not work. If you want to know more, then ask. Don't be pissy at me for something you don't understand.

2) I'm not going to be a person that sticks by rules , I think it is petty and pathetic. Some people can't do long , extremely detailed replies. I think people need to stop being so shallow and ignorant to the fact that not every body is as literate and that they want to roleplay for fun. I have dyslexic friends who love roleplaying but some of you wont give them the time of day. Get your head out of your arses.

3) yes, I'm a lesbian, a married one at that. Don't give me hate. Don't expect me to suddenly follow your religion path. Love is love, get over it. I respect you, so respect me. Besides, women are hot.

4) i love making friends, so talk to me :)
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Right. I know is very random of me post of this, but here is a blog just wanting to apologize for any impatient posts or comments that I have sent any of you lately or just right in the public so everybody can see it. 

The reason is that I am apologizing is because, I feel really bad pushing people. I mean, I know we all are busy and have lives that sometimes we can't roleplay as much as we want to than other. I mean, hey, I live university halls then in summer it will be tough for me to get in this website until I get my results and hopefully continue to be university until I finish if keep passing my exams and all goes swell.

I know this isn't an excuse, but, I just wanted to say why I am like this. I just sometimes feel like there's so much in my life with my mind occupied with thoughts of my family member passed away, then got a best friend whose own family member is diagnosed with the same disease mine had. Another best friend of mine now has a sick obsession that I can't stand and finally there's a boy that seems interested on me but then isn't. There is of course lastly but not least, got calls of my mother wondering how am I doing and how is life lousy for being ripped out off her heart from not having her husband next to her. How do I deal with this?! Most of the time I try to go here to forget all after during some studies or self-revision I done or proporsition of courseworks that I have done. Because after all, everytime I butt in somebody's else problem they tell me I don't understand or just to fuck off and even grow some balls. When I don't know why in the hell I do. I try to be nice to everyone in my life but I always get hurt...don't mean to get negative but just sometimes life drowns and the people leave me mad! This is why here, I feel better, safer and calmer. Not getting drunk stupid so I get laid with many strangers or get sex addict. You tend to do because that's all what you can get best in life when you feel this crappy. 

And now I can't help but say, but what's with selective? I mean ok, I have replied to most of you when most of I can. But I got people who don't reply me for two or three and even longer than that. But there are on for hours, and I don't I get a reply. I can't help but actually be like, what is it in hell bells of me different from other people to be pushed away. If you don't like roleplaying me then simple, SPEAK! Don't just let me hanging there, if you have a problem of our roleplay TELL! I am not going to get mad at you, yeah now I am fuming cos is like, I can see you online, you seem to talk to people but why not me? What have I done to you for not get answers? Is just so fucking annoying sometimes, I am not the one to swear but it does get in a moment when all is just too much. I try to be nice only to be kicked in the dirt... I understand a few you have like, time distance and illneses but God just let me know please!! I don't want anybody to have any misunderstandings, that's all. I don't want to be angry with anybody.

That's all.

Thanks for reading this.


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Friendship Rules
Do not add me, just to ignore me. It's really stupid to have friends on a friends list that you don't even respond to!
2.If the RP that we are currently doing becomes dull to you, don't just decide not to share any interactions with me, that is childish, on so many levels. Say something to me, do not just block me and leave me waiting for a response forever.
3.Referring back to the first rule, when you're talking, know that a one word conversation, isn't a conversation at all!
4. Be nice, treat people with the respect you would like them to give to you! That is essential to a good friendship.
5. Know that if I tell you I love you, it's just on a friendly basis, until I tell you it's anything more.
6. NO DRAMA! I cannot stress this enough. I am so tired of drama, I could scream. If you become the source and leading cause of any said drama, I will block you. I will let you know you will be blocked, and then, it will happen.

Roleplay Rules
My biggest pet peeve, when I'm RPing with someone, is when I send a long starter, and all I get back is a sentence. That's not going to cut it.
2. DO NOT steal my characters. I worked hard to create them. They are mine and they always have been. Both are unique and I can tell you the EXACT year it was, that these characters were created from MY mind.
3. DO NOT control my characters, in any shape, way, or form.
4. DO NOT godmod. I cannot stand it. I honestly don't think anyone can.
5. NO TXT TLK. If yer gunna tlk lyk dys, then save it for OOC talk, if you must and absolutely have to talk like that.

