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    Obelesk Shinra Creator
    Obelesk Shinra Also new tags/roles added - Action/Comics/Stalker you can request your tags to be changed in the forums http://roleplaysocial.me/forum/request-tag-change
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    Obelesk Shinra Creator
    Obelesk Shinra Have a good night everyone and enjoy the site and new features. If you need help with anything feel free to contact me. I'm also looking for capable staff members who can be around when I am not or who just wish to help contribute to keeping the site active and awesome.
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    Lady Kazekage General
    Lady Kazekage Goodnight.
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    Obelesk Shinra Creator
    Obelesk Shinra New feature Audio upload for members
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    Lady Kazekage General
    Lady Kazekage The background seems so festive for the holidays.
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    Obelesk Shinra Creator
    Hello there Dylan and Welcome to Roleplay Social! Thank you for joining us and becoming a fellow member and roleplayer. Even if you say you're not good at action and adventure, it is good to hear that you try. ^.^ You might find you like something you didn't think you did before, and if you think your skills are not the best in some areas, don't... More
    Obelesk Shinra 12 hours ago
    Obelesk Shinra Creator
    Hello there, Justina/Lady Kazekage and Welcome to Roleplay Social. I hope you are finding everything to your liking here. Let me know if you need any help with anything and I hope you enjoy the site.  I also hope we can be friends : )
    Obelesk Shinra Yesterday, 11:49PM
    Obelesk Shinra Creator
    To edit profile you have to be on the desktop version of the site.  There are a few ways to enter edit profile. You can enter the url or go to your profile and hover over your details and click edit profile details. You can even go up to the top bar - and hover over your username until you enter into profile edit. Here is the link for...
    Obelesk Shinra Yesterday, 09:02PM
    Macey Anime
    Hey everyone, I'm a girl looking to pass some time. I love to roleplay and have many charters to choose from but my default character is Macey. she is a teen schoolgirl seems the most popular you could get. she always is smiling and getting good grades. but behind what people see her parents are famous and are never home. she is never actually... More
    Macey Dec 11



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