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:strolled through the club, seating himself next to his old pal, the Jackal, in the tall curved booth along the back wall. "Do you still have it?":

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Into that which we love our passion is poured.

Isis neither loved nor adored, nor understood the concept of a café. With the deliverance of the assignment from the Shuhan himself she had done what she always did: She took some time aside for herself, by herself. As the Amazon meandered through the Gaika’s gardens she mulled over the task at hand. At her side her two Familiars had strode, quiet when they sensed that they needed to be, and full of eagerness to aid their master and lady whenever the blonde asked a question. The Queen had vast knowledge of the happenings in her own world, but to this world she was blind. The Familiars that housed her magic and unleashed her wrath were coloured just a fraction more, had travelled the universe just a slither more, and imparted what knowledge they had onto her. But that knowledge only took her so far. Isis needed not only the cooperation of her fellow Gaika members, but she required their input.

On the battlefield Isis stood tall and unyielding like a mighty pillar. If one only scrutinized the form of Isis from her time on the warpath, then only an unmerciful, hard woman would be seen. In the midst of battle, in the thicket of chaos, the woman would bark orders, shout commands, and lead her warriors. She was a guiding force not to be reckoned or argued with, but in the time when she sat amongst the gardens of her Amazonian settlement, she was a stark contrast. Young girls could approach their Queen without a trace of worry. There was no formal, stiff tradition in that manner. Isis took on board all of the opinions, worries and suggestions of her people. And with that nature in full bloom Isis would approach this ordeal.


At her time at the Gaika Isis had found the time to scour the surrounding countryside, and it was in one particular clearing that she awaited her fellow Osheigo. How many would show was an untold mystery to her. There were variables in the gamble that was life. They might not receive her letter, they may have attempted to reply her back and had been unable to contact her. There were those small variables and many more on a list that could change at any given moment. The blonde giant of a woman knew not what her fellow Osheigo thought of her, how they regarded her and if they would respect her ideal of pulling teamwork enough to meet her here, but that didn’t really matter to Isis. She had never been a female to bend over backwards to get someone to like her, however this was clearly a joint effort from the words of their Shuhan, and the Amazon could at least work in a group, at least in some manner.


The figure of war, known as Enyo to her enemies, had a knack for finding places like the clearing where she gathered her presence in wait. To reach the destination was to veer off the chosen path and push through tight thickets of bush. A small gully provided a treacherous slope, and the recent rainfall had caused the earth to soften underfoot. The moss and grass did little to hold the mushy soil in place, and if one was not careful, they would find themselves with a face full of mud, or a back full of rock should they slip and tumble too far the wrong way into the bottom of the gully. But to scale its other side and mound its rise was to reach a breathtaking beauty. The trees parted way to a clearing that had obviously been created by a storm some years ago. A couple of fallen trees left their mark in the earth, and nature had taken its inevitable course. Creeper vines and ground cover, moss and grass, all started to crawl over the fallen trees and swathe the soften bark in green.


It was upon one of those trees that the Amazonian Queen sat, one long leg crossed over the other, a chain of flowers rested against her breast today, the breeze tugging it against the olive flesh of her neck. Her weapons, and thus the Demonic spirits themselves, were nowhere to be seen. It was a difficult notion for Isis to grasp, to walk around unarmed. In her home world to venture into the woods unarmed was to welcome death, but from the Shuhans words in the Onsen the blonde was making every attempt to work things to his liking, to do things another way, a way she was not used to. If she had not respected the man, she would have kicked him in the teeth and told him to go kiss a horse’s ass before turning tail and leaving this place in her dust. As it was she did respect the man, though at times she was reminded of how. .Unorthodox he could be.

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I know it is rather sudden, but Roleplay Social Net is holding another Masquerade ball for all Roleplay Social members. You're invitation, is this very announcement and the announcement posted on our sister site, roleplaysocial.net.