The Most Important Rule Of Any RP/OOC Chat:
Have fun! And as for OOC talk, be yourself, because an original is always worth more than a copy!

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Seriously getting sick and tired of the attitude of some people on here. If you don't wish to rp with some one then DON'T FUCKING AGREE TOO!!! DO NOT HAVE THEM WASTE THEIR TIME SENDING YOU A STARTER, ONLY FOR YOU TO BE RUDE AND ARROGANT AND TAKE FOREVER TO REPLY and claim that you were busy and only replying to your other half then turn around and remove that person who wasted their time in sending said starter???? Or deleting your fuckin account altogether like SERIOUSLY????

WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE??? There is a fine line between being polite and being arrogant, and telling some one you don't wish to rp with them is actually alot better than TOTLLY FUCING IGNORING THEM, WHEN Y O U  were the one who wanted to roleplay in the first place!!

That's fine, you keep replying to your other half, treassure them cause at the end of the day, you keep treating the rest of the roleplayers LIKE FUCKING SHIT your other half is gonna be the only one you'll have. And you'll be welcome to each other too, cause you're both as bad as each other!!!!

And making accounts for some one, getting a whole bunch of roleplays going and then being on them for two weeks and then completely abandoning them, you may think it's a cool thing to do but let me tell ya, it's not. It's the most rude and arrogant thing a person could ever do on a roleplay site. And word does get around, people get fed up with it and they'll know not to trust you, and you'll only have yourself to blame.

How do you think those people feel? When you decide you can't be arsed to roleplay their other half for them any more, when you just decide to take off and be on your other account with the person who is just as bad as you and ignore the account you set up for other people, or when you ignore their starters that you asked them to send to begin with? HOW DO YOU THINK THAT MAKES THEM FEEL??????? Or are you so caught up in thinking that you're the greatest thing since sliced bread that you couldn't give a rats ass about anyone elses feelings??

There is absolutley NO HARM in telling people that you don't think the roleplay will work out, and am sure am not just speaking for myself here with this whole thing either, i know a few people who think the same as me, and it's beyond the joke the way some people treat others. We're all here for the one thing after all and that's to roleplay, so for the love of all things that is good and amazing in this horrid world, PLEASE do not treat people like they are the dirt on the bottom of your shoe. There is enough crap in the world already people come here to escape, not be treated the same way they do in real life. Be nice. You might actually find that people will be okay with some one not wanting to roleplay with them, like i said before, it would go down alot better than just being ignored. Try it, you might actually surprise yourself.
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Hello beautiful people! I dear hope you are reading this, because some of you, actually know me some ways more than others. Others meanwhile only have met me as the random, creater and hopefully your fun loving companion in crime to be creative!


Here is the deal, alright. My life…has gone the past two years a whirlwind. Why? Ok, I am not saying this out of pity, but, one of my parents had passed away this October. Not only just a parent, but a closest and best-friend to be soulmate parent, not on the love sight, but in the friend sight; when you know you are finally understood, right?! OK, the reason I mention him is because he has not only been my recovery of depression, but my beacon, my reason in life…and now he passed away, is very stormy especially that I will going back to the jungle, were my brother and mother are.

I say all of this for you to realise, I am not like them, I never fit in them except when I try to be funny or try to listen, but I am always told You are too young to understand…I am freaking 23 years old! Who may not gone through hell, but be an empath and past crying baby but I get you! Feel for you…so I need peace! And the two of them (my mother and brother) to back the hell off! This is where I escape through here…

Sadly I won’t be able to stand longer especially now there is 3 weeks? Don’t know how many weeks…But Easter holidays going on, so, I won’t be able to go as often to this delightful website as I will be seen as I’ve an addiction over roleplay again were they might consider to send me a mental hospital and had lecture me to death; to drive me nuts…I don’t do well when those things happen, so out of my own sanity; I am warning you lot, I won’t be here much or ever…if I am, I will reply to be a few and selective; I am very sorry that I will have to :/ I know isn’t fair…but is the best than cancelling my account just as I did on bebo numerous of times… anyway after that I will go back to uni and have some time to roleplay with you guys and study so will be time to time thing…then I don’t know what will happen after finishing my first year on uni as I am not be on for a while until September or god knows…


