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Donations for the Month of January: 120/120$
Donations for the Month of February: 120$/120$
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Donators include:
Oswald Cobblepot - 120$
Viking Sheriff - 180$
✝-єmιlу - 30$

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If you wish to know more, simply ask and I'll be more than willing to explain and expand! Male: Welfin Birchwood - Solitary (former Seelie) Woodland Fae, often mistaken for a wood elf. No real particular preference in attraction, other than a kind heart. Aiden Kingsley - Human punk rock singer, mostly performs in bars, clubs, and other sm... more
The Curious Fae 3 hours ago
name:roman Angelo Age:18 Looks:http://images.sodahead.com/profiles/0/0/2/6/3/0/8/5/7/oooo-54013059476.jpeg Personality:quiet, mean, curious, proper, graceful, intuitive, determined Sexual ity:gay Bio:he's the Son of the queen of France and a noble, since he isn't a heir of a king and queen he's a bastard and now he wanders the world, just expl... more
Princess cancer 8 hours ago
Name:Alisa Bessmert naya Age:21 Height:164cm Weight:54kg Eye Colour:B rown/Silver Hair Colour:B rown Nationality:Russian Body Type:Sli m Zodiac Sign:Tau rus Gender:Female Appearance: Personality:Alisa is silent type she never speaks unless she is spoken to and tries to hide her real emotions from others.Alisa is loyal to mysterious man ... more
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