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 She is usually very confident and independen...
From drug deals in back alley’s to point blank kil...
Kiyu is usually very calm, can be very shy when sh...
I'm Princess Sally Acorn~But, don't call me prince...

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Name: TakeshiH ashaco Age: 28 Race: Human Sex: Male Power/Ability: Therianthropy – Once training is finished with a creature, Takeshi is able to shapeshift his body into the appendages of that animal onto his body, as well as tak... more
Lloth Darkasakage Yesterday, 09:42PM
I thought it best to post a quick potted history of the Plantagenet family. I'm perfectly happy to roleplay anyone - not just Henry and Philippa. If you've a hankering to interact with say Thomas, or Blanche - just say!As a historian, I can go into a... more
'Plantagenet Lion~ Yesterday, 08:45PM
Rules * Do not mail me straight off the cuff requesting any sort of sexual or 'relationship' role-play. Much prefer having some sort of role-play going first and seeing how our characters are together before hand. *Mail is in fact for role-plays O... more
Roxanne Evelina McCarthy Yesterday, 08:38AM
DISCLAIM ER/RULES✖ all my characters are currently male.✖ my characters will develop their sexuality during the role-play. ✖ each character does have a developed backstory that will unfold during the role-play. ✖ no god-modding.✖ new role-play = new ... more


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  • dark lane replied in Thread topic
    the triangle love with survivor
    "one minute your sitting down watching tv with your best friend the next you are getting attacked. One minute your friend is standing beside you the next he's dead. One minute you thought your life couldn't get worse well it just did. My name is well you don't need to know my name all you need to know is we are in a middle of a zombie apocalypse" the zombie apocalypse came out I was with my best friend at the time. We were at his house watching tv till all of a sudden I heard a loud noise. We ran downstairs to see his mon getting eaten alive. We ran away from the sense as we tried our best to find shelter. We been hiding in a sewers for a while. Then we came up for air running out of food. We were in a store till the zombies came in and took over the store the store we got  stuck not sure where to go till I saw you you saved us that was the first time I felt hope. Everyday we spent with you I found myself falling in love but thing is will we f...
    dark lane
    Jade"don't worry I won't be surprised" I said smiling. "so sorry about Andrew being rude to you and your sister. He's not good with new people. It just been us for a while I guess he forgot about how to be nice" I tell him.
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  • dark lane replied in Thread topic
    killing machine (1&1 finished and open!!)
    My mother killed herself when i was 5. My father taught me everything about killing . I been doing it since i was 5. When i was 10 the people in our village killed my father. They acused him  of something as i saw the whole thing under my bed. I got so angry that when i scearmed everyone died just liked that. I went through my house for clues on why they killed him. I found out that my father was a witch. I grabbed his spells book and ran towards village to village. Scared and terrifiled this big sergrect would come out and i would be dead. In every village i stay at i always get comforabled there i practiced magic spells on how to kill. Then i kill everyone in it. My name is Milly and I am 15 years old. Guess what I do for a living I kill people for a living. yup a 15 year old girl can kill. Guess what i love  killing people seeing them die in there own way. i am the best killing machine there is.  do you want to kill with me? I went tow...
    dark lane
    Milly"well whatever then just forget about it" I said serious angry now that she told all my business out there. "so what you guys doing tonight" I asked them.
