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so first things first I am looking for my family. This is one of the few blogs I still am gonna put up. If you decide to be a family member and you made the character please add my group. Called Original Werewolves. Solomon Slade/Physical Age: 30/R... more
Click, clack, click, clack. The sounds of black leather dress shoes hit the floor as the Darkasakage makes his way to the throne of King Dracov Hahsaco. His piercing red eyes focused on the last remaining member of the Hashaco clan. "Father, I hav... more
name Ciaran NorthmanStatus UndeadOrigin United States of AmericaO ccupation College StudentSpecies Vampireimage Taylor Lautnergenre True Blood name Blake SummersSpecies MutantBirth Place United States of AmericaTeam X-MenOccupation StudentSt... more
Hi all my name is Jo :) just a few things I need to write up :) firstly -in case of delayed replies this will be why - one: I do an open University course. There is a lot of work, set deadlines etc. So if I'm not online, that will be why. :)Two: Wo... more

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(No, he always appered as the perfect kid, but he and his girlfriend were a bit curious if you know what I mean, and unfortunately his rubber broke and boom. Me on the other hand thought it would be cool to have a kid around the same time as him, got a little drunk with my girlfriend at the time. And boom! I want a smart person and do not suggest my past lifestyle to... More
Shadow the Hedgehog within 1 minute
Death:" well now I feel like a perverted asshole."I said. Ethan:I climbed in and buckled my seatbelt. "Nice truck." I said.
Freakinout(ethan) within 1 minute
((Lol good night I couldn't figure it out so I'll post it when I have a computer to do so ))"Alright then let me go get my flute," she smiled at him, getting up to retrieve her instrument from her room and putting it together after sitting on the couch again.
HazMatHito 13 minutes ago
"Huh, no kidding," Zanth said, a bit shocked at what he was seeing and hearing, but shook his head a little to clear his mind and just focus on the task at hand. "Hm, for being a courtesan I was told I would go to hell, just never actually thought it would be so soon," she said in slight jest, mostly due to seeing something she merely thought of a concept than an actual... More
HazMatHito Yesterday, 10:39PM


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