I just hope you guys don’t block me :/ cos I grown fond of you n_n some of you by rp others through talking ooc or just both…so please, don’t leave me :’( don’t delete me…I will miss you, I will be missing you even when I won’t be online or often as much…so please, I beg you, bare with me ** life just sucks without you lot! So I just hope you get where I feel and need you to be patient and not confront me why I am being mean and ignore…ok? Please, I would appreciate your patience and a little love…as sometimes I feel like I got none… :( <3


P.S: I am sorry for the little rants </3


Storynights Mar 15 · Comments: 6

 Everybody has them, but out of habit i'm going to list mine here. Please take a few moments to read through it'll be appreciated. :)

 ~ Please be patient when awaiting replies, through comments or mail I work most days so can't always get on till evening time (UK), so bear that in mind and don't pester me because that'll just bug me and yeah nobody needs that. 

~ When roleplaying please try to use proper grammar and spelling, no text talk I mean it, obviously a few spelling mistakes are okay, nobody is perfect but there is a difference between spelling mistakes and this.."yh m8 nm u"...Not the best example but you see what I mean. 

~ I generally roleplay in mail because it's easier for me to keep track off, I leave the comments for general chit chat and planning. 

~ This is a basic for all roleplayers but please don't god mod my character, it's never going to be acceptable and I will stop the roleplay. 

~ If you don't understand my character properly or simply want more of an explanation I will be more than happy to provide you with any information you need, just ask. :) 

~ I'm not always able to get online on the weekends but i'll leave myself a comment letting you know what's going on. 

~ If you want to contact me in any other way, or roleplay on a different platform, I have an email address that I use for roleplay and I use Kik messenger.

~ I don't do one line or one paragraph roleplays, I prefer a few decent length paragraphs, for me a single paragraph can go into just describing the surroundings nevermind everything else involved, saying that, if you wish for me to provide more detail again, ask and I will rewrite my reply for you.

Thank you for reading!

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A few days ago, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. According to the psychiatrist who diagnosed me, I've had clinical depression for several years. I can't say that I'm surprised because honestly, I'm not. I've had a deep emotional pain for so long that it's became a part of me. Looking back on my life, it's understandable... I've withstood so many traumatic events that my life could be a Shakespeare play. It's come to the point were I put my life at risk almost daily so that the overwhelming emotional pain can be replaced with physical pain for just a little while. None of my friends understand, it leaves me helpless and in despair. My entire family says it's just a phase, they say I'll get over it soon... that just makes it worse. My only escape at this point is writing with loud music on to block out the real world and create my own paradise featuring myself and kind, understanding people. Maybe one day the pain will fade, maybe one day someone will understand, maybe one day I'll be free from the chains and shackles that hold me down. But for now, I wait... I wait for the day I don't want to end everything, the day I can finally smile genuinely, I wait for the day I can enjoy life again.
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Hi everyone,

As this site is on the brink of closing down I'd just like to tell you all, this site has been my life for the past 6 months or so and I've met a lot of amazing role players and just lots of all round good people. As I'm sure a few of you will know and can probably relate to, I have suffered for the last few months with depression and I can tell you, the friendships I have built up solely on this site have meant the world to me. 

It is for that reason, I would love to invite you all to download KIK Messenger (if you don't already have it...) and add my username which is jayman1892

All KIK is, is a free instant messaging app that allows very quick contact with people that you add as a contact. You just need your own username and that's it - unless you wish to include a picture also. Sorry for rambling but once again my username is jayman1892 (NOT 1982....)

Thanks so much to all of you :)

Jamie (or Jay as you may know me)

SportyDisabledGuy Nov 30 '14 · Comments: 4

Well hello :L I sure need to make up announcements all the time haha specially in this blog! Here just explaining myself in before things starts for real again.