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  • 'Alaric. » Terror. Alaric could not help but smile at her words, maybe she would let him take her gloves off next time, and he surely hoped she was not joking, but if she was that was alright. Everyone needed a joke now and then, especially in this time period. Alaric did not mind the squeezing of his hand, whether it be tightly or not, it was still a nice thing, it made him feel like he was still human, not just gears and other machinery going through him. Alaric nodded his head slowly. “Yes, but I don’t want to be here forever, it would be awful”, he commented. “You could help me, if you wish”, he added. It was entirely up to her, but he thought her helping him wouldn’t be so bad, they’d still be doing something together just not in the way normal couples did things, if that was what they were and whatever that was supposed to mean. Alaric nodded his head slowly, humming quietly and briefly. “It will, I’ve been trying”, he admitted rather quietly. Alaric seemed to smile much like a child would at the fact that Asher was saying she could help with the Silurians. “Brilliant. They’re not so bad, they dislike the guards the most, which is understandable, they are kind of being used by them”, he commented. Alaric was about to respond to Asher’s comment about travelling when he noticed that the coffee table was shaking, from what Alaric could tell through his mechanical hearing it wasn’t from a disruption from outside. It took only a moment for a short blue hole to appear and for what seemed to be a child to have flown out of it, hitting the couch hard, his face being pushed into one of the cushions although Alaric’s assumption about the fact it was a child was wrong, the truth of the matter was that the one who had just appeared through the hole that had now vanished was Nevali’s older brother, Oliver. “Okay – ow”, Oliver seemed to say in a muffled way as he turned himself around, plonking down upon the carpet without a worry about what his body had just gone through. “Are you alright?”, Alaric questioned and Oliver nodded his head slowly. “Oh yeah, but I don’t think you’ll want to hear this”, he answered which caused Alaric to frown. Oliver turned his gaze towards Asher quite quickly before he gasped. “My old friend, having fun with this one are we?”, he questioned clicking his tongue like a child before Alaric face palmed. “Who are you and what is the news?”, he questioned quickly. “Oh yes, right, I’m Oliver Harkness, people call me Oliver or Olly”, he answered, climbing to his feet. “Your friend, the odd one with the small hands and funny looking hair, he’s got himself trapped in the prison where the Silurians are being imprisoned”, he commented. “Why didn’t you help him?”, Alaric questioned harshly. “Ah, that’s the other thing I forgot. What was it?”, Oliver seemed to question just as he fell to his knees. “Oh yes, they shot me with arrows because of my attempt, odd bunch, not very kind”, he added, he was about to fall face first onto the carpet when Alaric caught him. He seemed to frown before looking to Asher quite quickly. “Does this always happen?”, he questioned. If William had gone and gotten himself into trouble then it wouldn’t be easy.
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  • 'Courageous Harkness. » T A I N T E D K I N G D O M. I completely forgot to add you - again! :L It's Renee by the way :P We should so do a roleplay with Oliver and Avery :P
  • 'Courageous Harkness. » Terror. Oliver didn’t sleep much, especially not while being held captive by his rather psychotic Uncle, he did his best to resist him and to help others, although saying you helped others was nothing if you didn’t actually do so with actions. He had been planning a way out of that hell hole, well pinpointing the weaknesses that his Uncle’s system had more like, but he seemed to stop drawing in the dirt in his cage the moment he had heard that sound – the sound of cutting on skin, he didn’t know whose skin this was happening on but the small Harkness would not stand for it. “Not while I’m around you bastard”, he whispered, climbing to his feet and he began to rattle the chains around his wrists against the bars of the cell. “A warning to the people, the good and the evil. This is war. To the soldier, the civilian, the martyr, the victim. This is war, It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie. The moment to live and the moment to die. The moment to fight, the moment to fight. To fight, to fight, to fight!“, Oliver seemed to shout, of course he was saying lyrics to a song, he did this whenever he heard someone being tortured and always he became the distraction. “You blasted boy!”, James, his uncle, seemed to shout, moving what he was using to be cut away from the female and himself. “Shut him up!”, he ordered and two men seemed to have left the vicinity to do as they had just been told. Just because two men had shown up it did not mean that Oliver was going to shut up, in fact he kept rattling the chains on his wrists and he didn’t plan on stopping. When the men had entered his cage, Oliver waited until they were close enough, before he twisted their arms. “To the right, to the left, We will fight to the death, To the edge of the earth, It's a brave new world from the last to the first!”, he seemed to shout again which must’ve caused James to be distracted again from harming the female considering that this happened every single time. James growled, although it wasn’t aimed at anyone but his nephew. “Take her back to her cell!”, James shouted before he made his way right towards Oliver’s cell, by this point Oliver had managed to knock them out too. “What’ve you done!?”, James seemed to have screamed at Oliver. “Apparently my job”, Oliver responded, although it had not taken long for the male to take out a gun and shoot Oliver right in the chest. “Useless! You’re all useless!”, the male screamed, leaving Oliver to die which actually didn’t take that long, the men had been removed from the cell before it had been locked. Again, it was all a part of Oliver’s plan, although he couldn’t do it alone, so when he did return he would need to ask the female who was in the cell next to his if she would lend a hand.
  • Kelsey » Retired JEDI Master/Major Tim O'Rourke SGO Do you remember where we left off hun?