You are free to come alone, with friends, or with your lovers. Yes I said lovers, as some people here have that sort of interest and that is perfectly welcomed, as we feel 'to each their own'. 

The main purpose of this event is to thank all of the members of the site for their dedication and support, and to help people find others to mingle and roleplay with. Roleplay is about having fun, so lets get out on the dance floor and have a blast! Lets make it a magical couple of nights that we will never forget, or if your into that kind of thing, make it so you'll never remember! Hey what happens here, stays here, right? If that's your flavor, then eat it your way. The main point is to have fun, relax, and mingle!!! 

The topic for the Main Event will be posted before 12:00 am in Eastern Standard Time. It will last for a week in real life time, giving people ample time to join and mingle with others. 

THANK YOU ALL! -Vlad and the Staff!

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"For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities-all things have been created by Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together"

-- Colossians 1:16-7

The purist of beings are born from the heart of The Empyrean, angelic descendants of God consisted of the the Ten Guardian Generals, Lucifer serving as Commander-Guardian General carrying out God's Will among the Universe. Chaos, a never ending battle of Primordial Darkness and the Righteous Light of our Father and Lord of All, had grasped the mighty Commander-Guardian General, sending him down the path of Pride and Arrogance. Banished from Paradiso, Lucifer and one third of the known angels were banished and sent down to Earth and Hell as Lucifer became known as Lord of Chaos after destroying the remaining Guardian Generals, only sparing one.


"I will ascend above the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High."

-- Lucifer prior to his descent to Earth and Hell.


 The Lord, still angered by his most trusted follower's actions, summoned forth all that was good left in Lucifer and made the purest of angels from it. The angel Lucifer should have been, Raith, The Enlightened Fallen appeared from the His Glorious Light, perfection the only word to describe him as all of Paradiso witnessed his creation. Though Raith was created from the light from The Empyrean and given all that made an angel of the General Guardians, his free will and freedom of choice was tied to Lucifer acting as a bridge between the two Realms. A messenger for the Lord, His fallen angel, Lucifer, could communicate to The Enlightened Fallen, though Raith was to never become a victim of his chaotic words and betray his Father fore it was not His Will. Blessed with immense power, God was the only higher power that would restrain His Dark Angel. Feeling the souls of all whom lived in the God's first born Universe, Raith would watch over all, doing as he wished acting on behalf of God's Will to give or take life. Protecting it or destroying it.

"I do in the name of the Lord. His Will driving me to serve and worship. I am the protector, and destroyer of worlds and races of beings. In the name of God and Lucifer, I will correct what has been wronged, and I will fulfill the destiny that had failed before me. Lord, give me the strength to return to you in worship and praise in your name. Amen..."

--Raith The Enlightened Fallen

"Only be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law that my servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right hand nor to the left, that you may have good success wherever you go. My Word of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that my Word has spoken. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

--Joshua 1:7-9


"God who equipped me with strength and made my way blameless. He made my feet like the feet of a deer and set me secure on the heights. He trains my hands for war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze."

--Psalm 18:32-34

Note: The first image is the image perceived by those who are within his presence. He was created as a Pure, but Dark Angel, a servant of God and messenger for the Devil, Lucifer. The second image is his Holy Final Form, his true form of which God had created him. The final image is his Chaotic Final Form, from where his energy was corrupted by Lucifer’s powers of chaos and darkness, the Lord and Father God the only omnipotent being able to control this form with His Will. Do not be intimidated by any means what so ever. He is very beatable, you just have to be creative enough. I never roleplay a truly immortal character.

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(More family to be added when I feel like it, between Aziabaelis, Valek, Ciotti, Elensia, Raeligiouz, Djinn, and Atrum there are a ton of kin. Also note: Aziabaelis SN tags for AoL are: Adragons__, Valek's are either ___Valek or fontof___, Raeligiouz is thefaiien ___, Elensia is ___Elensia, Ciotti is ___sins, Djinn is ___deeds, Reign SN tags are red dirt___)


Aziabaelis Kin: ("Parents" were the Devil. Plain and Simple. They are a combination of many different creatures.)


