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Incubus; Pansexual; Male; Masculine; Arrogant; Sel...
Incubus; Pansexual; Male; Feminine; Sweet; Caring;...
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(I'm home from school! I'll reply in a bit!)
Ella Hawkeye 5 minutes ago
Lucila feels right at home with these people, all though she is a little uncomfortable with all the attention that's been put on her. "I'm not 'a bird' I am two percent avian- Just your average everyday Avian American." She grins at her joke. She watches as Cal bounces his legs rapidly, somebody should tell him to run around the house a few...
KaiBaby 14 minutes ago
I'm new to this site but not new to roleplaying. Would anyone like to roleplay? 
Empress Shinoroi one hour ago
((tis alright, it's understandable, and my condolences :/ that's got to be rough))
HazMatHito one hour ago


Poppy Fletcher: Single: Available.Poppy Fletcher doesn't remember what it’s like to have a family. She was only two years old when social services declared her mother unfit and sent her to her first foster home. At first she enjoyed living in a home with a young couple and two other kids but soon enough it all changed and she was moved onto the next home. Every couple of years her mother would step back into the picture after undergoing reha... more
Bazinga. 2 minutes ago
(always being updated with new information; mun has read and acquired canon info from MT's Tom Sawyer; Huck Finn; Tom Sawyer Abroad; Tom Sawyer, Detectiv e) Thomas (Tom) Sawyer is a mischievous orphan with a lively imagination, a good heart, and a talent for persuading other people to join in his crazy schemes. Tom currently resides with his dear Aunt Polly, his half-brother, Sid, and his cousin, Mary, in the small Mississippi River town of St.... more
Tom Sawyer 6 hours ago
Roland McGuire Age: 24 Personality: Friendly, loyal, kind, and selfless. Can be somewhat reserved. Species: Immortal (By Reincarn ation) Occupation: Hunter Specialty: Archery Face Claim: Derek Theler
Angel Of Music 17 hours ago


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