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(It's aright Nova! I was at play pratice anyhow! =) )
Ella Hawkeye 26 minutes ago
~Natasha~ Feeling Gin move underneath me I slowly blinked awake, taking a deep breath before yawning. I looked up at Gin with a shy smile on my face when I noticed that he seemed surprised to see me. Oh, you've gotta be kidding me. "Um, sorry. I guess you're someone who shouldn't be taken seriously when they're half asleep.." I giggled a little, though I was blushing bright red as I started to...
Kat one hour ago
Name: Nicholas Minolsa Age: 30Specialties: Lockpicking, gunplay, demolitions.Weapon Choice: Assault Rifles, Pistols, and SMGs.Vehicle Choice: Motorcycles, sports cars.Looks:Story: Started as a small time stick up artist. And decided that he had a knack for robbing stuff. But he's trying to get a crew together for bigger and better things.Others: Drives a heavily modified Camero. Its black... More
Eva: Nothing to say to that order, she supposed. She jerked the reigns lightly, following behind the group silently on this horse. She did want to speak to it, as the horse seemed more friendly than the others of this group, but she believed it was still angry at her for causing the fall. "Kat, how long will this ride be? I don't think these animals were treated to a break with their previous...
AkaiJose Mar 31
Sam blinked and let's out a soft sneeze. " Yeah...maybe it's because we are close to the lake." she asked. Takashi chuckled. " Blame the trees, little buddy."

Recent Roleplay Blogs

Name: Shinji Hideaki Age: 27 Height: 6'5" Weight: 190 lbs Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Gr ayAppearance: Friends: Taranis - God of ThunderFamily: UnknownPower(s): Control over lightning, as well as the ability to turn any item into a weapon or armor of one's desire. Bio: An upcoming artist in the world of music, Shinji had his own twist to many styles of music and playing. Slowly gaining po... more
UNDER CO. Some facts for now; Is intelligent, does not convey emotions properly, can be prone to putting one's foot into it. She has ONE brother named Archer unless it is changed after discussion with my friend who helped me to create Wednesday. She is the only daughter of Daniel and Trisha. Also, she is asexual meaning she's not gonna be sexually attracted to someone. This can be discussed but I... more
Seraphina Avalon Age: 24 Personality: Kind and gentle, but a little skittish. Skeptical of other people and a bit remorseful. Species: Siren (Mermaid) Occupation: Opera Singer Face Claim: Sarah Gadon *Fun Fact: Seraphina is able to walk on land one day out of every month.*
Name: Lilis. Age: 16. Her father was a designer for a chocolate company in Tokyo. Her mom was an angel in the ground. Everyday she would come home and hear her father scream. She got tired of it, so one night, she gathered her stuff, and walked out. She was going to the U.S. She was walking down the road, it was starting to rain but she had no umbrella. She went to cross the intersection, but... more
Kisinie Mar 29
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