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an orange hedgehog that Is Sonic's long lost broth...
elite member of the anbu
 She is usually very confident and independen...
From drug deals in back alley’s to point blank kil...

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Name: TakeshiH ashaco Age: 28 Race: Human Sex: Male Power/Ability: Therianthropy – Once training is finished with a creature, Takeshi is able to shapeshift his body into the appendages of that animal onto his body, as well as tak... more
Lloth Darkasakage Yesterday, 09:42PM
I thought it best to post a quick potted history of the Plantagenet family. I'm perfectly happy to roleplay anyone - not just Henry and Philippa. If you've a hankering to interact with say Thomas, or Blanche - just say!As a historian, I can go into a... more
'Plantagenet Lion~ Yesterday, 08:45PM
Rules * Do not mail me straight off the cuff requesting any sort of sexual or 'relationship' role-play. Much prefer having some sort of role-play going first and seeing how our characters are together before hand. *Mail is in fact for role-plays O... more
Roxanne Evelina McCarthy Yesterday, 08:38AM
DISCLAIM ER/RULES✖ all my characters are currently male.✖ my characters will develop their sexuality during the role-play. ✖ each character does have a developed backstory that will unfold during the role-play. ✖ no god-modding.✖ new role-play = new ... more


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((http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Purification Please read. Milly never lost her memories at all. Purification doesn't remove memories. It's not a sub-power of mental manipulation.))
Rayen Grant 45 minutes ago
She smiles back, a bit awkwardly. "Um coffee again?" She asked a bit softly.
HazMatHito one hour ago
Alan I watched as Spirit sobbed to Jade from another room. To be honest, it made me extremely sad to see how upset my baby sister was right now. It was actually pretty upsetting to see Spirit sob like that. Damn that Andrew. My sister was so happy when Jade and Andrew came here, and now she was just losing it.
Rayen Grant one hour ago
((Same to you, have a fun night :D))
HazMatHito 2 hours ago

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within 1 minute
awh D: Bye Haruhi. D:
1 minute ago
guys im off
2 minutes ago
eeek save me *hides*
3 minutes ago
Bless chu Haruhi :3
5 minutes ago
ahh !
6 minutes ago
*watches pink dust fly from the m&m haruhi*
7 minutes ago
YUKI!!!! *Glomps her* :DD
7 minutes ago
8 minutes ago
*haruhi sneezes
15 minutes ago
:L :L
15 minutes ago
16 minutes ago

oh god.. all this because i wanted a cookie ;-;

Oh..wait..that's right.. *goes back to being limp*
18 minutes ago
-turns her into a biscuit..Limpbiscuit.- 0.0
20 minutes ago
*is limp from being drained* x.x
21 minutes ago
-stops draining her and hands her to m&m haruhi.-
21 minutes ago
22 minutes ago
Youre Welcome Rox :)
22 minutes ago
O.O *faints* v.v
23 minutes ago
eeek *hides behind neva*
23 minutes ago
-bites Neva on the neck and starts draining her- : p
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