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(Image a tail and cat ears on the pictures of jade)
dark lane 29 minutes ago
Ali I could hear him and I gave a weak smile. My husband would take care of things and let me sleep. I couldn't feel more loved. I easily fell back asleep and stayed for an hour or two before waking up and going back home. I had a small headache as I walked into the living room and kiss his lips.
TheJoyOfLife one hour ago
(yes)Isamu:I let out a sigh of relief when I hear Dominic's voice on the other end. "Hey, it's me, Isamu." I say. I run my hand through my hair. "I'm okay...just got side tracked...but I'm fine. I'm just calling to say I'll be home in the morning. I have to do some things to do before I go home." I said to him as clear as I could since he sounded sleepy....
Iris Nightshade 6 hours ago

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Name: Holly Greg MatthewsNn: Hol/ MatthewsAge: 19specialty: Pickpock etPersonality: Holly is a tough kid, she is strong willed and very stubborn. She has an "act first and thinks later" attitude which seems to work for her. Hollie is open and honest with her opinions and if she thinks your wrong she will tell you. Trust is very important to her an... more
NeverBackDown(star) 9 minutes ago
Daishuda Overlord Of Chaos Chaotic Effect: “Armaged don” Affliction: Endless Bloodthirst. Rage. The Supreme Monarch of the clan, Daishuda embodies everything that is Chaos. His powers are not limited to just influencing other i ndividuals, the very crust of the earth itself is affected by the ... more
Name: AkikoAge: 16Personality: Shy, Insane, Weird, Nice, Moody, Doesn't speck much, loner, "Emo", Violent and scared easily About her life: Akiko has been abuse by her mother and father since she was little. Her older brother used to save her from they're parents but he died of cancer when she was 14. She gets bullied at school and lost her trust ... more
Emo Neko Yesterday, 09:20PM