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Hey there I'm looking for detailed males that would be interested in roles like exes,brothers gf, boss daughter, bodyguard...etc I have all kinds of ideas. Add me on yahoo messenger ashley_16_2009
Girlnextdoor one hour ago
Death:I got out of bed and grabbed harvester. I opened the window and jumped out and landed on one of the attackers, driving harvester into his back. I cut down his spine until harvester was free.the souls of the damned began to whisper and I felt insanity set in. "Death has come to set you free of your suffering, mortals!"I yelled as...
Freakinout(ethan) one hour ago
Watch Kekkai Sensen Episode 4 on Roleplay Social! ---------------------------------------------Creator and Designer of Roleplay Social!
Vladimir Bach 3 hours ago
Watch Kekkai Sensen Episode 3 on Roleplay Social! ---------------------------------------------Creator and Designer of Roleplay Social!
Vladimir Bach 3 hours ago
Watch Kekkai Sensen Episode 2 on Roleplay Social! ---------------------------------------------Creator and Designer of Roleplay Social!
Vladimir Bach 3 hours ago


Just a little update - From Friday the 8th of May - 4th June ill be revising for my Uni exam. I have slacked ever so slightly since the beginning of this year, and I need too pass this exam. I will be coming online during the day just too check when I have my breaks, but I wont be properly online until early evening. When I have the odd day of nor revising (as I'm also currently unemployed and looking for work. I may come online during the ... more
Hello my friends and fellow roleplayers hope your having a peachy day Anyway as you guessed by the title my roleplay rules are changing this is not because of anyone but myself so I promise it's just I have to do what is best for me before I burn out meaning I'll get less and less detailed as time goes by and I'm sure no one wants that I don't its not fair on you I don't want to disappoint anyone in terms of quality So I have figured out how to ... more
TUSK 12 hours ago
Harmony Deliah Petrova Parents - Katherine Petrova and Damon SalvatorePlace of Birth - Mystic Falls, Mid 1800'sAge - Over a hundred - looks 18.Species - VampireBloodline - Niklaus MikaelsonTurned by - Her own motherNick names - Harm, Princess, Killer Queen.Pe rsonality - Icy, hard, a Bitch like her mother, sarcastic, witty, more too her than meets the eye. Harmony was born when her mother had a relationship with Damon Salvatore. But her dear old... more
SweetTwistedFairytales Yesterday, 01:02PM


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