Old friends know how like, about my life, hey, there is a blog below this one that tells you xD in case you haven’t read. New friends, help yourselves to read it. Especially if we are around until June and mid-September for those things of my mother are true. Moreover the rule of going online at UK TIME: 8pm-2am still may can stand BUT even go different…anyway I will let you know somehow, especially those who are in my favourite list. Also those who I love talking in ooc like Jimmy :L you make me laugh big time, dude! Just saying XD

Well there are other people who I love to answer ever so quickly; e.g. creepshow, Monroe (if we roleplay :L) and Gem of life, the list may go on further and further though :L:P Also as I said before I will also reply most of the time to “Connected with…” and MY FAVOURITE list xD but sometimes, one of you lucky lot will be picked if I’ve to reply ever so quick before I am found and insulted by family…anyway! I must add though; in tiring or stressed times like limited times also I will reply just one person or 2, or who knows more…it’s not because I like them more…hell, all of you good. But sometimes is battery is down…My head can only think of one character…one storyline and not 8 different characters and more than 14 mails filled with roleplays…my brain is just gets in pain followed with no muse, fatigue and eventually not to go here for a while… so sometimes I need a break to even not go online for a day or even more…or sometimes I just will answer comments….that’s all…

Anyway the crucial and important thing is THIS YEAR at university/college how ever way you guys know has been difficult. In terms of emotionally and mentally; so I am making a few changes for my grades having hitting the rocks for the little effort I could make due to depression and grievance.
So, I was thinking and I hope I do stay with my rules :o is the following.







I also want to notify that my news on my own comments will be tell you what I am doing e.g. ONLINE -  ANSWERING A FEW or BE RIGHT BACK MOTHER IS CALLING. There are moments that I will disappear out of blue cos I forgot to let you know guys, others because emergencies and God forbid me if is things like going to a hospital because my mother suffered from a heart attack or something like that.  Even she can be annoying, she still is my mother :P who cares and loves me, even though she has her weird quirky and bitchy side sometimes XD also got friends and family any ordinary person, so BARE WITH ME, I'M HUMAN XD

Anyway I hope I covered everything and I am not creating any inconvenience. If I am, well, sure you can delete me. I have been deleted before; with no explanations and then I have seen the same stupid person in another account, so I won’t let anybody crash me…I faced worse things than a little drama out of that :L :P

I do say though; if you want to roleplay with me. I ask you a few things:

* Exciting roleplaying.
** No more than 2 lined or paragraph unless is detailed or I do know you are going to excite me with our roleplay.
*** Warn me how much you lengthen you want in my reply, because if you don’t tell me and I don’t answer the best out of it…then simple tell. Don’t be shy and a shitty person with your feeble excuse of “I can’t explain to people, I am not good at making myself clear” HELLO is easy “Can you do it longer?” I won’t bite you, I will only be a bitch and rant around about you if you just do that and don’t explain or worse when you finally explain, just to delete yourself and go back on RPS with same photo, but don’t add me back… Because really that shows up that you, yourself are bitch to people who try their best. And frankly I can’t help but tell think of you as “well you can go fuck yourself”
**** Also; if you want to do another roleplay with me; I'm afraid I will cut down 2 per person. Don't get me wrong; I love roleplay to death! I don't want to ever let go, but it's exhausting to do 20 mails after disappearing a week or more and more mails. I don't pressure nor favoritism to people. I want to be fair and square, but sometimes won't be the case; e.g. exhausting days will require to answer one person. 

I guess that’s the most of it (: normally I am good, flexible person but once you piss me off specially from the third rule up there ^ then…well…who can blame me? We are not here to please anyone although sometimes we just want to make people happy  but when one is rude; you can’t help but stick your middle finger to them (: and I have no regrets on that XD

Also I want to say, I understand some will be busy, sick and some will have a long time to answer back on roleplays due to muse or family and other problems or issues and things, I rather be given an explanation sometimes just a “I won’t reply until drama sizzles down.” Or just speak up…eventually I will find either way your real life is messy…hell I prefer you warn me before I go nasty. I am not normally that unless I have good reason for it. :P so I will try to be very patient from now on, but please don’t me stand as a duck…I rather be treated as a person…ducks are cute though :P haha. I just want to explain, my life is different. I am come from family that love unity, so sometimes I won't be on much because they want that out of me or they want to share a moment without me goggling on my laptop or phone everyday :/.


