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I'm just learning to use the site, so w...
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Exorcist; Human; Male; Straight; Skilled; Supernat...
Incubus; Pansexual; Male; Masculine; Arrogant; Sel...
Incubus; Pansexual; Male; Feminine; Sweet; Caring;...
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  • Twice Tempted » Twice Tempted You have it all wrong. What about Abraham Dimitri and Vladimir Jacob? She said firefly as she held Vlad close to her
  • Twice Tempted » Allan Adron Lol. Best line ever. I will redo it tomorrow
  • Barbie'Klaus. » brunettedoppelganger Hey dearie, don't even sweat it, I haven't had time to really get on this myself. Either I'm with the new bf, working, or the main one.. having no inspiration. :( I hope things are doing better with your family. Why yes it is me! :D I bet I know you from bebo too don't I? Most likely from my Elena Gilbert profile (or maybe Caroline or Elijah) since this is the first time I've ever roleplayed Rebekah. :P
  • Barbie'Klaus. » † Damon † I hope so, that would be a bonus. :P You'll have a reply next time you're on here though :D Well dang... :l At least you balanced out the other two with something more positive so that's good. Do you like this new job you have? I started dating someone so that's kinda took up most of my time, hence why I haven't been on here considering I'm always at his place and out and about, but I at least spend one or two days back at my own place with my dogs lol. XD I've got my trip to Scotland for filming all booked. Plus currently planning a couple trips with the bf (still havn't sorted out the dates for the main one which is going to NYC for New Years :P)
  • Miah-Rebecca Merlyn » Malcolm Merlyn Miah looked to him when he said that he shood go and check on Moira, she was still tired, but she didn't want to be away from him yet, which you couldn't really blame her for after what had happened, she much prefered sticking to him like glue for right now, and probably would for a few hours too, but when it came time for him to actually go to bed, she'd go sleep in one of the other room, she didn't want him to be completely stuck with her, although she knew he'd likely tell her off for ever thinking he was stuck with her. "i'll come with you"
  • Jackie Estacado replied in forum topic
    Slyph Forest ((Started - Still open like a park though))
    On the outskirts of a small city lies a beautiful forest, seemingly untouched by civilization, it's natural beauty left undisturbed except for a stone...
  • Stine M Nodeland changed their avatar
  • Stine M Nodeland joined our site!
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    Sтαιrwαy тo Heαveɴ. » Ω Dean Ω Yeah, you're going to be an grandfather and hoping for neither a little boy but a little girl will be perfect as well. :D
  • Active
    Sтαιrwαy тo Heαveɴ. » Anya That is very true and blimey...okay I feel for you as my Samsung Galaxy S4 isn't so bad. :L Just asking for someone to drag the boxes down is a pain though. ^^; And I'd love too! Care to pick anyone that might've captured your attention? ^^

Forum Topics

Aesteroth sat on his wooden throne pondering current events the fact that the jewel was stolen caused a sense of dread to rise in the Demon King and he was not one to be frightened but what awaited all life in the forest should the jewel not be returned was something to fear as Abaddon the self proclaimed chaos god almost wiped out everything... More
Jackie Estacado 30 minutes ago
Gwen:I laughed at Lilith's comment. "Haha! I just hate sitting still!" I tried my best to laugh off the nervousness. My phone rang again. I recurrently pulled my phone from my pocket and read it 'Really? And you forgot to ask me?' I ignored it and put the phone away "Hm.... Mind getting the plates from the cabinet?" I asked looking at her. Gwen,... More
Ella Hawkeye one hour ago
Lucila nods feverishly, "yes, I promise to do my best to keep everyone safe and to be as ninja like as possible." she says in a very solemn tone. She really didn't want to put anyone here in danger, so far they've all been very kind to her and took her in when they didn't have to and she would forever be grateful for the chance that they have... More
KaiBaby one hour ago
You've just got to find the right people! A lot are active... Most are busy with work, or exams, whatever it may be. Just life. But a lot of people are online every now and then, it may look inactive but trust me, it's not! If you're a forum roleplayer I suppose just sure around the threads? Not much of an expert on forums! But otherwise, just... More
Skye Yesterday, 10:16PM


Name: Blossom White.Age: Twenty nine.Sexuality: Straight .Occupation: Princess .Availability: In use. Status: Single. Blossom was born to the royal family of Spain. She is second in line to the throne. Being the only child, Blossom was spoilt and had everything she wanted, but she wasn’t as happy as people thought. At the age of sixteen years old, Blossom’s mother started to arrange a date for her. It is tradition that the queen cannot have ... more
Bazinga. Yesterday, 05:14PM
A huge part of Tom's character is the vernacular and slang of which he speaks. I typed this up mostly to settle any confusion that may come from the terms specified by this character. Feel free to use it as reference! afeard- frighten ed/afraid; to frighten'blame from'- blame for; ex: "I didn't blame him from crying"cahoot- a partners hip/company; ex: Two men can be in cahoot when they act jointly in any manner.chaw tobacco more than once- a ter... more
Tom Sawyer Yesterday, 04:21AM
(always being updated with new information; mun has read and acquired canon info from MT's Tom Sawyer; Huck Finn; Tom Sawyer Abroad; Tom Sawyer, Detectiv e) Thomas (Tom) Sawyer is a mischievous orphan with a lively imagination, a good heart, and a talent for persuading other people to join in his crazy schemes. Tom currently resides with his dear Aunt Polly, his half-brother, Sid, and his cousin, Mary, in the small Mississippi River town of St.... more


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