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Hey guys :)

I've been wanting to put something for a while but haven't really had the time. I just have a couple of issues ;

1) sometimes I need to have short breaks. This is because of a medical condition called Cluster Headaches. No, it is not a headache, it is not a migraine. It's a neurological disorder I have. I don't have the attacks all the time, hence the name 'cluster'. When my attacks happen, I have to have medical oxygen until I see my headache nurse, which then gives me an injection in the base of my skull. If I suddenly go offline it's because of this. I don't get a warning, and no, painkillers do not work. If you want to know more, then ask. Don't be pissy at me for something you don't understand.

2) I'm not going to be a person that sticks by rules , I think it is petty and pathetic. Some people can't do long , extremely detailed replies. I think people need to stop being so shallow and ignorant to the fact that not every body is as literate and that they want to roleplay for fun. I have dyslexic friends who love roleplaying but some of you wont give them the time of day. Get your head out of your arses.

3) yes, I'm a lesbian, a married one at that. Don't give me hate. Don't expect me to suddenly follow your religion path. Love is love, get over it. I respect you, so respect me. Besides, women are hot.

4) i love making friends, so talk to me :)
'Skittles Feb 10 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 27
This is the blog story of Cheryl Cole getting the part of Loki's lover in Thor 2 The Dark World. And in which Cheryl and Tom fall in love during their production and begin funny buddies with Chris Hemsworth.
Ƭнσмαѕ HιɗɗƖєѕтση Oct 10 '14 · Comments: 14 · Tags: cherylcole012
This is the story of two best friends that drifted apart from her parents murdered and he vanished saying he was dead but 5 year's later a unexpected sighting come's to happen between them.
Tʜᴇ Hᴏɢᴡᴀʀᴛs Gᴇɴɪᴜs Dec 20 '14 · Comments: 11 · Tags: jamescarrow
Friendship Rules
Do not add me, just to ignore me. It's really stupid to have friends on a friends list that you don't even respond to!
2.If the RP that we are currently doing becomes dull to you, don't just decide not to share any interactions with me, that is childish, on so many levels. Say something to me, do not just block me and leave me waiting for a response forever.
3.Referring back to the first rule, when you're talking, know that a one word conversation, isn't a conversation at all!
4. Be nice, treat people with the respect you would like them to give to you! That is essential to a good friendship.
5. Know that if I tell you I love you, it's just on a friendly basis, until I tell you it's anything more.
6. NO DRAMA! I cannot stress this enough. I am so tired of drama, I could scream. If you become the source and leading cause of any said drama, I will block you. I will let you know you will be blocked, and then, it will happen.

Roleplay Rules
My biggest pet peeve, when I'm RPing with someone, is when I send a long starter, and all I get back is a sentence. That's not going to cut it.
2. DO NOT steal my characters. I worked hard to create them. They are mine and they always have been. Both are unique and I can tell you the EXACT year it was, that these characters were created from MY mind.
3. DO NOT control my characters, in any shape, way, or form.
4. DO NOT godmod. I cannot stand it. I honestly don't think anyone can.
5. NO TXT TLK. If yer gunna tlk lyk dys, then save it for OOC talk, if you must and absolutely have to talk like that.

The Most Important Rule Of Any RP/OOC Chat:
Have fun! And as for OOC talk, be yourself, because an original is always worth more than a copy!

Lyssistrata Oct 14 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 9 · Tags: #rules #seriously #listen #rp rules
Appearing on the Graham Norton Show again was lovely, it's nice to see Graham once more. Cheryl took her time out in appearing on the show and perform her new single 'Crazy Stupid Love', she'll also be discussing about her return on the X Factor, her fourth solo album in the works, how her relationship with Simon Cowell is, and her first ever perfume. She will be joining with the charming and handsome British actor Tom Hiddleston and few other celebrities, she's really looking forward about this tonight's show. 

Cheryl left her hotel for the evening led by her assistant; Lily England, one of her bodyguards and her driver, she sat comfortably in a black shiny 4-by-4 vehicle with black-tinted windows in the passenger sides to stop the press from looking through. Cheryl wore her 'Crazy Stupid Love' outfit with a stylish black-hooded jacket over the top to keep the bare skin hidden for a while until she performs on stage, the car drove through the busy London city. 

