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Nicknack General
Basic Info:------------Name: Ren BalrosianNicknames: NickAge: 23Birthday:Gender: male Economy Info:----------------Relationship Status: Single (unless the roleplay changes it)Place of residence: (changes based on the roleplay)Occupation: former Rouge/theif and (scifi: piloting) (fantasy: traveler/trader) Group/Guild/Clan... More
Nicknack one hour ago
Nicknack General
Will do! Read the rules and totally agree.
Nicknack 2 hours ago
Nicknack General
Hello! Im new to this site, but not to roroleplay. I have Experience as a dungeon master, player, prompt writer, world builder, and some graphic design. I consider myself a semi-advanced lit writer. I'm a big fan of Brandon Sanderson books, and a firm believer in his first, second, and third laws of magic. 
Nicknack 2 hours ago
Primus Creator
The fear, the anxiety, it is like a knife that stabs at thee, every time I speak the words are like a blade in my gut ready to silence me.  No matter how I struggle the words don't escape and I leave the world in utter solitude. My mind is now quieted, my words  are now silenced, what more can I do to feel serenity?
Primus Yesterday, 08:30PM
Primus Creator
Mount Crumpet
Primus Yesterday, 06:24PM

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