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Roleplay Social was created for all types of roleplayers to connect and interact through creative writing.

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// So Hi guys again. I think this website is pretty awesome but I would love to roleplay with anyone. I guess the type wouldn't matter. But I am eager to do a Supernatural one. It seems fun.
Victoria Bikov Yesterday, 10:26PM
// Hi all! I'm a new to this website and kinda not sure what to do. I try making a status but that didn't work. Eh.... I know I may sound like I am being dumb but anyone like to help me out here?
Victoria Bikov Yesterday, 10:15PM
HISTORY Rex Salazar was the second son born to Rafael and Violetta, both of whom were scientists working on the Nanite Project. After his birth, the family, including him, his parents, and his older brother Cesar, found a spot to settle down where they could still work at the Applied Nanite Research Center. Rex grew up around the lab and was qui... more
Rex Salazar Yesterday, 11:01AM

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Ethan: I smiled."what do you want me to do?"I asked. I wanted to help. We got off to a bad start and I want to redeem myself.
Freakinout(ethan) one hour ago
(can anyone tell me how to jump in just realized I was in this roleplay)
dark lane one hour ago
JadeI just held babies eco as apollon held baby sarah as we feed them as they started laughing clapping there hands. "I think we should take them for a walk" said apollon. "I think so i'll get the stroller" i said putting eco in her crib running to go get it. 
dark lane 2 hours ago
Loki Laufeyson stood outside of the building that presumably was in possession of the Chitauri scepter, looking up at the darkened windows and checking for anyone who might be watching. It had been over a year since he had been on Midgard, since his attempt at world domination using the very scepter he had come back to reclaim. Months since he had last seen his brother, Thor. Since he had watched him turn his back and walk down Odin's halls, prepared to return to earth in... More
Loki Laufeyson 4 hours ago
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