Cheryl has a small petite frame but she does have amazing abs in her stomach and has a tiny waist, her long wavy blonde-highlighted hair sat below her shoulders, she will be performing with Tinie Tempah who features in the single and music video, he will just be arriving a bit later. The car approached the BBC Studios just at the back-door to The Graham Norton Show to avoid the press, she was led out of the car into the building and towards the dressing room she'll be sharing with the guests who are also on the show. 

Cheryl was very excited about tonight, most importantly in performing live, and meeting the handsome Tom Hiddleston for the first time in person, she entered the dressing room and went towards the chair with her name 'Cheryl' written at the back of it, she sat down and her make-up artist and hair stylist to do Cheryl's finishing touches. In a short while, Cheryl will go down towards the bar area which leads into the studio and just have a drink before walking on, she needs something to calm her nerves and excitement.

﹣Cʜᴇʀʏʟ Oct 5 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8 · Tags: romance, tom hiddleston, cheryl cole, new friendships, celebrity
sumpeh, disini ga ada orang Indonesia ape?? gua tau gua rasis #gak , tapi bukan berarti gua kudu kumpul di sini sama semua orang yang berbahasa english-_-

please, gua ga bisa baca bahasa inggris seharian. gua merasa terasing, terkucilkan dan tidak berdaya/? 

ini yang buat roleplayer social sape sih/? kirain waktu itu yang buat orang indo. oke gua dibilanginnya orang indo. tapi ngapa bahasa inggrisan semua disini?? lo tau perasaan gua brayy, ;-; #abaikan

yang baca dan ngerasa orang indo plis call me, kita pdkt #GAK

he sumpahh, komen o rekk, aku terasing -_-

iki gak onok versi hape ne a yoo?? mosok iyo aku ate on ndek laptop terus???

wes talah. -_- 

wocoen rekk, lek gak kita putus/?

For some people that use english everyday, even in here

heyy~~ 'ssup bro/? #wtf 

okay, so what i'm about to tell you is, where the hell is everybody that use indonesian language?

i see english-doing everywhere. i'm having headache now/? -__,- 

oke bay.

Ncen sedang mengetik...

Ncen is offline

Ncen Mar 3 · Comments: 7 · Tags: anak rp indo yang entah tenggelem dimana
Seriously getting sick and tired of the attitude of some people on here. If you don't wish to rp with some one then DON'T FUCKING AGREE TOO!!! DO NOT HAVE THEM WASTE THEIR TIME SENDING YOU A STARTER, ONLY FOR YOU TO BE RUDE AND ARROGANT AND TAKE FOREVER TO REPLY and claim that you were busy and only replying to your other half then turn around and remove that person who wasted their time in sending said starter???? Or deleting your fuckin account altogether like SERIOUSLY????

WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE??? There is a fine line between being polite and being arrogant, and telling some one you don't wish to rp with them is actually alot better than TOTLLY FUCING IGNORING THEM, WHEN Y O U  were the one who wanted to roleplay in the first place!!

That's fine, you keep replying to your other half, treassure them cause at the end of the day, you keep treating the rest of the roleplayers LIKE FUCKING SHIT your other half is gonna be the only one you'll have. And you'll be welcome to each other too, cause you're both as bad as each other!!!!

And making accounts for some one, getting a whole bunch of roleplays going and then being on them for two weeks and then completely abandoning them, you may think it's a cool thing to do but let me tell ya, it's not. It's the most rude and arrogant thing a person could ever do on a roleplay site. And word does get around, people get fed up with it and they'll know not to trust you, and you'll only have yourself to blame.

How do you think those people feel? When you decide you can't be arsed to roleplay their other half for them any more, when you just decide to take off and be on your other account with the person who is just as bad as you and ignore the account you set up for other people, or when you ignore their starters that you asked them to send to begin with? HOW DO YOU THINK THAT MAKES THEM FEEL??????? Or are you so caught up in thinking that you're the greatest thing since sliced bread that you couldn't give a rats ass about anyone elses feelings??

