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Okie dokie then. Ya wanna begin?
Bumblestripe 36 minutes ago
Hmm my bad then sorry xD
Bludika Volfknait 49 minutes ago
((I think I'm gonna change my characters age to be 25. That's the max age limit for my character.))
Peace:"Really?" I asked raising a eyebrow. Rev doesn't often change topics, if he did it was because he needed to. I let him change the topic. "Is there still an opening for a back up guitar player?" I asked smiling. I of course knew he might say no but it was worth a shot. As Jay would say 'A shot in the dark is more likely to hit something then if nothing were to be fired...
Ella Hawkeye 11 hours ago

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No use hiding it anymore, this is my creation. Moving it over to my MCRP Name: Elliot VanyoAge: 24Gender: MaleHeight: 5’8”Weight: 168 lbsAppea rance:Personality: Extremely masochistic, can get rather upset if someone else gets hurt.Power(s): Organic Mastery (Attack Style) Can produce multiple bone-like blades made out of a material stronger than strengthened... more
Samarra Belikov Age: 26 Personality: Semi-friendly, cautious, witty, and charming. Species: Sorceres s Occupation: Owns a spell shop. Face Claim: Maggie Q
Angel Of Music 12 hours ago
Queen Zariyah Aizen Age: 26 Personality: Cold, mysterious, dangerous, deceitful, seductive, and vengeful. Curse: Poison kiss (since birth) Powers: Hypnosis and animal manipulation (specifically a pack of black wolves). Occupation: Evil Queen Face Claim: Zoe Saldana *Fun Fact: Zariyah's kiss will not kill her true love.
Angel Of Music 13 hours ago
Donations for the Month of January: 120/120$
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Donations for the Month of March: 205$/205$
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Oswald Cobblepot - 120$
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Phantomfox - 80$


  • Franky Doyle » Gabriella Casey. I'm SO in Franky mode and novel mode :P How have you been? Will do comments in sec just doing dishes :)
  • -'Lindsay » Gabriella Casey. Erin looked at Gabby and smiled nodding she was tired and sore but knew Gabby was right "i know... Thank you for today, jay is going to take me home then go to the firehouse and collect the boys" Erin rubbed Gabbys armas they walked out the hospital
  • Active
    Gabriella Casey. » Eric Delko *Gabby remained where she was once in the hospital as the doctors ran out to the truck to tend to Eric, she wished there was more she could do but there really wasn't alot. He was in the hands of the professionals now. She leaned against the wall and sighed as she ran her hands down over her face.* ''Something is not right here...'' *She said to Matt and Kelly. Who nodded in agreement.* M: ''Yeah am with you on that one.'' K: ''Deffinately.'' ''Okay, so we're all in agreeance, that's good. Now all we need to do is figure out what the hell is going on here.. why was Eric and Dermott fighting? K: ''And what the hell was in those glasses back at the firehouse..'' *Gabby heard Horatio asking for Eric and frowned.* ''Whose he?'' -------------- *Boden looked at Voight and sighed, he never liked the man, but he did come through when needed.* ''You tell me...'' *He led the intelligence team through to the kitchen where Dermott lay, he had been taken to Lake Shore as well.* ''There's something in those glasses, am guessing some kinda poision. We haven't tested any of the other water systems yet. I ordered everyone to stand down as it seems to be a bit of a hazzardess situation..''
  • Human - AMV
    Creator: https://www.youtube.com/user/AkenNoKaras Anime/Music: http://bit.ly/1AUPV72 Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnimeUnity Facebook: http://www...
  • RIPPER joined group
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    Total users: 211
  • ManipulativeVillian » THE LITTLE WOLF I totally am. I swear I’ll be so happy once these are all over. I’m doing an essay at the moment and I’m just ugh about it. It’s annoying the hell out of me. That’s true, I try to at least relax with it and while I’m doing it, that’s why Daredevil is getting binged watched as a helper to the stress I've been having :P
  • Julia Clockwork added a cover image
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    Gabriella Casey. » 'Pinky *Gabby was the only one small enough to fit into the limo, so she had gently pulled Camille onto the backboard and looked back at Matt.* ''Okay... am ready...'' *She moved out backwards and she and Matt pulled the backboard with them, just as the two members of the press had jumped over the truck, the constant flashes were hurting her eyes. Two officers ran over to them and hauled them off the ground, taking the cameras from them before placing them under arrest.* ''Bloomin reporters..'' *She yelled out and sighed, once she had Camille out of the wreckage, she used her jacket to shield the gurney as she was then loaded up into the back of the ambulance.* ''Take her to Lake Shore.'' *Boden told the medics, but the ambulance would really be going to Chicago Med. It was to get the reporters out of the way more than anything and a decoy ambulance had been set in place for them to follow to Lake Shore. The things they had to do to protect a celebrity...*


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