Empress Rosa Belladonna Aziabaelis (AIM: adragonsheresy) (Taken by Saint Raeligiouz)



Emperor Saint Plague Raeligiouz – (AIM: the faiien raven)
(Husband to Rosa, as the story unfolds it will be written as to why he's not been awake for centuries; has not met any of his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren or the like but keeps a close eye on them all.

Dropped from Heaven from their legion of dragons. He is not a fallen angel but a damned angel. His dragon form is black, but his scales are hidden by black/silver feathers. To be with Rosa, who was created by Satan himself, he dropped to the mortal Earth... yet she took his heart and ate it. Now he remains bonded to her, but still loves her with all his heart and heavenly soul.-- Spade)

Raeligiouz Kin: ("Parents" were Gods; they were created by God. Both the Good of the Arch Angels and lower Angels and worst of some Demons and dragon went into their making. Only 5 were made by the Gods, the 5th is a sister.)

Emperor Saint Plague Raeligiouz -(Brother) - Eldest (AIM: the faiien raven) (Taken by Rosa Aziabaelis)

Lord Kastor Cerberus Raeligiouz - (Brother) - Middle (AIM: the faiien rebel) (Taken by Skylar Nyte Sacrilege Valek )

Lord Spike Luke Raeligiouz - (Brother) - Youngest, twin to Ryder (AIM: the faiien sin) (Single)

Lord Ryder Declan Raeligiouz (Brother) - Youngest (AIM: the faiien iight) (Taken by Delilah Ciotti)

Lady Faith Gabrielle Raeligiouz - Sister - Baby (AIM: Unknown at this time) (Single) (This character is being played and co-owned by someone. More info on Faith will be posted as it becomes available.)

(DO NOT Complain of the choice of PB. It was not my own, but my husbands. Deal with it. His family, my copyright.)



Lady Thorne (Mother of Omen and Onyx – Twins, Sister to Rosa) (AIM: Unknown at this time)

(Waiting on Pic)



Lord Azraelle Styx Bane Aziabaelis (Father of Satanique and Lillibelle, Brother to Rosa) (AIM: adragonsraven)

(Taken by Sasha Djinn)

Siblings (Daughters of Rosa):

Queen Church Aurora Valek Aziabaelis – Grand Ancient (AIM: adragonscall) (Married to Connor Atrum)

Connor Atrum - Married to Church Aziabaelis (AIM: hidden) (Married.)

Lady Jade Lillith Valek Aziabaelis - Reborn Aziabaelis. - Grand Ancient (AIM: malefic vaiek/adragonsmalice) (Taken by Jakyll)
(Waiting for pic)

Lady Temple - Grand Ancient (AIM: Unknown at this time) (Taken by Grayson Sangre)
(Waiting for pic)

Lord Ezekiel Brimstone Aziabaelis – Grand Ancient (AIM: adragonsgrin) (Taken by Samantha Winchester)

Lady Samantha Winchester Valek Aziabaelis (AIM: None) (Married to Zeke)

(Space saved for NEW Aziabaelis being born to Zeke and Sam)

Princess Emerald Bellalith Aziabaelis – Ancient (AIM: Adragonsterror) (Taken by Skylar Djinn)

Princess Amethyst - Ancient
(Waiting for pic)

Church and Jade's own Devilish Creation: 

Princess Sapphire Nefaria Valek Elensia Ciotti Aziabaelis (AIM: adragonseternal) (Single)
(A combination of all the good, evil and neutral within the families linked to Valek and Aziabaelis.)


Children (Children of Church):

Prince Alister - Ancient (AIM: Unknown at this time)

(Yeah, that's Church's son, beware ladies.)