There is absolutley NO HARM in telling people that you don't think the roleplay will work out, and am sure am not just speaking for myself here with this whole thing either, i know a few people who think the same as me, and it's beyond the joke the way some people treat others. We're all here for the one thing after all and that's to roleplay, so for the love of all things that is good and amazing in this horrid world, PLEASE do not treat people like they are the dirt on the bottom of your shoe. There is enough crap in the world already people come here to escape, not be treated the same way they do in real life. Be nice. You might actually find that people will be okay with some one not wanting to roleplay with them, like i said before, it would go down alot better than just being ignored. Try it, you might actually surprise yourself.
Gabriella Casey. Mar 13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7

Hello beautiful people! I dear hope you are reading this, because some of you, actually know me some ways more than others. Others meanwhile only have met me as the random, creater and hopefully your fun loving companion in crime to be creative!


Here is the deal, alright. My life…has gone the past two years a whirlwind. Why? Ok, I am not saying this out of pity, but, one of my parents had passed away this October. Not only just a parent, but a closest and best-friend to be soulmate parent, not on the love sight, but in the friend sight; when you know you are finally understood, right?! OK, the reason I mention him is because he has not only been my recovery of depression, but my beacon, my reason in life…and now he passed away, is very stormy especially that I will going back to the jungle, were my brother and mother are.

I say all of this for you to realise, I am not like them, I never fit in them except when I try to be funny or try to listen, but I am always told You are too young to understand…I am freaking 23 years old! Who may not gone through hell, but be an empath and past crying baby but I get you! Feel for you…so I need peace! And the two of them (my mother and brother) to back the hell off! This is where I escape through here…

Sadly I won’t be able to stand longer especially now there is 3 weeks? Don’t know how many weeks…But Easter holidays going on, so, I won’t be able to go as often to this delightful website as I will be seen as I’ve an addiction over roleplay again were they might consider to send me a mental hospital and had lecture me to death; to drive me nuts…I don’t do well when those things happen, so out of my own sanity; I am warning you lot, I won’t be here much or ever…if I am, I will reply to be a few and selective; I am very sorry that I will have to :/ I know isn’t fair…but is the best than cancelling my account just as I did on bebo numerous of times… anyway after that I will go back to uni and have some time to roleplay with you guys and study so will be time to time thing…then I don’t know what will happen after finishing my first year on uni as I am not be on for a while until September or god knows…


I just hope you guys don’t block me :/ cos I grown fond of you n_n some of you by rp others through talking ooc or just both…so please, don’t leave me :’( don’t delete me…I will miss you, I will be missing you even when I won’t be online or often as much…so please, I beg you, bare with me ** life just sucks without you lot! So I just hope you get where I feel and need you to be patient and not confront me why I am being mean and ignore…ok? Please, I would appreciate your patience and a little love…as sometimes I feel like I got none… :( <3


P.S: I am sorry for the little rants </3


Storynights Mar 15 · Comments: 6
Hi everyone,

As this site is on the brink of closing down I'd just like to tell you all, this site has been my life for the past 6 months or so and I've met a lot of amazing role players and just lots of all round good people. As I'm sure a few of you will know and can probably relate to, I have suffered for the last few months with depression and I can tell you, the friendships I have built up solely on this site have meant the world to me. 

It is for that reason, I would love to invite you all to download KIK Messenger (if you don't already have it...) and add my username which is jayman1892

All KIK is, is a free instant messaging app that allows very quick contact with people that you add as a contact. You just need your own username and that's it - unless you wish to include a picture also. Sorry for rambling but once again my username is jayman1892 (NOT 1982....)

Thanks so much to all of you :)

Jamie (or Jay as you may know me)

Wheelerguy Nov 30 '14 · Comments: 6
Administrator Doppelganger will shortly be taking admin leave from Roleplay Social, while she prepares and begins to take her college classes. During this period of time she noted that she will not be able to get on the site on a regular basis, so she has decided to temporarily step down from her position in order to further concentrate on her studies. As site creator, I respect this decision and her position as Administrator will always be here for her, when or if she returns to us. 