Anyway hope we came in a agreement, don’t be mistaken. I always miss it when I don’t’ reply you for hours, minutes or even days (if that ever happens) and even more. But I always get you back in the end because I love roleplaying and talking to awesome people in ooc. This hobbie is wonderful, that I wouldn’t want it to ever end.

Yours sincerely,

X Storynights. 

Appearing on the Graham Norton Show again was lovely, it's nice to see Graham once more. Cheryl took her time out in appearing on the show and perform her new single 'Crazy Stupid Love', she'll also be discussing about her return on the X Factor, her fourth solo album in the works, how her relationship with Simon Cowell is, and her first ever perfume. She will be joining with the charming and handsome British actor Tom Hiddleston and few other celebrities, she's really looking forward about this tonight's show. 

Cheryl left her hotel for the evening led by her assistant; Lily England, one of her bodyguards and her driver, she sat comfortably in a black shiny 4-by-4 vehicle with black-tinted windows in the passenger sides to stop the press from looking through. Cheryl wore her 'Crazy Stupid Love' outfit with a stylish black-hooded jacket over the top to keep the bare skin hidden for a while until she performs on stage, the car drove through the busy London city. 

Cheryl has a small petite frame but she does have amazing abs in her stomach and has a tiny waist, her long wavy blonde-highlighted hair sat below her shoulders, she will be performing with Tinie Tempah who features in the single and music video, he will just be arriving a bit later. The car approached the BBC Studios just at the back-door to The Graham Norton Show to avoid the press, she was led out of the car into the building and towards the dressing room she'll be sharing with the guests who are also on the show. 

Cheryl was very excited about tonight, most importantly in performing live, and meeting the handsome Tom Hiddleston for the first time in person, she entered the dressing room and went towards the chair with her name 'Cheryl' written at the back of it, she sat down and her make-up artist and hair stylist to do Cheryl's finishing touches. In a short while, Cheryl will go down towards the bar area which leads into the studio and just have a drink before walking on, she needs something to calm her nerves and excitement.

Day 1

Coltessa killed by Lyra
Lyn killed by Pickles
Bludika killed by Dapps
Alex killed by Blade
Rain killed by Blade
Yamz killed by Stephanie
Pickles killed by Loki
Inquisitor killed by Tamz
Blade killed by Loki
Tamz killed by Carnage

Day 2

Luffy killed by Sheriff
Stephanie killed by Becca
Becca killed by Lyra
Loki killed by Lyra

Day 3

Maleficent killed by Sweetest Embrace
Pipi killed by Sheriff
Haruhi killed by Carnage

Day 4

Carnage killed by dysentery
Sweetest Embrace killed by environmental disaster
Lyra killed by Vlad

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Dapps killed by Vlad
Vlad killed by MOM Monster

Day 9

MOM Monster killed by Sheriff

Sheriff is the victor!
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As I'm sure some of you have noticed, I haven't been able to come online and respond to any of my current RPs. This is because my laptop is currently down, and it's complicated and a rather lengthy process trying to respond to everyone over mobile.

I hope to have everything worked out soon, but in the meantime please have patience and I will get back to you ASAP.

I am, however, still available to discuss storylines, chat RP, etc. So please feel free to message me/leave comments any time.

Thank you all for your understanding!
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I seem to go through cycles. There are four stages each cycle. Today I went through Stage 4 so the cycle will be restarting soon.

Stage 1- Completely fine, happy with only a bit of negativity.
Stage 2- Feeling my heart starting to collapse, but continuing to smile.
Stage 3- Starts having flashbacks, and tearing up.
Stage 4- Bawling my eyes out and regretting ever living.

The cycles don't have a set amount of time but, they are very much recurring. I've had far too much happen to me within my short span of life, and it has obviously effected my mental state. If you take into consideration my childhood abuse, alcoholic family members, divorced parents, etc. It all seems to make sense. These events have shaped who I am, and they have helped me learn what not to do in life, and what the right decisions are in certain situations but, still haunt me. I suppose that I'm just the mentally insane girl with far too much emotional pain.