Princess Lillith – Ancient (AIM: Unknown at this time) (Taken by Oliver Swift)
(Waiting for pic)

Grandchildren (Of Church):

Tallons (Lillith’s son) – Whelp (AIM: Unknown at this time) (TOO YOUNG)


Cousins (Of the Quints):

Lady Satanique Rumor Aziabaelis – Ancient - Azraelle's Daughter (AIM: Unknown at this time) (Taken by Cade Djinn)

Lady Lillibelle Valentyne Aziabaelis – Ancient - Azraelle's Daughter (AIM: Unknown at this time) (Single)

Lord/LadyOmen – Ancient - Son/Daughter of Thorne
(Waiting for pic, unmunned)

Lady Onyx – Ancient - Daughter of Thorne
(Waiting for pic, unmunned)



Princess Isis “Izzy” Valek - Jade's Daugher (AIM: entitled valek) (Single)



Lucius Valek (AIM: Unknown at this time) (Status Unknown)

*** Other Characters I Play ***

Malique Calisto Elensia (AIM: vexed elensia) (Single)

Delilah Temperance Ciotti (AIM: Unknown at this time) (Taken by Ryder Raeligiouz)

Faith Angelica Djinn (AIM: solemn deeds) (Single)

Princess/Lady Valentina Onyxia Keilana Valek (Gus' sister) (AIM: adragonsvalek) (Single)

Prince/Lord Gustavo Saber Aziabaelis Valek (Val's brother) - (AIM: font of toxicity) (Single)

Princess/Lady Savannah Noelle Valek (AIM: Unknown at this time) (Single)

Destiny BlackBane (AIM: darque horror) (Single)

**Please note I do not OWN This character, nor claim any rights to her. I am merely her player.**

(Another character of mine is in the works, when she is finished I Will post her here as well as my disclaimer. Give me time, I've lots of replies, profiles to keep updated and stories to write. Not to mention family things to handle. Love to all my friends and family! -- Spade)

*** The character below is played by a close friend but lands under MY copyright. ***

Valkyrie Nikita Kross (AIM: Unknown at this time) (Single)
(UNKNOWN story, fallen angel and mother of Satanique and Lillibelle, broke Azraelle's heart.)

A family created by a friend, who used to use my copyright as their story intertwines with my own. However, due to time changes and the owner being caught in a lie, the family, tag and story belongs to me. Accept NO Substitutes.

(**NO This family holds NO relation to Velika Reign and such of that particular Reign family.)

Diesel Mason Reign - Single (AIM: reddirtoutlaw)

Troy James Reign (twin to Diesel) - Single (AIM: Reddirtrivalry)

Luke Derek Reign - Single (Inactive)

Sadie Jo Reign - Single (INACTIVE. PERIOD.)

Lacey Mae Reign (Twin to Sadie) - Single (This character is co-owned by someone

 and her info will be posted as soon as it is available.)

Paisley Paige Reign - Single (Inactive)


Kin, who also fall beneath my copyrights and trademarks. Protected and Guarded fiercely by all my characters and their respective families.:



Djinn -- Does not belong to me, nor do I hold its copyright/trademark



BlackBane -- Does not belong to me, nor do I hold its copyright/trademark

Atrum -- Does not belong to me, nor do I hold its copyright/trademark


Raeligiouz * Info of this family below, this family belongs to my husband. Their history, rules and personalities are HIS ideas and creations. *

** Dropped from Heaven from their legion of dragons. He/they is/are not a fallen angel but a damned angel. His/Their dragon form is black, but his/their scales are hidden by black/silver feathers. Their/His wolf and werewolf form is quite the same, black with silver highlights in the fur, but the fur is extra soft. As for their human form, it is always stunning with thick, silky, silver tinted hair. Their eyes pierce into your soul (Much like the Aziabaelis) only, with Raeligiouz, they see the good, not the sins. Aziabaelis eyes can see the sins of the person and choose to ignore them, or burn them into oblivion painfully. Enjoy. More coming. **

All characters of the Aziabaelis bloodline and the Raeligiouz bloodline as well as Ciotti and Valek are fully copyrighted by me, Ace of Spades 1994-2014, Red Dirt Rogue 1994-2014, Red Dirt Outlaw 2014 and Crimson Diva 2014 -  Deal with it. 