If you a member of the site and had positive interactions with her, why not use this time to thank her for her constant help and work on the site. You can also use this blog post to say your farewells and wish her luck in her studies. 

Her Page

A few days ago, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. According to the psychiatrist who diagnosed me, I've had clinical depression for several years. I can't say that I'm surprised because honestly, I'm not. I've had a deep emotional pain for so long that it's became a part of me. Looking back on my life, it's understandable... I've withstood so many traumatic events that my life could be a Shakespeare play. It's come to the point were I put my life at risk almost daily so that the overwhelming emotional pain can be replaced with physical pain for just a little while. None of my friends understand, it leaves me helpless and in despair. My entire family says it's just a phase, they say I'll get over it soon... that just makes it worse. My only escape at this point is writing with loud music on to block out the real world and create my own paradise featuring myself and kind, understanding people. Maybe one day the pain will fade, maybe one day someone will understand, maybe one day I'll be free from the chains and shackles that hold me down. But for now, I wait... I wait for the day I don't want to end everything, the day I can finally smile genuinely, I wait for the day I can enjoy life again.
Mistress Zara Mar 13 · Comments: 4
This would be fine... Right? At this point Kato honestly had no idea, it sure as hell wasn't his idea though. Thanks to not spending time around others, the few times he had been with Deon, Kai easily picked up the different scent and immediately wanted to know what was going on. Yet upon hearing that his brother had befriended someone Kai had wanted to know everything and meet Deon immediately. Not that there was anything to know. They were, what were they exactly? That still puzzled Kato a little too much and he chose not to think about it. Instead he'd agreed to a meeting, mainly because he couldn't say no to something his brother was determined on.

Which had led to both the twins walking towards the arcade, Kato holding onto the others hand and his whole demeanour completely relaxed. It wasn't like there was much that could go wrong in an arcade..

"I told Deon to be here in five minutes, but he's not that good with finding places so he might be late.."

Yet Kato didn't sound remotely worried about that, even after seeing how freaked and panicked the demon could get when exposed to lots of new people. Hell he wouldn't have been surprised to find him running in, tail flailing behind him and a worried expression on his face. Though that wouldn't be the best way for Kai to meet his... Acquaintance? Friend? Experimental partner? Kato was a little clueless where that was concerned. Deon had jumped him a few times and it had been... Interesting? Had he found it interesting? Some of it hadn't been half bad, the others demonic instincts somehow knowing what to do and getting pouty when Kato didn't react with eagerness or give a reaction like most would.

This would be alright. As long as Deon didn't do anything like try and maul the brunette in front of his brother. That wouldn't go down too well.

White jeans adorned the younger twins legs, a grey t-shirt and light blue hoodie left unzipped on top. Dark red gemstones glistened from the rather large amount of piercings in both his ears, slightly obscured by dark hair. Yet someone compared to his brother or even when the other blonde arrived he would blend in more.

For some reason he doubted both blondes would ever fit in with the crowd.

He didn't bother to tell Kai to behave himself however. The hybrid could be a complete bitch when he wanted to and that was fine. Kato would never try to change his twin, not for anyone or anything, but he did hope they would at least get on.

"I'll beat your blonde ass on the racing game, you're shit at them."

His brother would know the comment had been said lightly, teasingly and no insult had been meant behind it. And if anyone else decided to echo Kato’s words they would find themselves the brunettes fist in their face before they had gotten the whole sentence out. The younger male could say whatever he wished, mainly because he meant nothing of it, but if anyone else thought they could, jokingly or seriously it would not go down as well. No one could insult Kai without insulting Kato in some way and he would not stand by whilst someone did that.

Pausing once reaching the entrance to the arcade, the brunette kept his hand held within his brothers and glanced astound at the games; claw machines, shooting games, air hockey tables, ah two motorbikes for a racing game. Some of the prizes in the claw machine looked desirable; namely the giant stuffed bear's that were half of the size of both males.

