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1 minute ago
I'm always up for a roleplay
9 minutes ago
Anyone care to roleplay?
37 minutes ago
54 minutes ago
Samhain is Feast for the Dead.
one hour ago
its samhain day today.
one hour ago
Most welcome Selena and by the way just let me know which Borgia you want to rp with me.
one hour ago
Happy halloween xD
one hour ago
accepted you Juan/Cesare :D
one hour ago
Borgia for you Selena and these 2 were real people
one hour ago
hold on Selena I got someone for ya
one hour ago
I send the request and I managed to get it LOL
3 hours ago
hey guys i'm looking for another half for sel it doesn't matter what genre the characture is :D it can be supernatural anything like that, if your interested add me and let me know :D
Yesterday, 10:48PM
Yesterday, 10:48PM
Leonardo i tried to add you. but with no luck.
Yesterday, 09:29PM
Yesterday, 09:15PM
( the year for Leonardo ain't 1490 sorry hes over 500 years old as well sorry because Pope Alexander VI is Pope and Borgias,Leonardo and de Medici are all over 500 years old and much thanks.)
Yesterday, 09:10PM
( One more person spells Leo sorry I won't answer until that person spells it Leonardo.)
Yesterday, 09:10PM
Quite. Ive witnessed many a Batman etc in my career as a roleplayer. Few posessed the primal rawness of the character and knowledge(bonus). Makes a feline sad that such are rare.
Yesterday, 09:09PM
( golden rule before I leave anyone who rp with me as Leonardo that you spell the name as it is and thank you.)
Yesterday, 09:07PM
( I got to go myself starting not to feel well here and if anyone sees Lanni before I do let her know she can request me if she wants to rp with me and thanks.)
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