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[ Weapons of Death ] They call them Nemesis Force Weapons. These extremely advanced and arcane weapons of death are ultra rare and close to never used. Having more than one in your possession is nearly never heard of. To wield one in battle is the greatest honor and will place fear into the hearts of evil when in the presence of a weapon... more
Name: Holly Greg MatthewsNn: Hol/ MatthewsAge: 19specialty: Pickpock etPersonality: Holly is a tough kid, she is strong willed and very stubborn. She has an "act first and thinks later" attitude which seems to work for her. Hollie is open and honest with her opinions and if she thinks your wrong she will tell you. Trust is very important... more
NeverBackDown(star) Yesterday, 01:00PM
Name: Ivory Makenna HartNickname: IvySpecies: HumanAge: Twenty one Personality: Ivory is a girl that tends to keep to herself. She has few friends, and she is okay with that. She loves the company of nature, and that is enough for her. Ivy is very wise, and tends to be more of the observer. She is also incredibly smart, so do not under... more
corro Yesterday, 03:51AM

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Zack"look at me ok your need to choose now or we may never get out of here" I tell her
dark lane one hour ago
John"fine whatever you say" I said smiling JadeI just calmmed down looking at Abel. "I am so sorry" I tell her serious
dark lane one hour ago
Alliria:"Just a diner down the street, I left my bike there too," I replied, slightly shrugging in the direction of the diner, though once it looked like Ethan was good to go I walked to the diner. "Did you sleep well?" I asked, trying to start a conversation.
HazMatHito 4 hours ago
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