Paying for the games wouldn't be hard, and with all the change the younger had in his jeans pocket they could go on as many games as they wished. They were lucky enough to have been brought up with money, one of their fathers working hard to pay his own way and the other having enough inheritance to buy his sons whatever they wished.

"Deon will be here soon.. Possibly."

And if he didn't turn up? Kai wouldn't let it drop, even when he didn't know that the other blonde had kissed his brother several times. For there to be someone that Kato was remotely interested in besides Kai was unheard of and the older twin had certainly been shocked to hear it. Had he heard that a little more than that had happened.. Well the brunette wasn't sure how he'd respond. Sure Kai had a new male within his sights every other week and Kato never questioned it, but the younger twin was not like that. Up until recently he hadn't ventured out with anyone other than Kai and had only seen Deon on the occasions his brother was busy with his own demon. Had he unintentionally been trying to keep it a secret? Or did he just place the one blonde higher up on his priorities to spend time with?
Don't Resist The Water Jul 24 '14 · Comments: 4
Day 1

Coltessa killed by Lyra
Lyn killed by Pickles
Bludika killed by Dapps
Alex killed by Blade
Rain killed by Blade
Yamz killed by Stephanie
Pickles killed by Loki
Inquisitor killed by Tamz
Blade killed by Loki
Tamz killed by Carnage

Day 2

Luffy killed by Sheriff
Stephanie killed by Becca
Becca killed by Lyra
Loki killed by Lyra

Day 3

Maleficent killed by Sweetest Embrace
Pipi killed by Sheriff
Haruhi killed by Carnage

Day 4

Carnage killed by dysentery
Sweetest Embrace killed by environmental disaster
Lyra killed by Vlad

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Dapps killed by Vlad
Vlad killed by MOM Monster

Day 9

MOM Monster killed by Sheriff

Sheriff is the victor!
Pickles(MCRP) Mar 2 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: hunger games, roleplay social, rps, staff, past staff
As I'm sure some of you have noticed, I haven't been able to come online and respond to any of my current RPs. This is because my laptop is currently down, and it's complicated and a rather lengthy process trying to respond to everyone over mobile.

I hope to have everything worked out soon, but in the meantime please have patience and I will get back to you ASAP.

I am, however, still available to discuss storylines, chat RP, etc. So please feel free to message me/leave comments any time.

Thank you all for your understanding!
Loki Laufeyson Mar 27 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
When Yami meets Meghan he wants to know more about their past together in Egypt so they find answers together to find out where they would be heading together.And what they will face together 
Yami Yugi Feb 28 · Comments: 3 · Tags: thegoddess_of_winter

Name: Justin Maxwell
Age: 15 to 19
Species: Human 1000%
Sexuality: Straight.
Writing style: Anything but not Novella.
Genres: Romance, Friendship, Family, Storyline ideas.

About me: Justin is a troublemaker and got a temper but have no intention to hurt people, he know someplace to calm down if he have to go there. He can be overprotective and caring of his little sister and friends, He also have a heart of gold. He show his softer side when he met the right woman who come to his life, he is charming and know the romance skills, respect them. He live with his mate on the apartment, he do the college and work part time as mechanic, he love to ride motorbike.

Looking for: Little sister, Best male friend, Best female friend, girlfriend.
JustinMax Mar 6 · Comments: 3
I suppose I'll reactivate my multichara RP account on facebook if anyone is on there, the name is Hrimfaxi Avdenisen (Multichara RP) and my kik is wastewizard. I barely check my email but if you intend to contact me that way it's wastewizard@yahoo.com

It saddens me that this site will no longer be around after I just joined a couple days ago and I was really feeling at home finally. :/ I suppose I'll join rp.me and attempt to be active even though that place seems sort of alienating... my url for that will also be grobbolith.

grobbolith Nov 29 '14 · Comments: 3
I seem to go through cycles. There are four stages each cycle. Today I went through Stage 4 so the cycle will be restarting soon.

Stage 1- Completely fine, happy with only a bit of negativity.
Stage 2- Feeling my heart starting to collapse, but continuing to smile.
Stage 3- Starts having flashbacks, and tearing up.
Stage 4- Bawling my eyes out and regretting ever living.