(If ya'll want your pic listed below your character, PM me their photo, I Am serious. This also includes your characters significant others! - Church)

** If there is a character who does not have a mun *Player* contact me and we will discuss it, I am VERY picky as to who plays MY characters. Otherwise HANDS OFF. - Spade **

Aziabaelis Crest:

Valek Crest:

(Coming soon)

Raeligiouz Crest:

Ciotti Crest:

(Coming soon)

Elensia Crest:

(Coming soon)

Reign Crest: 

This would be fine... Right? At this point Kato honestly had no idea, it sure as hell wasn't his idea though. Thanks to not spending time around others, the few times he had been with Deon, Kai easily picked up the different scent and immediately wanted to know what was going on. Yet upon hearing that his brother had befriended someone Kai had wanted to know everything and meet Deon immediately. Not that there was anything to know. They were, what were they exactly? That still puzzled Kato a little too much and he chose not to think about it. Instead he'd agreed to a meeting, mainly because he couldn't say no to something his brother was determined on.

Which had led to both the twins walking towards the arcade, Kato holding onto the others hand and his whole demeanour completely relaxed. It wasn't like there was much that could go wrong in an arcade..

"I told Deon to be here in five minutes, but he's not that good with finding places so he might be late.."

Yet Kato didn't sound remotely worried about that, even after seeing how freaked and panicked the demon could get when exposed to lots of new people. Hell he wouldn't have been surprised to find him running in, tail flailing behind him and a worried expression on his face. Though that wouldn't be the best way for Kai to meet his... Acquaintance? Friend? Experimental partner? Kato was a little clueless where that was concerned. Deon had jumped him a few times and it had been... Interesting? Had he found it interesting? Some of it hadn't been half bad, the others demonic instincts somehow knowing what to do and getting pouty when Kato didn't react with eagerness or give a reaction like most would.

This would be alright. As long as Deon didn't do anything like try and maul the brunette in front of his brother. That wouldn't go down too well.

White jeans adorned the younger twins legs, a grey t-shirt and light blue hoodie left unzipped on top. Dark red gemstones glistened from the rather large amount of piercings in both his ears, slightly obscured by dark hair. Yet someone compared to his brother or even when the other blonde arrived he would blend in more.

For some reason he doubted both blondes would ever fit in with the crowd.

He didn't bother to tell Kai to behave himself however. The hybrid could be a complete bitch when he wanted to and that was fine. Kato would never try to change his twin, not for anyone or anything, but he did hope they would at least get on.

"I'll beat your blonde ass on the racing game, you're shit at them."

His brother would know the comment had been said lightly, teasingly and no insult had been meant behind it. And if anyone else decided to echo Kato’s words they would find themselves the brunettes fist in their face before they had gotten the whole sentence out. The younger male could say whatever he wished, mainly because he meant nothing of it, but if anyone else thought they could, jokingly or seriously it would not go down as well. No one could insult Kai without insulting Kato in some way and he would not stand by whilst someone did that.

Pausing once reaching the entrance to the arcade, the brunette kept his hand held within his brothers and glanced astound at the games; claw machines, shooting games, air hockey tables, ah two motorbikes for a racing game. Some of the prizes in the claw machine looked desirable; namely the giant stuffed bear's that were half of the size of both males.

Paying for the games wouldn't be hard, and with all the change the younger had in his jeans pocket they could go on as many games as they wished. They were lucky enough to have been brought up with money, one of their fathers working hard to pay his own way and the other having enough inheritance to buy his sons whatever they wished.

"Deon will be here soon.. Possibly."