Jacqueline Oracle Apr 10 · Comments: 3
new verison of code lyoko with mlp pkm and paw patrol their ponies their growned up and may be married join in to stop xana once again. aelita- zumi twilight- zumi odd- empty yumi- empty ulrich- empty william- empty jeremy- empty applejack- empty rainbow dash- empty kiwi- empty pikachu- empty skye- empty rocky- empty spike- empty ryder- empty chase- empty alex- empty zuma- empty pinkie pie- empty gilda- empty katie- empty rarity- empty fluttershy- empty Xana- empty King sombra- empty
Administrator Doppelganger will shortly be taking admin leave from Roleplay Social, while she prepares and begins to take her college classes. During this period of time she noted that she will not be able to get on the site on a regular basis, so she has decided to temporarily step down from her position in order to further concentrate on her studies. As site creator, I respect this decision and her position as Administrator will always be here for her, when or if she returns to us. 

If you a member of the site and had positive interactions with her, why not use this time to thank her for her constant help and work on the site. You can also use this blog post to say your farewells and wish her luck in her studies. 

Her Page

I let myself be consumed by lust and wonder. I allowed my curious 11 year old mind to explore. I never questioned it. I never had a chance to. 4 years later, everything is the same. Trapped, in a never ending cycle. He's had me right where he wants me all this time. No matter the length of time that goes by, if he calls I always come. He controls me. He manipulates me. He stalks me. He sees me. I wanted attention, I craved it. He delivered it. He delivered the attention I so desperately wanted in the worst way possible. I fear for my life, yet I feel so safe. Polar opposites. My mind is warped. I see him each and every day. He watches me. He makes my decisions. No freedom. Trapped. No escape. The attention I so craved, the curiosity, I want to take it all back. I want to take back the innocence I once had. The 11 year old that smiled genuinely. Not this. This person I see in the mirror is not real. She is fake. Fake smiles, fake hair, fake face made up to hide the scars and the dark circles. Why? Why did I let this happen? Why can I not save myself? Someone please tell me why.
Jacqueline Oracle May 11 · Comments: 3

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BarrySweet and RealOlicity!

Felicity Smoak Jul 13 '14 · Comments: 2

Here is a list of my Female characters :)

Name ; Roxy Munez

Age ; 24

Occupation ; Bar staff / Ballet classes

Family ; Parents live in Seattle with little brother

Status; Single,  bisexual

Personality ; Outgoing, Confident, sense of humour, sarcastic, loving, caring, stubborn.

Image ; Mila Kunis.

Roxy grew up in Mexico up until the age of 10. Once granted permission to go to America, her family moved to Seattle and started up their own business. The Garcia family home consists of a nice house on a farm, growing their own wine and surrounded by cattle and horses. It was lovely growing up! Even if she doesn't look like the farm girl type.

Roxy then met a guy whom she fell in love with. The pair moved to NYC. However things didn't go to plan, he was aggressive, arrogant, and nasty. After months of abuse, Roxy got a job in a bar, her sweet persona changed to a little cocky, some men find it quite attractive. She works in a bar, and also spends a lot of time down at the ballet studio. 



Name ; Holly Swann

age ; 24

Occupation ; Nurse

Family ; Mother lives in California, Father deceased.

Status ; Single, Bisexual

Personality ; Quirky, sweet, gentle, soft hearted, romantic.

Image ; Kate Hudson

Holly grew up in California with her parents. Her father passed away due to heart failure when she was 15. Once a bad girl, she soon changed into the soft hearted, caring person she is today. After this, Holly knew what she wanted to do, help others, and what better way to do this than be in a hospital as a nurse. Holly went to Maryland University getting her degrees in medicine, and now works in the local hospital. She is the kind of person that would put a smile on anyones face. Holly longs for love, but hasn't had any luck as of yet.



Name ; Bella De Angelis

Age ; 23

Occupation ; Fbi

Family ; Unknown

Status ; Single, bisexual

Personality ; Stubborn, quirky, geeky, caring, work motivated.