The cycles don't have a set amount of time but, they are very much recurring. I've had far too much happen to me within my short span of life, and it has obviously effected my mental state. If you take into consideration my childhood abuse, alcoholic family members, divorced parents, etc. It all seems to make sense. These events have shaped who I am, and they have helped me learn what not to do in life, and what the right decisions are in certain situations but, still haunt me. I suppose that I'm just the mentally insane girl with far too much emotional pain.

Jacqueline Oracle Apr 10 · Comments: 3
BarrySweet and RealOlicity!

Felicity Smoak Jul 13 '14 · Comments: 2
I'm very pleased to announce that my laptop has been fixed.

I've been away for longer than I had intended, but I am ready to pick up from where I left off. Or start over, as the case may be.

I would greatly appreciate it if any users I was plotting/roleplaying with could message me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your patience. It's been a long wait.

Loki Laufeyson Yesterday, 08:04PM · Comments: 2
Hey everyone,

So I know I roleplay Glee which isn't a big fan base but I have Puck in the Air Force and he is more based around a Miliatry Puck then Glee club puck! Am hoping to get Roleplays going with people but would be cool if people out there had Miliatry characters so I could really get exploring that genre :)

I am on a lot as am in recovery from a serve injury and I tend to do paragraphs in detail depending on how tired or how much my pain meds effect me.

But add away and we can get something good

Peace out!
-'Noah Aug 23 '14 · Comments: 2

Name : Kali Ashborne

Age: 36

Species: Alpha Werewolf

Height: 5'6

Human appearance:Jet black long hair with brown eyes she is medium build but nice curves her skin is tanned. Her eyes turn red when she is angry or upset.

Wolf form: She is large black furred wolf with red glowing eyes.


  •  Werewolves can smell, see and hear far better than humans.
  • Accelerated Healing: Werewolves heal quickly from most injuries.
  • Enhanced Agility: Werewolves can jump, run, climb and react faster than humans.
  • Enhanced Strength: Werewolves are much stronger than humans.
  • Pain Transference: Werewolves can absorb and alleviate pain from other people/creatures and can "heal" in some cases.

Alpha Abilities:

  • An Alpha’s bite can transform a human into a werewolf. The bite usually only has two outcomes - transformation or death although there are exceptions
    • It appears a scratch from an Alpha, if it goes deep enough, can also be transformative. 
  • Alphas have limited telepathy and mental control over the betas that they create and some other shapeshifters 
  • Bites, scratches and other wounds inflicted by an Alpha will not heal as quickly as other injuries.
  • Alphas can heal the extremely ill with their pain transference ability but they give up part of the "spark" that makes them an Alpha. This can result in a loss of Alpha status.

Her Story: Kali was born to Jake and Sarah Ashborne at the time of Kali's birth she was their only child and her father was the Alpha of their well known pack. They were called the" Moonstalkers" they had a very large community for their people once Kali was born into the pack she was saw as a disappointment to the elders cause she was a boy it was known that the one to take the place of a Alpha was a boy but Kali parents didnt care they still loved her just the same. They trained her to become a great werewolf one day until she was 21 which was the time she would learn about making her transformation into her werewolf form. Her father had an uncle and he had fought for the place for Alpha several times but he never won. And now he was very furious that the one that would be Alpha one day would be a woman his niece Kali. Kali became a very good fighter and she was more advanced then any of her peers her father was proud of her . One day her uncle decided to take on Kali and fight for the next in line and she ended up beating him. After the fight the uncle was so angry he tried to kill Kali but her father jumped in they both fought in wolf form and the uncle cheated and it ended with her father being killed instead. Kali was now Alpha and she threw the uncle out of the pack and the elders had no choice but to agree with her decision. Now until this day she is the reigning Alpha of her pack.

Kali loves the people in her pack but her attitude was not very kind to outsiders after the death of her father she didnt try to find love she just sticks to herself and takes care of her pack. She is basically a loner.

Serena Trustworthy Nov 21 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
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