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Roleplay Social: Faendes. Fuego. (Upcoming character I don't really know of yet). T witter:Kíli. Rose. (sort of roleplay account, also lots of OOC)
Faendes. Nov 18
#1Alias: Sebastian Michaeli s Character plot: Is known to be,one hell of a butler,or a demon butler, who serves Ciel phantomhive's hateful wishes,in the end exchanges for his soul.Since ciel is not an rp character on here,I've decided to make Sebastia... more
• Thranduil• Benjamin Stark.• Gareth.Twitter RP: • UntamedCaligo.
First Name; Declan.Middle Names; William MacNaughton.Last Name; O'Shea. Club Rank; Brigadier. One Year as a Prospect, and Years as a Nomad, with a clean record. Five Years, as a member of Belfast.Club Patches; Brigadier (Runs the Entire Club), Loyal... more

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((Thats fine. I dont mind slow replies but I wont be able to till i get back later))
Arcane 2 hours ago
James: a blizzard had started and was making it hard to see.soon his blade would freeze allowing me to shatter it.his blade had already begun to ice over. Solid ice had begun to coat my body acting as armor.
Sure,that'd be fine :) I need alot of demons so thatd work perfectly. All you need to do is take the last name Wailcurse with your first name.once all the characters are down,we can begin and ill start the story line for everyone to folloe.
"Blue Animal,Shadow did me the favor,If it weren't for these two, That wrech would of been mine!"he spoke angered...raising his hands up,lifting amy and usagi like toys. 


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