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Roleplay Social Net was created for all roleplayers to enjoy roleplay in any and all genres. It was also created to give our members a more familiar and comfortable setting for roleplaying in. Come and join us today! Start some roleplays, or join in ones created by others! You are free to be on both, free of charge!

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**Personal Note/Dis claimer**Church is of the Elite family Diavolo, they are carriers of Legion. Linked completely by this possession, Church and her Diavolo sisters can do many different things that other Aziabaelis or Valek are incapable of doing. This is NOT my family, I do NOT hold Diavolo's rights nor do I claim to. That privilege goes strictly... more
// So Hi guys again. I think this website is pretty awesome but I would love to roleplay with anyone. I guess the type wouldn't matter. But I am eager to do a Supernatural one. It seems fun.
// Hi all! I'm a new to this website and kinda not sure what to do. I try making a status but that didn't work. Eh.... I know I may sound like I am being dumb but anyone like to help me out here?

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JadeI woke up the next mourning with my cat hitting my face with it's paw. "Wake up you need to eat breakfast" said my cat as i got up streaching smiling. "Ok totally understandable" i said smiling getting dress as i wore a yellow dress this time with flip flops. "I'll be right back have to wake up zack you know" i said opening the door seeing him standing there. "Come on jade lets go" said zack. "Have you been standing there the whole time big brother" i asked him. "No i... More
dark lane 54 minutes ago
Driving her attention away from that device before her, her brown eyes immediately met Loki's, she made a promise in helping him in finding this mysterious item and she doesn't break promises. "Of course. I will help you as much as I can" Charlotte needed to focus on that first before she can go and find out why she's been lied too, she is a very great listener and her mind is powerful, she can sense, see and read things without even looking them up in a book or computer... More
The Black Python 2 hours ago
MillyI woke up a little on the ground as i looked around. Huh how did i get out here i thought seeing a kitten walking towards me. "A cat" i said smiling picking him up. I just smiled happy. "Maybe i should walk back to miss kiara's it's scary out here" i said walking back like i knew the way dresssed in pjs carrying a cat. 
dark lane 4 hours ago
Derek:I smile and nod "Sure we can do that" I say and walk up to the house unlocking the doors and let her head in first.
Sapphire 5 hours ago
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