  • Sherlock Holmes/Jim Moriarty » Sheryl Holmes ( thanks because next drug case was gonna be Bath Salts thats even worse report it turns people zombie like eating heart and brains from their dead victims even that is for real )
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  • Sheryl Holmes » Sherlock Holmes/Jim Moriarty (It sure does sound intresting :))
  • Sherlock Holmes/Jim Moriarty » Sheryl Holmes ( Russian Drug really exist and has landed in USA and greatly I will tell you what I know its a pain killer mixed with gasoline or lighter fluid and skin does turn green and soon body parts fall off and the name of the drug is krokodil and thought it would make an interesting case LOL )
  • Sheryl Holmes » Sherlock Holmes/Jim Moriarty (just give me sometimes a small hint then I can look it up if you want. I have to read things two or more times to know it a little)
  • dark lane replied in Thread topic
    Demons for Hire (always OPEN, but WILL fill in newcomers)
    Well, you know those old myths of people going to a crossroad to sell their soul to a devil in order to get riches or talents? They were true, but times have changed and now demons take things other than a person's soul. Sometimes we want a taste of a human emotion and sometimes we just want a new video game or some cake. It just depends on the demon and the deal you're making. All crossroads now bring you to the demon's mansion if you have the right spell or on a full moon at midnight if you have a wish in your mind and heart, it's safer for us that way, seeing as over the years exorcists, angels, and demon hunters have used the cross road summoning to summon demons into their demon traps and inevitable demise. They're pretty much the reason why there's so little crossroad demons nowadays. Time passes oddly in the demon's mansion, what may be years or days in the ...
    dark lane
    JadeI saw the angle again with his girlfriend(derek and alliria) "Look zack lets go say hello" i tell him serious. "But he's hurt and she might kill us" said zack. "DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE!" I yelled running towards him pulling zack with me. I whispered in his ear. "Raven said you guys need any help" said zack as i made everyone in the battle feild not see us but thoses two.KenchiiI watched as everyone ingored kenchii and raven. "Gosh i hate this so much" i said creating a schyth with my blood as i chopped the angles in half.
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  • Sherlock Holmes/Jim Moriarty » Sheryl Holmes ( sorry but to that person Joe no he wouldn't be her uncle because like I said its only Sherlock and Mycroft no such person name Joe Holmes so they have been debunked by the Female Real Holmes LOL )

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Jade"don't worry I won't be surprised" I said smiling. "so sorry about Andrew being rude to you and your sister. He's not good with new people. It just been us for a while I guess he forgot about how to be nice" I tell him.
dark lane 18 minutes ago
Milly"well whatever then just forget about it" I said serious angry now that she told all my business out there. "so what you guys doing tonight" I asked them.
dark lane 20 minutes ago
JadeI saw the angle again with his girlfriend(derek and alliria) "Look zack lets go say hello" i tell him serious. "But he's hurt and she might kill us" said zack. "DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE!" I yelled running towards him pulling zack with me. I whispered in his ear. "Raven said you guys need any help" said zack as i made everyone in the battle feild not see us but thoses... More
dark lane one hour ago
((have a good night XD sleep well)) She frowns, looking at him, sighing. "You didnt do that, I did, I was the one putting my snoot where it didnt belong," she replied, biting her lower lip for a bit. "And you owe me to let me help. I've offered to help and you refused or didnt acknowledge it, and you forgot and spooked me, so let me help. Please, I'll help you remember, and... More
HazMatHito 2 hours ago

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19 minutes ago
Looking for the man they call The Doctor for one Leonardo da Vinci sadly lost da Vinci account at facebook so I don't know where the Doctor Who was going with me as Leonardo and wish someone help this Doctor Who fan out.
45 minutes ago
I'm always up for a roleplay
53 minutes ago
Anyone care to roleplay?
one hour ago
one hour ago
Samhain is Feast for the Dead.
one hour ago
its samhain day today.
one hour ago
Most welcome Selena and by the way just let me know which Borgia you want to rp with me.
2 hours ago
Happy halloween xD
2 hours ago
accepted you Juan/Cesare :D
2 hours ago
Borgia for you Selena and these 2 were real people
2 hours ago
hold on Selena I got someone for ya
2 hours ago
I send the request and I managed to get it LOL
3 hours ago
hey guys i'm looking for another half for sel it doesn't matter what genre the characture is :D it can be supernatural anything like that, if your interested add me and let me know :D
Yesterday, 10:48PM
Yesterday, 10:48PM
Leonardo i tried to add you. but with no luck.
Yesterday, 09:29PM
Yesterday, 09:15PM
( the year for Leonardo ain't 1490 sorry hes over 500 years old as well sorry because Pope Alexander VI is Pope and Borgias,Leonardo and de Medici are all over 500 years old and much thanks.)
Yesterday, 09:10PM
( One more person spells Leo sorry I won't answer until that person spells it Leonardo.)
Yesterday, 09:10PM
Quite. Ive witnessed many a Batman etc in my career as a roleplayer. Few posessed the primal rawness of the character and knowledge(bonus). Makes a feline sad that such are rare.
Yesterday, 09:09PM
( golden rule before I leave anyone who rp with me as Leonardo that you spell the name as it is and thank you.)
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