And if he didn't turn up? Kai wouldn't let it drop, even when he didn't know that the other blonde had kissed his brother several times. For there to be someone that Kato was remotely interested in besides Kai was unheard of and the older twin had certainly been shocked to hear it. Had he heard that a little more than that had happened.. Well the brunette wasn't sure how he'd respond. Sure Kai had a new male within his sights every other week and Kato never questioned it, but the younger twin was not like that. Up until recently he hadn't ventured out with anyone other than Kai and had only seen Deon on the occasions his brother was busy with his own demon. Had he unintentionally been trying to keep it a secret? Or did he just place the one blonde higher up on his priorities to spend time with?
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Before you agree to roleplay with me, please note that most if not all of my OC's are/will become homosexual. This is purely because of my own sexual preference.

DISCLAIMER: All pictures belong to their respective artists. I do not own them.


[ AZRAPHEL ] Preserver

"I watch over you silently, protecting you."

Full Name: Azraphel

Age: Unknown

Species: Archangel

Sexuality: Unknown

Bio: Azraphel is an Archangel of Heaven and the protector of Humans; he is one of four Angels that were given two pairs of wings, this beautiful anomaly signifying a greater purpose for those individuals: to preserve the four realms of Heaven, Hell, Earth and Purgatory.

For many millennia he silently observed the birth of mankind and all living beings on the planet, watching them slowly evolve into the civilisation they were today. From being unable to grasp the knowledge of the Universe to understanding only a partial of the physical laws that formed an existing body, each individual decision, milestone and sacrifice were surveyed by Azraphel, smiting any demonic entities that could interfere with the lives of the mortals and upset the balance of nature. However, he noticed how with each century the amount of souls either ascending to Heaven or dropping to Hell increased rapidly, exposing the flaws of Humans like a rotted wound. And though he loved the species as was expected of him, Azraphel only performed a few miracles here and there, some that had managed to make the headlines and some that others would not notice.

Why disrupt an already predestined fate? It was his duty.

Personality: Because of his species as an Angel, Azraphel is extremely dutiful and reacts according to what would best suit Heaven, never heeding his own opinion. He is programmed to defend, cast wonders and strike down any mortal with no questions asked. However, if the time arose where the lives of many were in jeopardy from an abnormal occurrence that would disturb the equilibrium, he would be forced to act accordingly.


[ SILOR ] Philanderer

"Submit yourself to sin. Submit yourself to me."

Full Name: Silor Levitas

Age: 23

Species: Incubus

Sexuality: Homosexual

Bio: A flirtatious minx who knows no boundaries, Slior is a rising model for a newly-formed company SAVOR, his flamboyant appearance catching the attention of modeling street scouts and both men and women alike. 

Born from a human father and succubus mother, Silor lived in peace until he reached the years of adolescence and his physical form began to change drastically; from a young age he was aware of what obstacles he would need to face in the future because of his mother’s DNA. During his 13th birth year he attracted unwanted attention and lust from grown adults and blossoming teenagers, constantly having to experience harrassment from teachers and other usually trustworthy authority figures, the cause of an invisible pheromone emitted from his person that was triggered when hitting puberty.

Once reaching adulthood and gaining a face of chiselled perfection, Silor utilises his outward charm to seduce victims to crave carnal pleasure and, in turn, sate his own passionate endeavors.

Personality: A natural philanderer, Silor's untaught seductiveness enables him to bed anyone in his sights if he so wishes. Extremely open with his sexuality and erotic tendencies, an outgoing person like himself catches the eyes of many but he does not just bed anyone who asks...


[ VAUGHN ] Informant

"Trusting me is an unwise decision."

Full Name: Vaughn Morgen

Age: 25

Species: Dark Angel Spawn

Sexuality: Unknown

Bio: An extremely secretive being of vast knowledge and dexterity, Vaughn’s past is non-existent to the world. The first memory he could muster was an image of falling black feathers, sleek and soft as they embraced him as if for protection, yet no face could be recalled. As Vaughn grew, he soon came to realise that humans were creatures he could not relate to. They were simple life forms of little importance, but those thoughts were not fueled by any ill experience he had encountered as a child. It was a sixth sense that dwelled deep within. 

