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  • HazMatHito replied in Thread topic
    Demons for Hire (always OPEN, but WILL fill in newcomers)
    Well, you know those old myths of people going to a crossroad to sell their soul to a devil in order to get riches or talents? They were true, but times have changed and now demons take things other than a person's soul. Sometimes we want a taste of a human emotion and sometimes we just want a new video game or some cake. It just depends on the demon and the deal you're making. All crossroads now bring you to the demon's mansion if you have the right spell or on a full moon at midnight if you have a wish in your mind and heart, it's safer for us that way, seeing as over the years exorcists, angels, and demon hunters have used the cross road summoning to summon demons into their demon traps and inevitable demise. They're pretty much the reason why there's so little crossroad demons nowadays. Time passes oddly in the demon's mansion, what may be years or days in the ...
    ((ah okay :3 have fun when you go to class)) Alliria:"Probably," she sighed a bit in annoyance. "Actually I need to figure out what Roxy is."
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  • Sapphire replied in Thread topic
    Shenanigans with a vampire ((reserved for Sapphire, ignore lame title))
    So this will be the oh so classic vampire human romance rp, but I changed my mind, pick the gender and species you want your charrie to be, and I will supplement, just let me know what you'd prefer cause I'm lame. Also, should we start when they meet?
    Dimitri smiles and nods "Ok" then shakes his head "No, not really. Do you?"
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  • ʀᴏsᴇ joined our site!
  • American Capitalist » Dєαηηαу. Ah but I do take my time XD When I'm enjoying a roleplay, my brain works so fast so this is slow replies for me :B Yeah I can imagine so haha. Don't worry Julia isn't controlling :B Oooooh which episode?
  • Sanity's Brink » Celea Akuri Are you enjoying our story? :)
  • Dєαηηαу. » American Capitalist You take your time also. :o And I am as well and feels nice to be Zak and not he controlled unlike last time. >> And it's on tonight on 'Really' with Most Haunted also. :L
  • Dєαηηαу. » 'Havens Finest That's highly impossible! :o Haven't you seen yourself? :o My baby Detective. ;)
  • Dєαηηαу. » Sophia Malfoy -huggles- I'm fine, just want sleep. :L And oh we can still brainstorm! :D
  • Dєαηηαу. » 'Sammy -slaps you away- Dude don't make me kick you of where the sun don't shine! :o

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// So Hi guys again. I think this website is pretty awesome but I would love to roleplay with anyone. I guess the type wouldn't matter. But I am eager to do a Supernatural one. It seems fun.
Victoria Bikov Yesterday, 10:26PM
// Hi all! I'm a new to this website and kinda not sure what to do. I try making a status but that didn't work. Eh.... I know I may sound like I am being dumb but anyone like to help me out here?
Victoria Bikov Yesterday, 10:15PM
HISTORY Rex Salazar was the second son born to Rafael and Violetta, both of whom were scientists working on the Nanite Project. After his birth, the family, including him, his parents, and his older brother Cesar, found a spot to settle down where they could still work at the Applied Nanite Research Center. Rex grew up around the lab and was qui... more
Rex Salazar Yesterday, 11:01AM

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((ah okay :3 have fun when you go to class)) Alliria:"Probably," she sighed a bit in annoyance. "Actually I need to figure out what Roxy is."
HazMatHito within 1 minute
Dimitri smiles and nods "Ok" then shakes his head "No, not really. Do you?"
Sapphire within 1 minute
((was that an intentional or unintentional Twilight quote?)) "dust. you'll find the supplies on the first cupboard of the third floor." she tells him calmly before heading out in to the kitchen. she takes a snack for herself and leans against the island while eating it in five bites.))
KaiGirl one hour ago
Lilith:I smiled her kindly, though felt a little uneasy around her but seeing her brother was not with her made me relax a little, well as much as I could seeing as I was still trying to help the guy who was injured. "Ah, actually um, the dorms are close, I'm sure there's a sign with the dorm mates listed," I murmured softly. "Ah Jade, do you know who your brother is rooming with?"
HazMatHito one hour ago
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