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one hour ago
Good night everyone.
Yesterday, 11:12PM
[default smileys/exstatic]
Yesterday, 10:56PM
No but seriously autocorrect? How in the hell do you get 'My Wag' from 'Yeah' ? I just don't understand. I truly don't.
Yesterday, 09:24PM
* naps. *
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Name: Tinkerbell, or TinkAge: Unknown Personality: Tink is a feisty gal with a huge attitude. She loves mischief and playing pranks on people. She is best friends with Peter Pan, and along with the friendship comes protectiveness. She is easily jealous of him and often goes out of her way to mess with the people the try to get close to him. Tink helps Peter out in their escapades and is the most known of the fairies in Neverland.  You are:... More
corro 24 minutes ago
Derek:I smile "Mmmhmmm" I say and keep kissing her neck, kissing her soft spot and grind into her some more.
Sapphire Yesterday, 11:09PM

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Olivia (Liv, Livi) Winters Age: 24 Personality: Hyper, sensitive, creative, reserved, and mysterio us. Occupation: ArtistSpecies: Werepant her Face Claim: Meghan Ory
Shattered Existence Yesterday, 10:20PM
Raylen Shea Age: 23 Personality: Kind, considerate, patient, curious, and shy. Occupation: Therapis t Species/Ability: Dream WalkerFace Claim: Nicholas Hoult
Shattered Existence Yesterday, 09:35PM
In a small countryside town, there is a dark secret that no one would believe. In the town of Concaloton a woman dies in her house on the hill. The woman had two children a son and a daughter. When Jessica, the younger of the two was born, Monica’s husband had been long dead. Monica always said that Jessica was her little miracle child. She always claimed that an angel came to her, but no one believed her, not even Chris, her elder son.... more
-[POWERFULPROTECTOR]- Yesterday, 07:18PM