Image ; Zooey Deschanel


Bella, full name Isobella, grew up not having a real home, she was passed from family to family due to foster care. Even though she wouldn't change her childhood, she never really understood what the big hype was. Eventually moving to Washington DC, she used most of her emotion and started studying and training for the FBI. Bella lives alone and only focus' on work, it's all she has. No friends, only colleagues. No family. No love life. She needs rescuing from the life of self pity!


Name ; Lola Anderson

Age ; 18

Occupation ; student

Family ; parents

Status ; Single, bisexual

Personality ; cocky, arrogant, selfish, ignorant, bitchy

Image ; Victoria Justice

Lola lives with her parents and little sister. To her mothers discretion, Lola's father abused her, sexually, physically and mentally. Only until recently he stopped. Some would say this is the reason for her attitude and way she is around men. Lola is constantly in trouble with school, and always with her family, they rarely speak to her. But she would rather it be that way. Lola is very damaged, nobody knows the deepness of her emotion. Will someone come into her life she trusts completely and opens up too?


Name ; Zoe Darling

Age; 28

Occupation ; Con artist / assassin 

Status; Single, Bisexual

Personality ; cocky, flirty, sexual, powerful, feisty, funny, sarcastic

Image; Angelina Jolie

Zoe had a brilliant upbringing with her parents and 5 siblings. The constant attention from men and women made her head and ego explode, this lead her to be extremely flirty and sexual. Men are like her prey, even though she enjoys relations with women too. Her work is a little daring, the amount of scars on her amazing body, and the sound of gunshots will never leave her ears. Zoe lives alone, her only companions are weapons and her vehicle. She is set by a local business to kill or threaten unwanted people on this earth, and she is very good at it.

image ; 


Name ; Riley Copeland

Age ; 23

Occupation ; Musician

Family ; parents

Status, Single, lesbian.

Personality ; feisty, hot headed, attitude, caring, protective

Image ; mary-kate olsen

story - Riley grew up in North Dakota, her parents were always at work leaving her be with her grandfather, who taught her everything there is to know about music. He taught her how to sing, although natural, and also how to play the guitar and piano. Saddened when her grandfather passed away last year, her mind was to follow her dreams in music. For 3 years she has been trying to find someone who will give her a chance and sell records, but no such luck as yet. She lives in a small apartment in New York, doing gigs around the city. 



Name - Alice Moore

Age - 35/40

Occupation - Lawyer

Family - none

Status ; single

PErsonality - funny, sweet, feisty, outgoing, romantic, confident

image - Julianne Moore.

Story ; The fiesty red head Alice works as a lawyer for the biggest Lawyer firm in San Francisco. She is very good at her job and very consistent. Alice had heart surgery 4 years ago when her heart randomly stopped beating. The doctors told her she died for 43 minutes. But managed to bring her back to life. They didn't know if her life would be shortened, but Alice lives every day as though it was her last and doesn't waste any time doing something irrelevant. 


Name ; Brooklyn Di Angelo

Age ;22/28

Occupation ; Dental Nurse

Family ; all live in Spain, hence her accent

Status ; Single

Personality ; feisty, hot headed, short tempered, never loved, attitude, caring, funny

Image ; Penelope Cruz

Story ; Brooklyn grew up in Spain, her strong accent rubs off on those interested in her which to most is attractive. She works as a dental nurse alongside a dentist, but oddly hates the place and wants to get out. Her boss is too flirtatious with her,but Brooklyn is trapped, she can't lose her job. Taking the abuse from the boss, she enjoys being at home with a bottle of wine, to which she will drink a full one in one night. Brooklyn doesn't have many friends as she hasn't lived in the states very long, but her English is spot on. 


Name ; Dana Scully

Age ; 35

Occupation ; FBI/ Medical Doctor/ Forensics

Family ; yes, parents and brother

Status ; Single

Personality ; focussed, work related, fun, bubbly, stubborn

Image ; Gillian Anderson


Name ; Alex Vause

Age ; 25 - 30

Occupation ; Criminal, ( drug smuggler)

Family ; deceased

Status ; Single, Lesbian

Personality ; Flirty, alluring, witty, confident, tough

Location ; Prison

Image ; Laura Prepon

Alex Vause is a former inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary. Alex is a former drug smuggler for an unspecified international drug cartel. She is snarky and street smart. While she does associate with other inmates, she also keeps to herself emotionally, although she isn't afraid to fight back if provoked. Vause is a tall, athletically built woman. She wears her hair down and dyed black, usually wearing dark eyeliner and her eye brows plucked within an inch of their lives. She wears glasses with thick black frames. She is a fan of tattoos and displays quite a few proudly.