Living a life full of betrayal and deceit taught him one important lesson: knowledge is power. An informant to one, a traitor to the other, Vaughn was quickly becoming the city’s most sought-after man; whether it was for his entire head or the invaluable information one could only argue, but the constant threat of death only seemed to encourage the illegality of his trade.

With no connections to use as leverage, he continues his dangerous game for his own desires and selfishness, anticipating the day a challenge would arise...

Personality:A master of sculpting his entire manner, Vaughn is a chameleon who uses façades to suit his client. One night he could be a professional businessman for a notorious company CEO and then the next morning, a warm, caring lover for a female university student. His true character is hidden away from the world.


[ XANTHUS ] Predator

"Don't think so highly of yourself. Your blood can be easily replaced."

Full Name: Xanthus Titrus Clayborne

Age: 988

Species: Vampire

Sexuality: Unknown

Bio: A creature of the darkness and nightcrawler of the shadows, Xanthus is the last surviving highborn vampire of the Clayborne family; history's books tell of the clan's damnation and massacre that occurred in the early 1400s: on the night of tribulation, Dragonfire consumed the lands of Clayborne including the family castle and burned anything in its path including his mother, father and younger sister. Xanthus had returned from a week-long hunt to witness the screams of agony and the scorching heat of fire. Torn and blind with rage, the remaining vampire located the perpetrator after only a few months and butchered his bloodline with no remorse or mercy.

Before the tragedy of his kin he was a loving man who sought after nothing but the safety and preservation of their lineage. Within the secretive vampire network the Clayborne’s were among the highest ranks, an honourable position offered by none other than the Alpha Vampire himself, the oldest and purest creature of them all. But, after the inferno burned all that Xanthus had lived for for almost a millennia, he departed the lands and severed his ties with anyone who knew of him, aimlessly searching for something...

In today's society that has changed drastically since his birth, Xanthus lives in solitary confinement on the outskirts of the city with a manor he calls his own...but a home it was not.

Personality: Xanthus is a stoic, blunt and detached creature who thinks of humans as nothing but food. With nothing to live for, he cares for little and wonders just how long he will lead a desolate life.


[ ZAINE ] Harbinger

"I am a Lord and a Phoenix. My word is final."

Full Name: 'Lord' Zaine Atili Pegason

Age: Unknown

Species: Dark Phoenix

Sexuality: Unknown

Bio: A creature born from devilry, Zaine is a Lord of the Underworld, ruling over the many fiendish beasts birthed from the Darkness.

Corrupted from the very moment he took his first breath, he proved to be a natural executioner when only an adolescent and, through the years, became a harbinger of death. Many feared him and the Devil himself praised his detachment to all creation, for his cold attitude was frightening to even the worst of demons, but what he was may have been the main reason for gaining loyalty he did not ask for. A phoenix was one of the rarest beings to exist, but a dark phoenix was even more scarce. Only one could exist at a time in the Universe and currently, Zaine was that individual.

Frequently he manages the space between the Underworld and Earth, dragging souls into the void and feeding them to all that follow him, but governing for the majority of his time leaves him bored out of his wits. When entertainment is needed for Zaine's amusements, performances from bloody sacrifices to lively orgies are preferred displays, after all he has many that bend to his will at the twitch of a finger.

Personality: Zaine is a truly sadistic person who takes pleasure in watching the suffering of others, especially if said torture is caused by his own two hands. He prides himself in manipulating the minds of his enemies and holds no remorse when killing another simply because he wanted to hear bones break. Despite having obtained a prodigious following, he serves the realm as its loyal and devoted Lord.


