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  • Sara Sidle » Det Josh Matthews Thank you for the add. Would you like to get a role play going?
  • Sara Sidle » -'Lindsay Not on for long tonight sadly just to copy Nicks reply and copy it onto my tablet so i can work on a reply when on break at work and send it tomorrow. I don't get here often with everything that's going on in my life right now but when i do i'd love to have some replies to work on. But meh whatever. Yes i have. I love him so much. And old friends sounds good
  • 'Finn Hudson. » -'Lindsay I already replied to those lol
  • Neva » Rex Salazar xD Oh the level of boredom that must be. Be sure to take lots and lots of notes!
  • 'Finn Hudson. » Sara Sidle I kinda rp him out of the glee aspect of things and hey people will just tell you to search the forums for roleplayers LOL half of them are fucking vampire diaries and supernatural related so that's a ball of help LOL and there's no rush on the reply either to Nick i know you're busy with family so take your time.
  • Talathiel Ashwood » Kestra commented on their status
    Good evening!
    11 minutes ago
    I have not fully unpacked no
    11 minutes ago
    -silly thing i wasnt finished!-
    4 minutes ago
    ...Luthiazanzil was a little troublesome, I do not think she took it very well me taking away the oddities she hanged in the garden tree.
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  • Rex Salazar » Neva I'm doing pretty good, too! Just in school. Learning. You know, as fun as that gets haha.
  • nick kitsune replied in Thread topic
    Demons for Hire (always OPEN, but WILL fill in newcomers)
    Well, you know those old myths of people going to a crossroad to sell their soul to a devil in order to get riches or talents? They were true, but times have changed and now demons take things other than a person's soul. Sometimes we want a taste of a human emotion and sometimes we just want a new video game or some cake. It just depends on the demon and the deal you're making. All crossroads now bring you to the demon's mansion if you have the right spell or on a full moon at midnight if you have a wish in your mind and heart, it's safer for us that way, seeing as over the years exorcists, angels, and demon hunters have used the cross road summoning to summon demons into their demon traps and inevitable demise. They're pretty much the reason why there's so little crossroad demons nowadays. Time passes oddly in the demon's mansion, what may be years or days in the ...
    nick kitsune
    "lets meet then talk"i say and smile
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1. First of all, no bullying and Abusing in/out of character those who do will be deleted and blocked from my profile. 2.If you wish to have sex with my charas, please keep in mind that sex is something you do out of love. And don't fall in love with the girl behind the charas. 3. If I don't reply to your rp or comment right away it either means t... more
Yuki Izumi Yesterday, 06:22PM
Ok so, considering some one has stopped talking to me over this, I need to get it off my chest. If ever you have been offline for months, do not expect to come back and have me the same as I was then. I change as time goes on. I become more independant and I have other things to do. I can't put everyone first any more. I can't drop everything a... more
American Capitalist Yesterday, 04:40PM
This is the story of two blood sisters our Adoptive blood sister that reunite as one after Rosayln distorys half of New York with her father Loki The God of Mischef. When She is joined the to Avengers Charlotte is against it at first but than when she finds out how her father treats her than she become's over protective.

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"I know, I just don't want to bore you," Kairos replied, shrugging a bit, though grinned a bit when he made a comment about the face licking. "Yeah, its pretty gross, which is why he does it. And note taken."
HazMatHito one hour ago
Derek:I look at her and touch her shoulder softly rubbing it.
Sapphire 2 hours ago
((Dark can you reply to spy school))
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