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Allison Crane grew up and raise in New York. When she was only couple days old her. Mother pass~away Allie! was raise by her Foster father until she was 16. Whenever Allison got bad mark on her grade or missed one chore! Her Foster father~ Would take the Iron and rammed it cross Allie's face. He also beat her with a belt in her lower backAllison w... more
AllieCrane2015 Yesterday, 04:45PM
1. First of all, no bullying and Abusing in/out of character those who do will be deleted and blocked from my profile. 2.If you wish to have sex with my charas, please keep in mind that sex is something you do out of love. And don't fall in love with the girl behind the charas. 3. If I don't reply to your rp or comment right away it either means t... more
Ok so, considering some one has stopped talking to me over this, I need to get it off my chest. If ever you have been offline for months, do not expect to come back and have me the same as I was then. I change as time goes on. I become more independant and I have other things to do. I can't put everyone first any more. I can't drop everything a... more

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Dimitri looks around but the store was poorly lit "Do they light it poorly because they dont want you seeing how horrible the clothes are?" he asks and smiles at her.
Sapphire 12 minutes ago
I am looking for a new rp partner for a mature romance with slight BDSM TWIST...this is NOT porn...much intellectual conversation is to be had before frisky business...no one liners please...also I want to do a regular rp with just simple romance :) Again m/f dont matter...thanks!
*SarcasticFox* 12 minutes ago
Zane tried not to laugh, but was pretty sure him moving to the side threw her off, still he couldnt help but let a chuckle escape. "Sorry, come here," he said, offering a hand to help her up. "A quick pointer, dont lunge unless you are sure of what you are going for, if you're unsure so will be your footing." ((Yay))
HazMatHito 23 minutes ago
(my profile is my character, but if you desire a bio, I will send it on here)
Keitaro Kishimoto 27 minutes ago
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