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    CelestialFallenAngel Fantasy
    CelestialFallenAngel "Child of miracles, traveler of time guided by Etro...listen to me... Each time you fulfill a wish of your heart...someone elses dream is shattered. You conjure miracles, but when you do, the seeds of tragedy are sewn in other lives." - Caius Ballad
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    CantLove_WithoutHate General
    CantLove_WithoutHate Uh, hi! I'm new here, and just want to make friends and roleplay. Yeah, well, that's all.
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    Amaya Brooks General
    Amaya Brooks Im open for rp
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    King of the North General
    King of the North Looking for literate roleplayers who like game of thrones. Feel free to add me and let us discuss something. Come now, don't be shy.
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    Macey General
    Hey everyone, I'm a girl looking to pass some time. I love to roleplay and have many charters to choose from but my default character is Macey. she is a teen schoolgirl seems the most popular you could get. she always is smiling and getting good... More
    Macey Yesterday, 06:37PM
    Kiki Barnhart General
    Well, hello. My name is Kiki and I'm looking forward to meeting some new people and hopefully getting to rp. I can do just about any rp as long as it's not smut and my replies can be anywhere from 3-6 lines to a full paragraph. 
    Kiki Barnhart Yesterday, 10:13AM
    Vladimir Bach Creator
    Topic was moved from Request Tag Change.
    Shizuka General
    https://rpnow.net/rp/FtxETaVRthis is the webite to do this rp. also this is the novel I am writing/ typing as well so yeah.warning -DO NOT LOSE THIS URL OR OU ILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FIND IT AGAIN!- 
    Shizuka Dec 10
    ChristopherWrenfield General
    I've done Role playing for a while now. I usually enjoy most genres and mostly go for Group chats meet new people all at once. Not saying that doing Private message is bad or anything. If anyone wants to RP with me, I would be happy to make...


    Vladimir Bach Creator
    Roleplay Social is back again for those who were looking for the familiar site they loved. If you have any questions or concerns about how to do anything on the site, feel free to contact me via private message. I am looking for some friendly and act... more


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