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Francesca preferred name Frankie, is the daughter to Vincent and Maria Belmonte. Growing up she had whatever she wanted, her father is apart of the Italian Mafia, despite her living in America. Frankie grew up to be a troubled teenager, going through phases of drugs, drinking, boys but nothing out of the ordinary, despite her having whate... more
Basic Informat ion. Full name: UnknownAge: UnknownNickname: ShadowSexual Orientation: Bisexual Occupation: Servant of DeathPowers: Quick Reflexes, can transport through shadows, can control fire, immune to fire and Immortal ity.Weapons: Whip that lights fire on impact.Actor Used: Chris Hemswort h History Shadow is the opposite of Archer.... more
'Light and Darkness Yesterday, 11:11AM
I Spill, My words upon this page, For a hope that one day they will reach someone. I spill, My heart out to people, For a prayer that one day I can be heard. I spill, My blood, So the ones I love won't have to. Everything I spill, So I can get over the child I once was, And be the man that I need to be. ---... more
Unoti Darkasakage Yesterday, 09:05AM

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((okitays :3 have a good night and a good trip C:))"Okay," Astora replied, turning her attention on the guards.  Vincent thinks for a moment on what to tell them, rubbing the back of his neck, figuring the best way to establish a sense of trust was to give an opportunity for such. "Because there is a situation at the moment with one of the... More
HazMatHito 27 minutes ago
Aaloka pulls back looking at him "Slow down cowboy" she says and smirks.
Sapphire 2 hours ago
Hunter:I laughed lightly, smiling up at him, amused. "Will do, and I grab whatever will last the longest and will be better for us nutritionally. It kinda helps the fact that my dad showed me how to buy things that would be worth the money," I replied, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.
HazMatHito Yesterday, 11:08PM
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