These characters have been written, created, made and played by only me; Spade, or my sister Jenn. I have been writing and role playing for longer than many on god forsaken AOL, so don't expect me to bow down to you on RPS. My personal life is NONE of your concern, so please, take this as nice as possible and Fuck Off, I will not explain to you my life’s story. 
I am happily married, have been for 7 years. I am old enough to know the difference between decent RP and pure smut. I don't give a fuck if you think your SL has an awesome plot, unless it has a good enough plot for me to dive into, I won't. 
 Ask nicely and I may grace you with my writing. Church, Omen, Rosa, Thorne, Emerald, Amethyst, Onyx, Azraelle, Zeke, Sapphire, Satanique, Lillibelle, Isis, Valentina, Savannah, Faith Djinn, Malique Elensia, Delilah Ciotti, Saint Raeligiouz, Kastor 
Raeligiouz, Spike Raeligiouz, Ryder Raeligiouz, Gustavo Aziabaelis Valek,  and Temple are copyrighted characters, their bloodline as well. Their copyright? Ace of Spades 1994-2014 as well as Red Dirt Rogue 1994-2014

I also co-hold a copyright with my sister, Jenn; Crimson Diva. That copyright holds Aziabaelis, The Vermilion Wolves,  Valek, Elensia, and Ciotti, Raeligiouz as well as ONE Djinn Character that I play (Take it up with the owner of Djinn)

Isis Valek, Malique Elensia, Faith Djinn and Delilah Ciotti, Savannah Valek, Valentina Valek and Gustavo Valek are also my characters, created either by my sister Jenn, or a joint effort in their creation. Find fault with anything? Come to me with it. Do NOT go attacking my sister. Period. 

The Copyrights I hold are: Ace of Spades, Red Dirt Rogue, BloodBone Inc., and Co-Hold Crimson Diva. As for their Trademark (Aziabaelis) It has been held for 20 years and is updated YEARLY. Wanna steal my stuff? I'll see you in court, and you will pay the court costs as well as the hefty fine for copyright infringement and theft of a Trademark. -- Enjoy.

I play all types of genres, fantasy, medieval, realistic, futuristic and even psychopathic. Don't like it? Don't play with me. 

As for any of my Aziabaelis ladies;(Yes, this was hastily thrown together. Deal with it, the time I put into my characters should outweigh any disclaimer, info or warning I give you as to their legacy.) Yes, she is a dragon. Yes, she has other forms. No, I do not always follow the "Dragon Code" because guess what, I WROTE HER. She is a blessing from MY mind. 

I am old school. I TBO. I rarely find any who can beat me. Remember this rule? "To post is to consent" Oh yeah, I'm invoking that rule. You post to me, you've consented and if I honestly do not like your char or you've attacked me, strap in. It's war. I only stop for two reasons; You've bowed out to me in an IM, or your character is dead. TBO baby. Turn Base Outpost. Try me.

Long live Vermilion Wolves! We Shall Arise! Mother is awake....

I don't give a damn who is fighting with whom, I DO NOT participate in drama. I graduated high school. I RP for fun, that's all. And if you try to drag me into whatever bullshit drama you have going on, I will do one of two things: Tell you to fuck off or block you. Simple as that.

Think you know me? Maybe remember me from the early 1994-2009 era? Try again. I'm not who I was as a child. I did this thing called "growing up." You should try it. While you're at it, get some new material. Forget anything you Thought you knew about me. I'm a totally different breed now.

IF you dare to step to me in a room, please be a bit more creative than "-in-" a monkey with rabies could post better than that. Give me some flourish, but don't over do it. Fine line sweetheart. Why not try... "-As moments ticked by, she entered the room. Appearance, as captivating as an actress walking down the red carpet. Long locks of plush ebony ran down her lithe spine as she...-" And so on. A few pretty words here and there add to the romance of the writing. And honestly, let's take it back a few years. Remember that teacher in school who always preached "show don't tell"? Oh yeah, show me baby.

All characters of the Aziabaelis bloodline and the Raeligiouz bloodline are fully copyrighted by me, Ace of Spades 1994-2014, Red Dirt Rogue 1994-2014 and Crimson Diva 2014 -  Deal with it.


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