Name ; Piper Chapman

Age ; 25-30

Occupation ; self employed/ prisoner

Family ; Mother,Father and little brother.

Status; Single, bisexual

Personality ; sweet, funny, smart, sarcastic, can be moody

Location ; Can either roleplay her in prison or out :)

Image ; Taylor Shilling

Piper was born on June 7, 1981. She grew up on the east coast in an upper middle-class family and is a self-proclaimed WASP. She is the middle child, with an older and younger brother. Her older brother has been referenced as "the perfect son" , Her younger brother, Cal, was generally regarded as the "black sheep" of the family - before her incarceration.

She graduated from college, but spent some years after graduation travelling and seeking to find herself.

Looking for a job after graduating from college Piper, she meets edgy Alex Vause at a bar. Though she has never dated a woman before, they quickly begin a relationship. In love and thirsting for adventure, Piper is unbothered by the fact that her girlfriend is an international drug smuggler. They travel the world together in high style, and on one occasion Piper agrees to traffick a suitcase full of $50,000 in drug money to Belgium and immediately regrets it. Despite her discomfort in committing criminal acts herself, she is content to quit her job as a waitress just to travel with Alex living off the enticing incentives of the global drug trade.

Eventually, Alex is desperate, and begs Piper to traffick again. Piper refuses, and they break up for good. 


More coming soon, 

Will Roleplay any character you desire. 

If you wanna know more, ask :)

'Vause May 1 '14 · Comments: 2
I cannot trust any longer. Many have come and broken my trust, my heart, and my spirit. Each time I must go searching for the pieces and parts that were shattered and scattered. There is only so much that I am capable of handling, so much that I can fight through. I'm tired of it though. I'm tired of being used and breaking over and over. It would seem like people only want me for my innocence. They want to destroy it so I feel pain. Lovers come and they break my heart, saying they want my trust and affection, but then they toss it back in my face. Friends, are never truly friends, they come when it's convenient for them, never when I need them. Even my family denies me the simple pleasure of being loved and accepted. Are they not supposed to love me unconditionally? Why am I an exception to that rule? It may seem childish of me to be writing this for all to see, but I just wanted to know, am I the only one? From where I stand right now, it would seem so. I feel utterly and completely alone. It's like I'm on a deserted island with no food and no water, slowly dying. Yet, I never give up, despite the many that have told me to. Is it wrong for me to hope for something more? To hope for a better life in the future? I just don't know anymore.
Jacqueline Oracle Apr 4 · Comments: 2
Hi everyone,

As some of you will know I've been suffering with numerous health problems in the last year or so. One of the worst of these is my daily struggle with depression. To say the last 12 months have been bad is an understatement. 

It is because of this, I've recently started to come across as very ignorant and like I don't care about people on here. My daily struggles are absolutely no excuse for how I've come online and treated people. I realize online is a seperate entity and I have no right to take my crappy attitude out on anyone here.

You have all been amazing to me since I joined here and its given me a genuinely fun hobby to enjoy. I want to thank you all and tell you all how deeply, deeply sorry I am for anytime I've disrespected any of you and I sincerely hope that those of you who have seen my nasty side can forgive me and we can start again :)

I'm sorry to everyone, and thank you so much for taking the time to read this post - I'd love more friend requests and roleplays....I realize you can never have too many friends in this world :) 

SportyDisabledGuy Feb 12 · Comments: 2
I'm very pleased to announce that my laptop has been fixed.

I've been away for longer than I had intended, but I am ready to pick up from where I left off. Or start over, as the case may be.

I would greatly appreciate it if any users I was plotting/roleplaying with could message me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your patience. It's been a long wait.

Loki Laufeyson Apr 17 · Comments: 2
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